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Table 05: Table of Procurement

2012/01/09IHS Global7 Documents from Underwriters Labs, IEEE, ISO, and ASTM$1,760.57
2012/01/11British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$2,373.45
2012/01/11IHS Global12 Documents from ANSI and ISO$1,274.68
2012/01/12IHS Global5 Documents from NSF, ANSI, and ASTM$819.65
2012/01/13IHS GlobalIHS GLOBAL INC.3033977921 CO 11 (Standards)$937.55
2012/01/18British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$2,382.78
2012/02/14Bureau of Indian Standardspurchase of standards$292.85
2012/03/15Bureau of Indian Standardspurchase of standards$1,396.48
2012/03/27South Africa Bureau of StandardsSouth Africa building code set.$157.07
2012/04/03Construction Books2012 ICC code set and 2011 NEC$960.42
2012/04/04American PyrotechnicsFireworks Standards$69.00
2012/04/04IHS Global12 Documents from the American Petroleum Institute$2,150.27
2012/04/04IHS GlobalIHS GLOBAL INC.3033977921 CO 11 (Standards)$211.10
2012/04/05The Chlorine InsitutePressure Relief Device for Chlorine Service$38.90
2012/04/06American Conference of Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)Mandated Standards on Industrial Ventilation$115.90
2012/04/06Commercial Vehicle AllianceNorth American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria$62.36
2012/04/09American Herbal ProductsHerbs of Commerce$250.00
2012/04/10British Standards InstitutionMandated Standard for Safety of Prams for Infants$133.11
2012/04/17Standards New ZealandSafety of Toys and Infants$299.60
2012/04/17Standards New ZealandMembership Dues$143.49
2012/04/19British Standards InstitutionHomeland Security and EuroCode$226.34
2012/04/20Abebooks (Booksavers of Virginia)CABO One and Two Family Dwelling Code$23.98
2012/04/20American Boat and Yacht Council16 Documents pertaining to boat and yacht safety.$1,200.00
2012/04/20IHS Global5 Documents from ANSI, CISPI, and CIE$677.92
2012/04/20IHS Global14 imaging standards from AIIM and ANSI.$715.65
2012/04/20IHS Global8 Documents from the American Society of Sanitary Engineers$428.35
2012/04/20IHS GlobalIHS GLOBAL INC.3033977921 CO 12$161.30
2012/04/23Amazon Marketplace (garagesalesabbatical books)Icon of BookStandard Methods: For the Examination of Water and Wastewater$187.95
2012/04/23Amazon.ComSpecifications for Portland Cement (1917)$14.99
2012/04/23IHS Global23 Documents from ANSI, ASME, IEC, and British Standards Institution$2,554.03
2012/04/23SMACNAHVAC Air Duct Leakage Test Manual$73.98
2012/04/24Air Movement and Control AssociationAMCA 210-99$152.95
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (AbeBooks Marketplace)BOCA: National Mechanical Code (1993)$53.99
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (BaySideBooks)ASHRAE: Handbook Fundamentals (1993)$33.07
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Classification in Mental Retardation$4.08
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Monetary Values of Freshwater Fish and Fish-Kill Counting Guidelines$8.39
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (DeYoung Depot)American Wood-preservers' Association (1991)$23.94
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (good_service_gauranteed books)IEEE Standard for Software Quality Assurance (1989)$28.99
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (grobe books)Uniform Vehicle Code and Model Traffic Ordinance$23.99
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (high_country_books)IEEE: NESC Electrical Safety Code (2007)$103.99
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (kbookusa books)Icon of BookNational Board Inspection Code$61.99
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (mountainviewbooks)Food Chemicals Codex$6.73
2012/04/24Amazon Marketplace (soohfysalesbooks)Icon of BookManual for Quality Control for Plants and Production$43.97
2012/04/24Amazon MarketplaceIcon of BookPatriotic Bunting for Code for America$22.21
2012/04/24Amazon MarketplaceIcon of BookPatriotic Bunting for Code for America$21.35
2012/04/24Amazon MarketplacePatriotic Bunting for Code for America$41.92
2012/04/24ARMAAsphalt Roofing Manual as Mandated by Federal law$23.50
