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Organization Name: Indian Roads Congress

IRC 0021968Route Marker Signs for National Highways
IRC 0031983Dimensions and Weights of Road Design Vehicles
IRC 0051998Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section I (General Features of Design) (Seventh Revision)
IRC 0062014Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section II – Loads and Stresses (Fourth Revision)
IRC 0071971Recommended Practice for Numbering Bridges and Culverts
IRC 0091972Traffic Census on Non-Urban Roads
IRC 0111962Recommended Practice for the Design and Layout of Cycle Tracks
IRC 0122009Guidelines for Access, Location and Layout of Roadside Fuel Stations and Service Stations (Third Revision)
IRC 0142004Recommended Practice for Open Graded Premix Carpet (Third Revision)
IRC 0152011Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Construction of Concrete Roads (Fourth Revision)
IRC 0162004Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Prime and Tack Coat (Second Revision)
IRC 0192005Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Water Bound Macadam
IRC 0201966Recommended Practice for Bituminous Penetration Macadam (Full Grout)
IRC 0251967Type Designs for Boundary Stones
IRC 0281967Tentative Specifications for the Construction of Stabilized Soil Roads with Soft Aggregate in Areas of Moderate and High Rainfall
IRC 0311969Route Marker Signs for State Routes
IRC 0321969Standard for Vertical and Horizontal Clearances of Overhead Electric Power and Telecommunication Lines as Related to Roads
IRC 0342011Recommendations for Road Construction in Areas Affected by Water Logging, Flooding and/or Salts Infestation
IRC 0372012Tentative Guildelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements
IRC 0391986Standards for Road-Rail Level Crossings (First Revision)
IRC 0402002Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IV (Brick, Stone and Cement Concrete Block Masonry) (Second Revision)
IRC 0411997Guidelines for Type Designs for Check Barriers (First Revision)
IRC 0431972Recommended Practice for Tools, Equipment and Appliances for Concrete Pavement Construction
IRC 0451972Recommendations for Estimating the Resistance of Soil Below the Maximum Scour Level in the Design of Well Foundations of Bridges
IRC 0471972Tentative Specification for Built-Up Spray Grout
IRC 0501973Recommended Design Criteria for the Use of Cement-Modified Soil in Road Construction
IRC 0532012Road Accident Recording Forms A-1 and A-4 (Second Revision)
IRC 0541974Lateral and Vertical Clearances at Underpasses for Vehicular Traffic
IRC 0551974Recommended Practice for Sand-Bitumen Base Courses
IRC 0562011Recommended Practice for Treatment of Embankment and Roadside Slopes for Erosion Control (First Revision)
IRC 0601976Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Lime-Fly Ash Concrete as Pavement Base or Sub-Base
IRC 0621976Guidelines for Control of Access on Highways
IRC 0631976Tentative Guidelines for the Use of Low Grade Aggregates and Soil Aggregates Mixtures in Road Pavement Construction
IRC 0641990Guidelines for Capacity of Roads in Rural Areas (First Revision)
IRC 0661976Recommended Practice for Sight Distance on Rural Highways
IRC 0672012Code of Practice for Road Signs (Third Revision)
IRC 0711977Recommended Practice for Preparation of Notations
IRC 0721978Recommended Practice for Use and Upkeep of Equipment, Tools and Appliances for Bituminous Pavement Construction
IRC 0731990Geometric Design Standards for Rural (Non-Urban) Highways
IRC 0741979Tentative Guidelines for Lean-Cement Concrete and Lean Cement-Fly Ash Concrete as a Pavement Base or Subbase
IRC 0761979Tentative Guidelines for Structural Strength Evaluation of Rigid Airfield Pavements
IRC 0782014Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section VII – Foundations and Substructure (Revised Revision)
IRC 0801981Type Designs for Pick-Up Bus Stops on Rural (i.e., Non-Urban) Highways
IRC 0811997Guidelines for Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Benkelman Beam Deflection Technique (First Revision)
