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Public Safety Standards
Caribbean Community

In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

CCS 45 (pdf)
CCS 45 (html)
2005EnglishSafety Matches
CCS 52 (pdf)
CCS 52 (html)
2005EnglishTable Eggs
CRCP 1 (pdf)
CRCP 1 (html)
2010EnglishPackaged Water
CRCP 2 (pdf)
CRCP 2 (html)
2010EnglishPackaged Natural Coconut Water
CRCP 3 (pdf)
CRCP 3 (html)
2010EnglishTour Guides
CRCP 4 (pdf)
CRCP 4 (html)
2010EnglishFish and Fishery Products
CRCP 5 (pdf)
CRCP 5 (html)
2010EnglishFood Hygiene
CRCP 6 (pdf)
CRCP 6 (html)
2010EnglishFrozen Fruit Pulps and Purees
CRCP 7 (pdf)
CRCP 7 (html)
2010EnglishWooden Craft Items
CRCP 8 (pdf)
CRCP 8 (html)
2010EnglishInbound Tour Operators
CRS 1 (pdf)
CRS 1 (html)
2010EnglishPackaged Water
CRS 3 (pdf)
CRS 3 (html)
2010EnglishPackaged Natural Coconut Water
CRS 5 (pdf)
CRS 5 (html)
2010EnglishLabelling of Pre-packaged Foods
CRS 11-1 (pdf)
CRS 11-1 (html)
2011EnglishTourist Accomodation General Requirements
CRS 12 (pdf)
CRS 12 (html)
2010EnglishShort Term Vehicle Rentals
CRS 14 (pdf)
CRS 14 (html)
2010EnglishGood Management Practices for MSMEs
CRS 16 (pdf)
CRS 16 (html)
2010EnglishBotanical Cosmetics
CRS 17 (pdf)
CRS 17 (html)
2010EnglishGold Articles
CRS 18 (pdf)
CRS 18 (html)
CRS 19 (pdf)
CRS 19 (html)
2010EnglishCassava Bread
CRS 20 (pdf)
CRS 20 (html)
2010EnglishWooden Furniture
CRS 21 (pdf)
CRS 21 (html)
2010EnglishIndigenous Furniture
CRS 22 (pdf)
CRS 22 (html)
2010EnglishAchar, Amchar and Kuchela
CRS 24-1 (pdf)
CRS 24-1 (html)
CRS 24-2 (pdf)
CRS 24-2 (html)
CRS 24-3 (pdf)
CRS 24-3 (html)
CRS 24-4 (pdf)
CRS 24-4 (html)
2010EnglishHot peppers
CRS 24-5 (pdf)
CRS 24-5 (html)
CRS 24-6 (pdf)
CRS 24-6 (html)
CRS 24-7 (pdf)
CRS 24-7 (html)
CRS 24-8 (pdf)
CRS 24-8 (html)
CRS 24-9 (pdf)
CRS 24-9 (html)
2010EnglishSweet peppers
CRS 24-10 (pdf)
CRS 24-10 (html)
CRS 25 (pdf)
CRS 25 (html)
2008EnglishCARICOM Rum Standard
CRS 27 (pdf)
CRS 27 (html)
2010EnglishFruit and Vegetable Juices and Fruit Nectars
CRS 29 (pdf)
CRS 29 (html)
2010EnglishPoultry Feed and Feed Ingredients
CRS 33 (pdf)
CRS 33 (html)
2010EnglishGarbage bags
CRS 35 (pdf)
CRS 35 (html)
2010EnglishSpices and Sauces
CRS 37 (pdf)
CRS 37 (html)
2011EnglishLabelling of Retail Packages of Aerosol Insecticides
CRS 41 (pdf)
CRS 41 (html)
2008EnglishBrewery Products

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