2012/04/24IHS GlobalIHS GLOBAL INC.3033977921 CO 12$224.09
2012/04/24IHS GlobalIHS GLOBAL INC.3033977921 CO 12$229.50
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (AJAX1 Books)Uniform Building Code (1991)$28.94
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Food Chemicals Codex$40.44
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Official Methods of Analysis$8.88
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (bookzeller1)Glazing Manual$8.99
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (buylows books)Icon of BookAccomodating Utilities Within Highway Right-of-Way$102.99
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (internationalbooks)National Electrical Safety Code (1993)$7.39
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (jenson_online_inc books)Icon of BookStandard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater$7.13
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (lomaxdirect books)PCI Manual for Structural Design of Architectural Precast Concrete$26.88
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (mab1218 books)Aluminum Construction Manual$53.99
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (map1218 books)Code for Welding in Building Construction$43.99
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (New Chapter Recycling)ASHRAE Handbook: HVAC Systems (1987)$39.73
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (owlsbooks)Icon of BookBOCA: National Plumbing Code (1993)$8.52
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (Quality Bargain Mall)Official Methods of Analysis$11.90
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (thrift_books)Icon of BookNational Electrical Safety Code (1997)$4.23
2012/04/25Amazon Marketplace (VikaSP Books)Uniform Mechanical Code (1991)$18.99
2012/04/25American Wood CouncilStandard for Wood$100.00
2012/04/26AHAMAir Conditioning Standards$320.00
2012/04/26Amazon Marketplace (bookzeller1)American Welding Society: Welding Aluminum$11.82
2012/04/27Amazon Marketplace (dcrow477 books)Icon of BookAWS D1.1: Structural Welding Code (2000)$213.99
2012/04/27Amazon Marketplace (motownstacks)CFTA Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary$48.98
2012/04/27Amazon Marketplace (wonderbookandvideo)Standard Specification for Highway Bridges$13.89
2012/04/27American Architectural Manufacturers AssociationFederally-Mandated Standards for Glass Doors and Windows$77.00
2012/04/29AlibrisInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods Code$40.88
2012/04/30Amazon Marketplace (sweethomeliquid2)Icon of BookEPA: Methods for the Determination of Metals in Samples$12.49
2012/04/30Association of Equipment Manufacturers3 Excavator and Crane Standards$75.00
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (AbeBooks Marketplace)International Code of Botanical Nomenclature (1993)$47.94
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (GuthrieBooks)Public Health Drinking Water Standards (1962)$11.98
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (harmonybear books)AATCC Technical Manual (2000)$33.99
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (MyBookBrowser)Standard Specification of Load Tables for Steel Joists$17.77
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (november1-books)American Gas Association: Purging Principles and Practice$280.27
2012/05/01Amazon Marketplace (worldofbookusa)Icon of BookIMO ISPS Code$46.49
2012/05/01Hardwood and Plywood AssociationStructural Design Guide for Hardwood Plywood$17.50
2012/05/02AlibrisInternational Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Termianls$24.43
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Icon of BookUniform Commerical Code (2002)$43.82
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Recommended Lateral Force Requirements (1996)$6.40
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (geoffbksect books)Icon of BookClean Seas Guide for Oil Tankers$13.94
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (julian_brogi_bookseller)Icon of BookSafety in the Handling and Use of Explosives$12.99
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (lexingtonbooks)Food Chemicals Codex$39.91