IRC 0821982Code of Practice for Mainteance of Bituminous Surfaces of Highways
IRC 083-11999Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX (Bearings), Part I (Metallic Bearings) (First Revision)
IRC 083-21987Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX (Bearings), Part II (Elastomeric Bearings)
IRC 083-32002Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX (Bearings), Part III (Pot, Pot-Cum-PTEE, Pin and Metallic Guide Bearings)
IRC 0832014Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges, Section IX – Bearings, Part I : Metallic Bearings
IRC 0851983Recommended Practice for Accelerated Strength Testing and Evaluation of Concrete for Road and Airfield Constructions
IRC 0861983Geometric Design Standards for Urban Roads in Plains
IRC 0872011Guidelines for the Design and Erection of Formwork, Falsework and Temporary Structures (First Revision)
IRC 0881984Recommended Practice for Lime Flyash Stabilised Soil Base/Sub-Base in Pavement Construction
IRC 0891997Guidelines for Design and Construction of River Training and Control Works for Road Bridges (First Revision)
IRC 0902010Guidelines of Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Bituminous Hot Mix Plant (First Revision)
IRC 0921985Guidelines for the the Design of Interchanges in Urban Areas
IRC 0931985Guidelines on Design and Installation of Road Traffic Signals
IRC 0991988Tentative Guidelines on the Provision of Speed Breakers for Control of Vehicular Speeds on Minor Roads
IRC 1011988Guidelines for Design of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement with Elastic Joints
IRC 1021988Traffic Studies for Planning Bypasses Around Towns
IRC 1041988Guidelines for Environmental Impact Assessment of Highway Projects
IRC 1051988Tentative Specification for Bituminous Concrete (Asphaltic Concrete) for Airfield Pavements
IRC 1072013Specification for Bitumen Mastic Wearing Courses (First Revision)
IRC 1081996Guidelines for Traffic Prediction on Rural Highways
IRC 1091997Guidelines for Wet Mix Macadam
IRC 1102005Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Design and Construction of Surface Dressing
IRC 1122011Code of Practice for Concrete Road Bridges
IRC 1132013Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Geosynthetic Reinforced Embankments on Soft Subsoils
IRC 1142013Guidelines for Use of Silica-Fume in Rigid Pavement
IRC 1152014Guidelines for Structural Evaluation and Strengthening of Flexible Road Pavements Using Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) Technique
IRC 1162014Specifications for Readymade Bituminous Pothole Patching Mix Using Cut-Back Bitumen
IRC SP 0041965Bridge Loadings Around The World
IRC SP 0081980Type Designs for Highway Kilometre Stones (Second Revision)
IRC SP 0111984Handbook of Quality Control for Construction of Roads and Runways
IRC SP 0132004Guidelines for the Design of Small Bridges and Culverts
IRC SP 0162008Guidelines for Surface Evenness of Highway Pavements
IRC SP 0181996Manual for Highway Bridge Maintenance Inspection
IRC SP 0192001Manual for Survey, Investigation and Preparation of Road Projects (Second Revision)
IRC SP 0202002Rural Roads Manual
IRC SP 0212009Guidelines on Landscaping and Tree Plantation
IRC SP 0231993Vertical Curves for Highways
IRC SP 0241984Guidelines on the Choice and Planning of Appropriate Technology in Road Construction
IRC SP 0251984Gopi and His Road Roller - Guidelines on Maintenace of Road Rollers
IRC SP 0261984Report Containing Recommendations of IRC Regional Workshops on Rural Road Development
IRC SP 0271984Report Containing Recommendations of the IRC Regional Workshops on Highway Safety
IRC SP 0281995Road Transport and Energy (First Revision)
IRC SP 0291994Directory of Indigenous Manufacturers of Road/Bridge Construction Machinery and Important Bridge Components (First Revision)
IRC SP 0302009Manual on Economic Evaluation of Highway Projects in India (Second Revision)
IRC SP 0361991Guidelines on Format for IRC Standards
IRC SP 0372010Guidelines for Evaluation of Load Carrying Capacity of Bridges
IRC SP 0381992Manual for Road Investment Decision Model
IRC SP 0391992Guidelines on Bulk Bitumen Transportation and Storage Equipment
