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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Production and General Engineering
Section Name: Pneumatic Tools (PGD 8)

IS 5441 (pdf)
IS 5441 (txt)
1986Portable pneumatic drilling machine
IS 6572 (pdf)1987Dimensions for pneumatic light rivet snap shanks and its chuck bushingsISO 1180
IS 6573 (pdf)1987Dimensions for pneumatic coal pick shanks and chuck bushingsISO 1180
IS 6574 (pdf)1987Dimensions for pneumatic rivet snap shanks parallel and chuck bushingsISO 1180
IS 6575 (pdf)1987Dimensions for pneumatic breaker and spade shanks and its chuck bushingsISO 1180
IS 7157 (pdf)
IS 7157 (txt)
1987Portable Pneumatic Grinding Machines
IS 7446 (pdf)1987Dimensions for chisel shanks and chuck bushings for pneumatic chippersISO 1180
IS 7456 (pdf)1994Rock drill shanks and chuck bushings - Dimensions
IS 7605 (pdf)1986Portable Pneumatic Chippers
IS 7868 (pdf)1975Rotary Drill Rods for Drilling Principally in CoalISO 1717
IS 7913 (pdf)1975Integral Stems for Percussive DrillingISO 721
IS 7978 (pdf)1984Portable Pneumatic Rivet Cutters
IS 7979 (pdf)1984Portable Pneumatic Rivetting Hammers
IS 7995 (pdf)1994Pneumatic concrete breaker shanks - Dimensions
IS 8067 (pdf)1986Portable Pneumatic Impact Wrenches
IS 8486 (pdf)
IS 8486 (txt)
1977Code of practice for maintenance of tungsten carbide tipped integral stems
IS 9419 (pdf)1993Pusher legs
IS 9707 (pdf)
IS 9707 (txt)
1994Pneumatic Screw Drivers and Nut Runners (Non-impact Type)
IS 9828 (pdf)
IS 9828 (txt)
2001Portable Pneumatic Sanders
IS 10749 (pdf)1983Swivel Head Nut for Screw Type Mounts in Pusher Legs
IS 11183 (pdf)1984Portable Pneumatic Rammers
IS 11609 (pdf)1986Technical supply conditions for pneumatic tools
IS 11702-1 (pdf)
IS 11702-1 (txt)
1986Measurement of Airborne Noise Emitted by Pneumatic Tools and Machines, Part 1: Engineering Method for Determination of Sound Power LevelsISO/DIS 3481/1-2
IS 11702-2 (pdf)
IS 11702-2 (txt)
1986Measurement of airborne noise emitted by pneumatic tools and machines, Part 2: Method for checking compliance with noise limitsISO/DIS 3481/2-2
IS 12158 (pdf)1987Dimensions for shanks of punches and chisels and its chuck bushing for pneumatic rivet cutters
IS 12520 (pdf)1988Recommendations for preferred pressures for pneumatic tools and machinesISO 5941
IS 12523 (pdf)1988Dimensions for piston rods and butts for pneumatic rammer toolsISO 1180
IS 12531 (pdf)1988Dimensions for weld flux scalers shanks and nozzle holesISO 1180
IS 12563-2 (pdf)1988Data sheet for pneumatic tools test report, Part 2: Percussive tool (with or without rotation)ISO 2787
IS 12563 (pdf)
IS 12563 (txt)
2001Rotary and Percussive Pneumatic Tools - Performance TestISO 2787
IS 12849 (pdf)
IS 12849 (txt)
1989Pneumatic tools and machines - VocabularyISO 5391
IS 13078 (pdf)
IS 13078 (txt)
1991Pneumatic Hose Couplings
IS 14368 (pdf)
IS 14368 (txt)
1996Portable Pneumatic Weldflux Scalers
IS 15065 (pdf)2001Carbide Tips for use in Integral Stems for Percussive Drillings
IS 15411 (pdf)
IS 15411 (txt)
2003Rotary Tools for Threaded Fasteners - Performance Test MethodISO 5393

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