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (lkkspp books)AGA Report No. 3: Orifice Metering$83.98
2012/05/02Amazon Marketplace (Moneypenny Express)Icon of BookLaboratory Ventilation Workbook$33.98
2012/05/02Amazon.ComFood Service Sanitation Manual$9.99
2012/05/02ICAOSafe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air$228.00
2012/05/02Radio Technical Commission for AeronauticsCopy of 2 superceded documents critical to public safety$143.00
2012/05/03Gas Processors Association1986 Copy of S2377 as Mandated by Federal Law$55.00
2012/05/03Gas Processors AssociationAnalysis for Natural Gas and Similar Gaseoius Mixtures$65.00
2012/05/03Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association4 very thin very old standards documents$420.00
2012/05/04Amazon Marketplace (Books by Baker)ACI Manual of Concrete Practice (1981)$25.98
2012/05/04Radio Technology CommitteeStandard for Marine Radar Equipment$115.00
2012/05/04TechStreetASTM Standards$928.78
2012/05/04TechStreet1 very thin standards document$111.50
2012/05/07Amazon Marketplace (bestbkstoyou books)Icon of BookACI: Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete$28.98
2012/05/07Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)ASTM: Water (2002)$4.03
2012/05/07Amazon Marketplace (floydelmo books)Icon of BookAmerican Institute of Timber Construction: Timber Construction Manual$5.24
2012/05/07Amazon Marketplace (Justin Butler Books)Icon of BookASTM: Water and Environmental Technology (2000)$23.99
2012/05/07Amazon Marketplace (Loggerhead Sales books)SAE Handbook (1970 and 1980)$63.52
2012/05/07National Fire Protection AssociationFHazardous Materials Emergency Reponse$127.89
2012/05/08Amazon Marketplace (albrubaker books)SAE Handbook (2003)$38.94
2012/05/08Amazon Marketplace (azclc_dot_com books)Glass and Glazing Federation: Glazing Manual$33.94
2012/05/08Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)SAE Handbook (1967)$12.58
2012/05/08Amazon Marketplace (classics books)Laboratory Techniques in Rabies$23.98
2012/05/08Amazon Marketplace (suzybee562 books)Asphalt Institute: Thickness Design$8.49
2012/05/08National Association of Corrosion Engineers2 historical standards mandated by federal law.$178.43
2012/05/10TechStreet4 ISO and NFPA documents$303.10
2012/05/11Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.Building Codes$8,718.20
2012/05/16IAPMO6 Very Thin Federally-Mandated Standards from 1977 to 1989$419.70
2012/05/21Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Agricultural Engineering: A Dictionary$27.06
2012/05/21Compressed Gas AssociationHazMat Standards Mandated by Department of Transportation$1,549.00
2012/05/21TechStreet4 acoustical safety standards$600.79
2012/05/22IHS Global2 Documents from Insulated Cable Engineers Association$264.33
2012/05/22National Council on Radiation ProtectionReports incorporated by reference into the CFR$112.00
2012/05/22SAE InternationalSAE INTERNATIONAL 0727764841 PA$23.00
2012/05/22TechStreet1 NEMA document on Motors and Generators$384.29
2012/05/22TechStreet4 IEEE documents mandated by law$531.53
2012/05/23Amazon Marketplace (Eclecticbooks)ACH Rules (2005)$43.97
2012/05/23Association of Pool and Spa Professionals2 documents mandated by law for spa and pool safety.$308.01
2012/05/23Standards New ZealandINT'L FUNDS TRANSFER$3,317.55
2012/05/24Amazon Marketplace (thebookgrove)Icon of BookAPA: Standards for Educational and Psych Testing (1999)$68.47
2012/05/25Amazon Marketplace (Etcetera Emporium Books)Icon of BookSAE Handbook (1975)$52.95
2012/05/25Amazon Marketplace (maranathabooks)Icon of BookSAE Handbook (1996)$93.94
2012/05/29Amazon Marketplace (mab128 books)ASTM: Annual Book, Parts 1 and 3 (1971)$85.98
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)Book IconASTM: Amusement Rides$16.74
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (betterworldbooks)ASTM: Building Sealants (1985)$15.99
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (Justin Butler Books)Icon of BookASTM: Building Construction$21.99
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (mountain books)ASTM: Road and Paving Materials (2000)$12.92
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (santa clara books)ASTM: Lubricants$22.90
