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[DIR]ars/2012-12-29 11:06 - African Organisation for Standardisation
[DIR]au/2012-12-29 10:44 - Australia
[DIR]bd/2013-04-24 13:58 - Bangladesh
[DIR]cn/2012-12-29 11:06 - China
[DIR]com/2012-12-29 10:55 - Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
[DIR]crs/2014-02-12 12:52 - Caribbean Community
[DIR]de/2015-06-01 02:41 - Germany
[DIR]eac/2012-12-29 10:54 - East African Community
[DIR]ec/2012-12-29 11:06 - Republic of Ecuador
[DIR]eg/2012-12-29 11:06 - Arab Republic of Egypt/td>
[DIR]et/2012-12-29 11:06 - Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
[DIR]eu/2015-09-03 07:57 - European Union
[DIR]gso/2012-12-29 11:06 - Gulf Cooperation Council
[DIR]in/2016-11-18 10:37 - Republic of India
[DIR]jm/2012-12-29 10:51 - Jamaica
[DIR]jp/2012-12-29 10:50 - Japan  日本国
[DIR]ke/2012-12-29 10:48 - Republic of Kenya
[DIR]my/2012-12-29 10:45 - Federation of Malaysia
[DIR]nz/2013-04-05 18:10 - New Zealand
[DIR]ph/2012-12-29 11:06 - Republic of the Philippines
[DIR]th/2013-01-08 09:59 - Kingdom of Thailand
[DIR]ug/2012-12-29 10:46 - Republic of Uganda
[DIR]uk/2013-06-04 09:11 - United Kingdom
[DIR]us/2017-06-13 13:22 - United States
[DIR]za/2012-12-29 10:45 - Republic of South Africa


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