IRC SP 0401993Guidelines on Techniques for Strengthening and Rehabilitation of Bridges
IRC SP 0411994Guidelines for the Design of At-Grade Intersections in Rural and Urban Areas
IRC SP 0422014Guidelines on Road Drainage (First Revision)
IRC SP 0431994Guidelines on Low-Cost Traffic Management Techniques for Urban Areas
IRC SP 0441996Highway Safety Code
IRC SP 0462013Guidelines for Designa nd Construction of Fibre Reinforced Concrete for Pavements (First Revision)
IRC SP 0471998Guidelines on Quality Systems for Road Bridges
IRC SP 0492014Guidelines for the Use of Dry Lean Concrete as Sub-base for Rigid Pavement (First Revision)
IRC SP 0502013Guidelines on Urban Drainage (First Revision)
IRC SP 0521999Bridge Inspector Reference Manual
IRC SP 0532010Guidelines on Use of Modified Bitumen in Road Construction (Second Revision)
IRC SP 0542000Project Preparation Manual for Bridges
IRC SP 0552014Guidelines on Traffic Management in Work Zones
IRC SP 0572000Guidelines for Quality Systems for Road Construction
IRC SP 0581999Guidelines for Use of Fly Ash in Road Embankments
IRC SP 0602002An Appraoch Document for Assessment of Remaining Life of Concrete Bridges
IRC SP 0612004An Approach Document on Whole Life Costing for Bridges in India
IRC SP 0622014Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Cement Concrete Pavement for Low Volume Roads (First Revision)
IRC SP 0632004Guidelines for the Use of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement
IRC SP 0642005Guidelines for the Analysis and Design of Cast-in-Place Voided Slab Superstructure
IRC SP 0652005Guidelines for Design and Construction of Segmental Bridges
IRC SP 0662005Guidelines for Design of Continuous Bridges
IRC SP 0672005Guidelines for Use of External and Unbonded Prestressing Tendons in Bridge Structures
IRC SP 0702005Guidelines for the Use of High Performance Concrete in Bridges
IRC SP 0712006Guidelines for Design and Construction of Pretensioned Girder of Bridges
IRC SP 0732007Manual of Standards and Specifications for Two Laning of State Highways on B.O.T. Basis
IRC SP 0742007Guidelines for Repair and Rehabilitation of Steel Bridges
IRC SP 0752008Guidelines for Retrofitting of Steel Bridges by Prestressing
IRC SP 0772008Manual for Design Construction and Maintenance of Gravel Roads
IRC SP 0782008Specifications for Mix Seal Surfacing (MSS) Close-Graded Premix Surfacing (CGPS)
IRC SP 0792008Tentative Specifications for Stone Matrix Asphalt
IRC SP 0822008Guidelines for Design of Causeways and Submersible bridge
IRC SP 0832008Guidelines for Maintenance, Repairs & Rehabilitation of Cement Concrete Pavements
IRC SP 0842014Manual for Specifications and Standards for Four Laning of Highways Through Public Private Partnership (First Revision)
IRC SP 0852010Guidelines for Variable Message Signs
IRC SP 0862010Guidelines for Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Paver Finishers
IRC SP 0872013Manual of Specification and Standards for Six Laning of Highways Through Public Private Partnership (First Revision)
IRC SP 0882010Manual on Road Safety Audit
IRC SP 0902010Manual for Grade Separators and Elevated Structures
IRC SP 0922010Road Map for Human Resource Development in Highway Sector
IRC SP 0932011Guidelines on Requirements for Environmental Clearance for Road Projects
IRC SP 0942011Material Testing Facilities for Highway Sector in National Capital Region
IRC SP 0952011Model Contract Document for Maintenance of Highways
IRC SP 0962012Guidelines for Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Concrete Batching and Mixing Plants
IRC SP 0972013Guidelines on Compaction Equipment for Road Works
IRC SP 0982013Guidelines for the Use of Waste Plastic in Hot Bituminous Mixes (Dry Process) in Wearing Courses
IRC SP 0992013Manual of Specification and Standards for Expressways
IRC SP 1002014Use of Cold Mix Technology in Construction and Maintenance of Roads Using Bitumen Emulsion
IRC SP 1012014Interim Guidelines for Warm Mix Asphalt
IRC SP 1022014Guidelines for Design and Construction of Reinforced Soil Walls

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