2012/05/30Amazon Marketplace (Texas Book Depot)ASTM: Chemical Specialties (2006)$9.37
2012/05/31Amazon Marketplace (bookchowder books)ASTM: Gaseous Fuel, Coke$22.14
2012/05/31Amazon Marketplace (Friends of CHCBLibrary)ASTM: Pesticides (1985)$13.99
2012/05/31Amazon Marketplace (HPB-Ohio Books)Icon of BookASTM: Metalworking Standards$13.99
2012/05/31Amazon Marketplace (powells_books)ASTM: Atmospheric Analysis$28.99
2012/06/01Amazon Marketplace (Oregon Trail Book)ASTM: Thermal Insulation (2006)$4.00
2012/06/01Amazon Marketplace (quality7 books)Icon of BookASTM: Indoor Air Quality (2002)$27.71
2012/06/01Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.Retyping Standards Into HTML$7,227.00
2012/06/01PHCC National AssociationNational Standard Plumbing Codes$358.50
2012/06/04Amazon Marketplace (springtrailbooks)ASTM: Petroleum Products$46.98
2012/06/04Construction BooksSwimming pool and hot tub codes$182.36
2012/06/04Construction BooksGreen Building and Sewage Disposal$145.45
2012/06/05Amazon Marketplace (atlanta-book-company)IOAC: Official Methods of Analysis (15th Edition)$10.98
2012/06/05Amazon Marketplace (lynnsbookcase)Icon of BookSAE Handbook (1973)$20.99
2012/06/05Better World BooksASTM Books of Standards$188.09
2012/06/05Better World BooksQuantity Discount-22.57
2012/06/05Bureau of Indian StandardsPublic Safety Standards of India$2,597.50
2012/06/05Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.building codes$11,362.37
2012/06/05International Code CouncilStandard for Log Homes as Mandated by Wisconsin$39.31
2012/06/05International Code CouncilUniform Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings$21.32
2012/06/05NYC CitystoreNew York City Building Code$582.95
2012/06/05TechStreet8 elevator and escelator standards$912.55
2012/06/05TechStreet2 ANSI pressure vessel standards$322.59
2012/06/05TechStreetTECHSTREET 800699-9277 MI 12124$128.82
2012/06/06Amazon Marketplace (missionbasedbookusa)SAE Handbook (1986)$33.98
2012/06/06Construction BooksUniform Solar, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes$550.84
2012/06/06National Fire Protection AssociationNFPA 1500: Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health$64.19
2012/06/06South Africa Bureau of StandardsCompulsory Standards (VC Series)$255.59
2012/06/07Better World BooksBETTER WORLD BOOKS ATLNTA GA 12-7.08
2012/06/11ASMESections 5,6, and 7 of the state-mandated boiler code.$1,195.07
2012/06/11Barclay's Law PublisherCalifornia Code$1,555.75
2012/06/12Amazon Marketplace (willenborgs1 books)ASTM: IBC-referenced Standards (2003)$20.99
2012/06/12PHCC National AssociationNational Standard Plumbing Code$127.52
2012/06/12Secretary of MassachusettsSEC OF MA EXPEDITED FE 80070898$9.00
2012/06/12Secretary of MassachusettsSEC OF MA FILING FEE (Access to Code of Massachusetts Regulations)$101.00
2012/06/14Amazon Marketplace (AbeBooks Marketplace 2)ASTM: Paint, Applied Coatings (1974)$43.99
2012/06/19American Correctional AssociationCorrectional Standards$182.75
2012/06/19SAI GlobalAustralian Standards$397.77
2012/06/19South Africa Bureau of StandardsDangerous Goods Collection$410.71
2012/06/19Standards New ZealandPublic Safety Standards$1,125.91
2012/06/20Amazon Marketplace (anumber8 books)ASTM: Steel, Railway Fasterners (1980)$24.79
2012/06/26Amazon Marketplace (Friends of CHCBLibrary)ASTM: Nonferrous Metal Products (1985)$13.99
2012/06/26Amazon Marketplace (hrd2find books)ASTM: Iron and Steel Products (2000)$23.99
2012/06/26Amazon Marketplace (OldMeramec Station Books)ASTM: PIPING, TUBING (1987)$12.99
2012/06/26Amazon Marketplace (the-book-ladies)ASTM: General Test Methods, Forensic Sciences$16.65
2012/06/26Amazon Marketplace (the-book-ladies)ASTM: Thermal Insulation, Environmental Acoustics$20.26
2012/06/26TechStreet7 American Petroleum Institute standards$1,284.92
2012/06/26TechStreet16 very thin ISO standards$2,265.69
2012/06/29ATA PublicationsOut of date but federally-mandated safety specification.$100.00
2012/06/29TechStreet6 HazMat standards$914.71
2012/07/02Amazon Marketplace (HPB-Ohio)ASTM: Steel Piping, Tubing (1987)$13.99
2012/07/02TNT USAArbitrary Fee for Import of Legal Documents$40.00
