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Public Safety Standards
Republic of the Philippines

In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

PNS/BFAD 032006EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Sweet Preserves
PNS/BFAD 042006EnglishEthnic Food Products - Dried, Salted Fish - Specifications
PNS/BFAD 052006EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Dried Fish
PNS/BFAD 062006EnglishThermally Processed Fish Products - Specifications
PNS/BFAD 072006EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Thermally Processed Fish Products
PNS/BFAD 082007EnglishFermented Milks - Specifications
PNS/BFAD 092007EnglishMango Beverage Products - Specifications
PNS/BFAD 102007EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Mango Beverage Products
PNS/BFAD 112007EnglishCitrus Beverage Products - Specifications
PNS/BFAD 122007EnglishRecommneded Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Citrus Beverage Products
PNS/BFAD 132007EnglishBanana Chips Specification
PNS/BFAD 142007EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for Processing and Handling of Banana Chips
PNS/BFAD 152007EnglishDried Mango Products - Specification
PNS/BFAD 162007EnglishDried Tropical Products - Specification
PNS/BFAD 172007EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Dried Tropical Fruits
PNS/BFAD 182008EnglishFlour Sticks (Pancit Canton) - Specification
PNS/BFAD 192008EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Flour Sticks (Pancit Canton)
PNS/BFAD 202009EnglishSugar Cane Wine (Basi) - Specification
PNS/BFAD 212009EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Sugar Cane Wine (Basi)
PNS/BFAD 222010EnglishFried Corn Snakcs (Chichacorn) - Specification
PNS/BFAD 232010EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Fried Corn Snacks (Chichacorn)
PNS/FDA 242010EnglishPurple Yam (Ube) Jam (Halaya) - Specification
PNS/FDA 252010EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Purple Yam (Ube) Jam (Halaya)
PNS/FDA 262010EnglishSmoked Fish - Specification
PNS/FDA 272010EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Smoked Fish
PNS/FDA 282010EnglishProcessed Pili Nut Products - Specification
PNS/FDA 292010EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Processed Pili Nut Products
PNS/FDA 302010EnglishTropical Fruit Wines - Specification
PNS/FDA 312010EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processind and Handling of Tropical Fruit Wines
PNS/FDA 322011EnglishEthnic Flour-Based Confectioneries (Polvoron, Piaya and Barquillos) - Specification
PNS/FDA 332011EnglishRecommended Code of Pracitce of the Processing and Handling of Ethninc Flour-Based Confectioneries (Polovon, Piaya and Barquillos)
PNS/FDA 342011EnglishEthnic Milk-Based Confectioneries (Pastillas and Yema) - Specification
PNS/FDA 352011EnglishRecommended Code of Practice for the Processing and Handling of Ethnic Milk-Based Confectionaries (Pastillas and Yema)
PNS/PAES 1222003EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Seeder and Planter - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1232003EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Seeder and Planter - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1242004EnglishAgricultural Machinery -Wal king-Wpe Agricultural Tractor - SpecificationsP art 3r SpecialT ype (Float-AssisTt iller)
PNS/PAES 1252004EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Sprinkler Head - Specifications Part l: Rotating lmpact-Driven Type
PNS/PAES 1262004EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Sprinkler head -- Specification Rotating Impact driven type
PNS/PAES 1272004EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Drilling specifications
PNS/PAES 1282004EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Drilling rig -- Methods of test
PNS/PAES 1292004EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Electric motor -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 1302004EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Electric motor -- Methods of test
PNS/PAES 1312005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Moldboard Plow -Specifications
PNS/PAES 1322005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Disc/Moldboard Plow -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1332005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Disc Harrow -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1342005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Furrower -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 1352005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Furrower -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1362005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Agricultural Trailer -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 1372005EnglishAgricultural machinery -- Agricultural trailer -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1382005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Guidelines on After -- Sales Service
PNS/PAES 1392005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 1402005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1412005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Weeder -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 1422005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Weeder -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1472010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Field cultivator - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1482010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Field cultivator - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1492010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Subsoiler -Specifications
PNS/PAES 1502010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Subsoiler - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1512010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Mechanical Rice Transplanter - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1522010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Mechanical Rice Transplanter - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1532010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Hand Pump - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1542010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Hand Pump - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1552010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Mist Blower - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1562010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Mist Blower - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1572011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Power Sprayer for Mango - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1582011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Power Sprayer for Mango - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1592011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Sugarcane Planter - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1602011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Sugarcane Planter - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1612011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Soil Auger - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1632011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Spring-tooth Harrow - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1642011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Spring-tooth Harrow - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1652011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Granule Applicator - Specifications
PNS/PAES 1662011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Granule Applicator - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 1722011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Soil Auger - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2122005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Rice Reaper -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 2132005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Rice Reaper -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2142005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Rubber Roll for Rice Mills -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 2152005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Rubber Roll for Rice Mill -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2162005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Hammer Mill -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 2172005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Hammer Mill -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2182005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Forage Chopper -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 2192005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Forage Chopper -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2202005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Peanut Sheller -- Specifications
PNS/PAES 2212005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Peanut Sheller -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2222005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Chipping Machine -- Specifications (Circulated)
PNS/PAES 2232005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Chipping Machine -- Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2242005EnglishAgricultural Machinery -- Rice Combine -- Specifications (Circulated)
PNS/PAES 2322008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Washer-Peeler - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2332008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Washer-Peeler - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2342008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Juice Extractor - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2352008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Juice Extractor - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2362008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Crystallizer - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2372008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Crystallizer - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2382008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Micromill - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2392008EnglishAgricultural Machinery - Multicrop Micromill - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2402010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Fans and Blowers - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2412010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Fans and Blowers - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2422010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Biomass Furnace - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2432010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Biomass Furnace - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2442010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Biomass Shredder - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2452010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Biomass Shredder - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2462010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Dehusked Corn Dryer - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2472010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Dehusked Corn Dryer - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2482010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Fruit Dryer - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2492010EnglishAgricultural machinery - Fruit Dryer - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2502011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Coconut Coir Decorticator - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2512011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Coconut Coir Decorticator - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2522011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Coffee Pulper - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2532011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Coffee Pulper - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2542011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Abaca Stripper - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2552011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Abaca Stripper - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2562011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Corn Picker - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2572011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Corn Picker - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 2582011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Feed Mixer - Specifications
PNS/PAES 2592011EnglishAgricultural machinery - Feed Mixer - Methods of Test
PNS/PAES 4032003EnglishAgricultural structure -- Housing for Layer Production
PNS/PAES 4042003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Housing for Goat and Sheep
PNS/PAES 4052003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Cattle Feedlot
PNS/PAES 4062003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Cattle Ranch
PNS/PAES 4072003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Housing for Dairy Cattle
PNS/PAES 4082003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Carabao Feedlot
PNS/PAES 4122004EnglishAgricultural structure -- Poultry dressing plant
PNS/PAES 4132003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Biogas Plant
PNS/PAES 414-22004EnglishAgricultural structure -- Waste management structures -- Part 2: Agricultural solid waste-composting
PNS/PAES 4152003EnglishAgricultural Structure - Greenhouses
PNS/PAES 4162004EnglishAgricultural Structure - Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory
PNS/PAES 4172004EnglishAgricultural Structure - Fruit and Vegetable Storage
PNS/PAES 4182004EnglishAgricultural Structure - Primary Processing Plant for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
PNS/PAES 4202004EnglishAgricultural Structure - Farm Workshop and Machinery Shed
PNS/PAES FIRE2008EnglishPhilippine Fire Code

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