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Public Safety Standards
Republic of Uganda

In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

US 6 (pdf)
US 6 (html)
1993EnglishStandard specification for methods of analysis for foods for infants and children
US 452011EnglishGeneral standard for food additives (3rd Edition)
US 46 (pdf)
US 46 (html)
2001EnglishStandard specification for beer
US 72 (pdf)
US 72 (html)
2000EnglishCode of Practice for grading and preservation of raw hides and skins
US 130 (pdf)
US 130 (html)
1999EnglishGeneral requirements for establishing a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
US 153-2 (pdf)
US 153-2 (html)
2000EnglishUncoated aluminuim hollowware utensils- Part 2: Domestic aluminium cooking pans
US 163 (pdf)
US 163 (html)
2000EnglishCode of hygienic practice for milk and milk products
US 201 (pdf)
US 201 (html)
2008EnglishDrinking (potable) water (2nd Edition)
US 203 (pdf)
US 203 (html)
2006EnglishEdible salts — Specification
US 281 (pdf)
US 281 (html)
2006EnglishSpecification for bread
US 308 (pdf)
US 308 (html)
2001EnglishGeneral requirements for insecticides intended for the treatment of Mosquito Nets
US 366-2 (pdf)
US 366-2 (html)
2003EnglishMasony cement - Part 2: Test Methods
US 4041995EnglishExtra Deepwell CBMS Handpump
US 4051995EnglishShallow Well Handpump (Model U2/U3)
US 442-3 (pdf)
US 442-3 (html)
2002EnglishCosmetics - list of substances which cosmetics must not contain except subject to conditions applicable to drugs and conditions laid down
US 479 (pdf)
US 479 (html)
2003EnglishCode of practice—Inspection of road vehicles for roadworthiness
US 508 (pdf)
US 508 (html)
2003EnglishRequirements for nutritional and health claim for food
US 512 (pdf)
US 512 (html)
2003EnglishSpecification for axes and hatchets
US 517 (pdf)
US 517 (html)
2004EnglishAgricultural equipment — Machinery and equipment for working the soil — Mouldboard plough working elements — Vocabulary
US 518-1 (pdf)
US 518-1 (html)
2004EnglishAgricultural equipment — Equipment for working the soil —Animal-drawn mouldboard plough — Part 1: Fixed type — Specification
US 566 (pdf)
US 566 (html)
2006EnglishUse of nutrition claims — Requirements
US 569 (pdf)
US 569 (html)
2005EnglishGeneral guidelines for labeling of fresh fruits and vegetables
US 5702006EnglishCode of hygienic practice for dried fruits
US 635 (pdf)
US 635 (html)
2006EnglishCode of hygiene practice for oilseeds handling and milling of vegetable oilseeds
US 640 (pdf)
US 640 (html)
2006EnglishCode of practice for production, handling and processing of solar dried fruits
US 641 (pdf)
US 641 (html)
2006EnglishCode of practice for apiary management, handling and processing of bee-products
US 701-4 (pdf)
US 701-4 (html)
2008EnglishDisaster management — Part 4: Standard specification for handling disasters
US 713 (pdf)
US 713 (html)
2008EnglishRequirements for hygiene in commercial skin penetration, hairdressing, and beauty and natural therapy
US 736 (pdf)
US 736 (html)
2007EnglishHygienic requirements for butcheries
US 737 (pdf)
US 737 (html)
2007EnglishRequirements for hygiene in the production of packaged meat
US 738 (pdf)
US 738 (html)
2007EnglishGeneral standard for contaminants and toxins in food and feed
US 756 (pdf)
US 756 (html)
2007EnglishUrea fertilizer grade — Specification
US 757 (pdf)
US 757 (html)
2007EnglishAmmonium sulphate nitrate fertilizer — Specification
US 758 (pdf)
US 758 (html)
2007EnglishCalcium ammonium nitrate fertilizer — Specification
US 759 (pdf)
US 759 (html)
2007EnglishMonoammonium phosphate (MAP) and diammonium phosphate (DAP) fertilizers — Specification
US 760 (pdf)
US 760 (html)
2007EnglishPotassium chloride (muriate of potash) fertilizer grade — Specification
US 761 (pdf)
US 761 (html)
2007EnglishEnergy efficiency stoves — Household biomass stoves — Performance requirements and test methods
US 765 (pdf)
US 765 (html)
2007EnglishWood charcoal and charcoal briquettes for household use — Specification
US 774 (pdf)
US 774 (html)
2008EnglishSpecification for protective helmets for motor cycle users
US 778 (pdf)
US 778 (html)
2007EnglishRequirements for animal stock routes, check points and holding
US 779 (pdf)
US 779 (html)
2007EnglishRequirements for the transportation of meat and meat products
US 810 (pdf)
US 810 (html)
2011EnglishGuidelines for cleaning and disinfection
US 852 (pdf)
US 852 (html)
2011EnglishCleaning chemicals for use in the food industry
US 892 (pdf)
US 892 (html)
2012EnglishCleaning and maintenance of floors
US 909 (pdf)
US 909 (html)
2011EnglishGeneral standard for Halal food
US 910 (pdf)
US 910 (html)
2011EnglishGuidelines for bodies providing Halal certification
US 911 (pdf)
US 911 (html)
2011EnglishGuidelines for the Halal Accreditation Body accrediting Halal Certification Bodies
US 929 (pdf)
US 929 (html)
2011EnglishHealth and safety at events — Requirements

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