2012/07/03TechStreet3 ASME standards for pipelines4$424.34
2012/07/05Amazon Marketplace (CalibanBooks)ASME: Boiler Construction Code (1943)$58.99
2012/07/05Amazon Marketplace (William L. Churchill Books)ASTM: Iron and Steel Products (1985)$18.99
2012/07/05Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.building codes$1,949.94
2012/07/06Amazon Marketplace (Justin Butler Books)ASTM: Ships and Marine Technology$28.99
2012/07/06Compressed Gas AssociationHazMat Standards Mandated by Department of Transportation$726.00
2012/07/06Gas Technology InstituteInternal Corrosion Direct Assessment of Gas Transmission Pipelines$295.00
2012/07/09Amazon Marketplace (elgin_books)ASME: Rules for Construction of Unfired Pressure Vessels$76.99
2012/07/09TechStreet5 American Petroleum Institute standards$716.60
2012/07/16AlibrisASTM books of standards$26.06
2012/07/17World Engineering1977 Welding Procedure and Performance Qualification$142.01
2012/07/18AlibrisRefund for Book Not Available-3.26
2012/07/18Amazon Marketplace (Books for Contractors)NFPA 59: Utility LP-Gas Plant Code (2004)$37.94
2012/07/18Amazon Marketplace (sailorkate8)ASTM: Piping, Tubings, Fittings (2006)$169.54
2012/07/18National Fire Protection Association2004 LP Gas Standard$72.32
2012/07/18TechStreet5 ISO standards for gas cylinders$789.15
2012/07/19Amazon Marketplace (ZapZamZOOM Books)American Welding Society: Welding Aluminum$10.49
2012/07/19Standards New ZealandRefund on overcharge.-61.90
2012/07/23Amazon Marketplace (ndalex1 Books)Aluminum Standards and Data$14.94
2012/07/24Amazon Marketplace (AbeBooks Marketplace 2)Massachusetts District Police Steam Boiler Rules$33.99
2012/07/24Amazon Marketplace (sailorkate8 books)Icon of BookASTM: Chemical Specialties and Sports Equipment$58.65
2012/07/24ASMESections 1 and 9 of the state-mandated boiler code.$1,173.46
2012/07/24ASTMStandards for Amusement Rides and Devices$144.36
2012/07/26Amazon Marketplace (Justin Butler Books)ASTM: Sports Equipment ; Safety and Traction for Footwear$23.99
2012/07/27IHS GlobalRefund-229.50
2012/07/27TechStreet3 ASME documents$671.15
2012/07/30Construction BooksNational Board Inspection Code$321.48
2012/07/30TechStreet7 people mover standards$475.22
2012/07/30TechStreet3 elevator standards$347.43
2012/07/31Amazon Marketplace (bigappa03 books)ASTM - Iron and Steel Products$23.99
2012/08/01National Fire Protection AssociationAcetylene and Welding Safety Standards$181.10
2012/08/01National Fire Protection AssociationNFPA NATL FIRE PROTECT 800344-3$106.41
2012/08/06Amazon Marketplace (hrdfind Books)ASTM - Nonferrous Metal Products$23.99
2012/08/13Uganda National Bureau of StandardsAssortment of Standards$3,101.44
2012/08/14Amazon Marketplace (Browsers Books)ASTM Copper and Copper Alloys$28.99
2012/08/16South Africa Bureau of Standards35 public safety specifications.$924.03
2012/08/17Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.building codes$5,078.00
2012/08/21The Aluminum Association$250.00
2012/08/21Uganda National Bureau of StandardsPublic Safety Standards$1,737.17
2012/08/27British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$1,448.20
2012/08/28British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$2,720.21
2012/08/28British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$1,258.16
2012/09/05Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$151.23
2012/09/06Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$110.66
2012/09/06Philippine Bureau of StandardsStandards for agricultural machinery$367.58
2012/09/08Estonian Standards InstituteStandards mandated by the European Union, Council Directive 89/686/EEC$1,528.45
2012/09/08Estonian Standards InstituteStandards mandated by the European Union, Council Directive 89/686/EEC$1,373.84
2012/09/10CARICOM Regional OrganizationCaribbean Regional Standards$1,890.00
2012/09/10Estonian Standards InstituteOrder cancelled. Reason given by the Information Officer: "We would keep the circumstances to ourselves and we recommend to order the standards from another country."-1,373.84
2012/09/10Estonian Standards InstituteOrder cancelled. Reason given by the Information Officer: "We would keep the circumstances to ourselves and we recommend to order the standards from another country."-1,528.45
2012/09/11Jamaica Bureau of StandardsCompulsory standards of Jamaica$2,566.88
2012/09/12Amazon Marketplace (Squeaky Trees)Screw-Thread Standards for Federal Services$8.99
2012/09/12Compressed Gas Association3 HazMat documents mandated by the Department of Transportation$428.00
2012/09/12Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.Invoice 0037110$5,664.43
2012/09/17The Chlorine InsituteDiagrams of Excess Flow Valve$67.85
2012/09/18Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$99.79
2012/09/18Philippine Bureau of StandardsStandards for agricultural machinery$691.32
2012/09/27Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$77.04
2012/09/27Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$91.43
2012/09/27Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$91.43
2012/09/28Australia Building Codes BoardAustralian Building Code$447.81
2012/09/28Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$96.45
2012/09/28Egypt Bureau of StandardsGEN.EGY.CORPORATION O CAIO EGY1$155.68
2012/10/01Jamaica Bureau of StandardsINT'L FUNDS TRANSFER - CITIBUSI$2,480.00
2012/10/03TechStreetJapanese Industrial Standards$1,645.43
2012/10/03TechStreetJapanese Industrial Standards$2,233.23
2012/10/03TechStreetJapanese Industrial Standards$541.25
2012/10/04TechStreetJapanese Industrial Standards$2,005.94
2012/10/09British Standards InstitutionEuroCode$2,475.63
2012/10/09Standards Institute of SerbiaPersonal Protective Equipment Standards Mandated by the EU$710.50
2012/10/09Standards Institute of SerbiaPersonal Protective Equipment Standards Mandated by the EU$1,884.00
2012/10/10TechStreetJapanese Industrial Standards$2,031.87
2012/10/15SIRIM Berhad (Malaysia)Standards, including the irradiation of food.$780.00
2012/10/16Italian Standards OrganizationStandards for food machinery safety and cultural preservation$1,524.60
2012/10/16Italian Standards OrganizationStandards for food machinery safety and cultural preservation$1,950.30
2012/10/17British Standards InstitutionMembership$824.60
2012/10/19Italian Standards OrganizationStandards for food machinery safety and cultural preservation$1,342.12
2012/10/22TechStreet2 ASHRAE energy standards$287.94
2012/10/23SAI GlobalIrish Standards for Active Implantable Medical Devices$1,811.08
2012/10/23SAI GlobalIrish Standards for Active Implantable Medical Devices$1,530.06
2012/10/23SAI GlobalIrish Standards for Active Implantable Medical Devices$671.84
2012/10/26TechStreetGerman Standards for Safety of Products and Babies$1,940.62
2012/10/26TechStreetGerman Standards for Safety of Products and Babies$1,588.83
2012/11/03Latvian Bureau of StandardsStandards for forestry$142.62
2012/11/06Bulgarian Institute of StandardsStandards for agricultural and forestry machinery safety as mandated by Directive 2006/42/EC$971.44
2012/11/06TechStreetFederal specification for communication with telcos during natural disasters$460.06
2012/11/07TechStreetGerman Standards for Safety of Products and Babies$2,979.80
2012/11/09Latvian Bureau of StandardsStandards for earth moving machinery$464.35
2012/11/14Latvian Bureau of StandardsStandards for hand-held motor operated electrical tools$504.00
2012/11/15Japan Standards AssociationJapanese Public Safety Standards$765.97
2012/11/15Japan Standards AssociationJapanese Public Safety Standards$354.75
2012/11/15Japan Standards AssociationJapanese Public Safety Standards$945.70
2012/11/15Japan Standards AssociationJapanese Public Safety Standards$1,039.42
2012/11/25Gulf States OrganizationHalal standards in English and Arabic$274.64
2012/11/26Gulf States Organization27 standards for worker safety$1,189.30
2012/11/29AFNOR - French Standards BodyPyrotechnic Articles as Mandated by the EU$618.58
2012/11/29AFNOR - French Standards BodySafety of Toys as Mandated by the EU$740.44
2012/11/29AFNOR - French Standards BodySustainable Packaging as Mandated by the EU$1925.69
2012/12/05Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.Invoice 37476A, 37475A$10,579.44
2012/12/20Double-Key Service Provider, Inc.Invoice 37629$8,055.27
2012/12/23The Translation ServiceTranslation of Magna Charta$50.99
TOTAL288 Transactions $180,410.73