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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Production and General Engineering
Section Name: Earth, Metal And Wood Working Hand Tools (PGD 6)

IS 273 (pdf)1990Picks and Beaters
IS 274-1 and 2 (pdf)1981Shovels, Part 1: General Purpose Shovels, Part II: Heat-Treated Shovels
IS 402 (pdf)1990Cold Chisels - Specification
IS 413 (pdf)1974Round Punches
IS 510 (pdf)1986Blacksmith's Anvils
IS 552 (pdf)
IS 552 (txt)
1965Smith Bits
IS 663 (pdf)1980Adzes
IS 703 (pdf)1999Axes - Specification
IS 704 (pdf)
IS 704 (txt)
1984Crow-bars and Claw-bars
IS 841 (pdf)
IS 841 (txt)
1983Steel Hammers
IS 842 (pdf)1968Smith's Swages
IS 843 (pdf)
IS 843 (txt)
1968Smith's Tongs
IS 845 (pdf)1974Swage Blocks and Stands
IS 846 (pdf)
IS 846 (txt)
1968Smith's Flatters
IS 847 (pdf)
IS 847 (txt)
1968Smith's Fullers
IS 1759 (pdf)1986Powrahs
IS 1930 (pdf)
IS 1930 (txt)
2003Woodworking Tools - Chisels and GougesISO 2729
IS 2586 (pdf)1986Bench Vices
IS 2587 (pdf)1975Pipe Vices (Open Side Type and Fixed Sides Type)
IS 2588 (pdf)1975Blacksmith's Vices
IS 2852 (pdf)
IS 2852 (txt)
1998Carpenter's augers
IS 2989 (pdf)1980Keys for Lathe Chucks
IS 4017 (pdf)
IS 4017 (txt)
1992Carpenter's Squares
IS 4506 (pdf)
IS 4506 (txt)
1989Hand Tools - Forks, General Purpose
IS 4915 (pdf)1968Welders' Chipping Hammer
IS 5098 (pdf)
IS 5098 (txt)
1969Cross-cut and Rip Saws
IS 5123 (pdf)
IS 5123 (txt)
1969Tenon and Dovetail Saws
IS 5169 (pdf)
IS 5169 (txt)
1986Hacksaw Frames
IS 5657 (pdf)1970Specification for Jim Crows
IS 5663 (pdf)
IS 5663 (txt)
1970Brick and Mason's Chisels
IS 5684 (pdf)1970Pipe Vices (Chain Type)
IS 5697 (pdf)1970Ripping Chisels
IS 5991 (pdf)1971Ballast Rakes
IS 6000 (pdf)1971Rail Tongs for Railways
IS 6007 (pdf)
IS 6007 (txt)
1971Pipe Vices (Hinged Type)
IS 6087 (pdf)
IS 6087 (txt)
1971Metal Cutting Shears
IS 6375 (pdf)
IS 6375 (txt)
1991Wood Splitting Wedges
IS 6546 (pdf)1989Claw Hammers
IS 6835 (pdf)1973Drifts
IS 6836 (pdf)1973Hand Snaps and Set-ups for Solid Rivets
IS 6837 (pdf)1973Three Wheel Type Pipe Cutter
IS 6841 (pdf)1973Wrecking Bars
IS 6843 (pdf)
IS 6843 (txt)
1984Technical supply conditions for pipe cutters
IS 6844 (pdf)1984Wood and Leather Marking Punches
IS 6845 (pdf)1973Wire Basket for Screening Ballast
IS 6860 (pdf)1973Pin Punches
IS 6861 (pdf)1973Engineers' Scrapers
IS 6864 (pdf)1984Metal Marking Punches
IS 6881 (pdf)1973Link Type Pipe Cutters
IS 6883 (pdf)1973Ballast Screen
IS 6891 (pdf)1973Carpenters' Auger Bits
IS 6892 (pdf)1973Blacksmith's Bick-Iron
IS 7040 (pdf)1973Smith's Anvil Cutters
IS 7041 (pdf)1973Carpenters' Plain Brace
IS 7042 (pdf)1973Carpenters' Ratchet Brace
IS 7077 (pdf)1973Bending Bars
IS 7125 (pdf)
IS 7125 (txt)
1974Technical supply conditions for carpenters' braces
IS 7177 (pdf)1974Centre Punches
IS 7222 (pdf)1974Engineers' Ratchet Braces
IS 7958 (pdf)1976Hand Vices
IS 8177 (pdf)1976Pin Vices
IS 8202 (pdf)
IS 8202 (txt)
1999Carpenter's Wooden Bodies Planes
IS 8671 (pdf)1977Nail Puller
IS 8673 (pdf)1977Farrier's Chisels with Handle
IS 9064 (pdf)1979Copper Hammers
IS 9065 (pdf)1979Aluminium hammers
IS 9181 (pdf)1988C-Clamps
IS 9193 (pdf)1988Bearing Pullers
IS 10375 (pdf)1982Poker
IS 10826 (pdf)1984Pad Saw
IS 10827 (pdf)1984Roving Punches
IS 10838 (pdf)1984Nylon Faced Hammers
IS 10839 (pdf)1984Jewelers' Saw
IS 10860 (pdf)1984Carpenters' Wooden Bodied Bead Planes
IS 10883 (pdf)1984Single Wheel Type Pipe Cutters
IS 10886 (pdf)1984Carpenters' Vice
IS 11250 (pdf)1985Bow Saw Frames
IS 11251 (pdf)1985Bow Saw Blades
IS 11381 (pdf)1985Extractor Cotter Pin
IS 11458 (pdf)1985Parallel Clamps
IS 11828 (pdf)1987Miniature Hand Hacksaw Frames
IS 11940 (pdf)1987Hide-Faced Hammers
IS 11941 (pdf)1987Hand Burnishers
IS 12127 (pdf)
IS 12127 (txt)
1987Two-men Cross Cut Saws
IS 12128 (pdf)1987Reversible handles for cross cut saws
IS 12412 (pdf)1988Setting iron for two-men cross cut saws
IS 12413 (pdf)1988Wooden jointer for two-men cross cut saws
IS 12515 (pdf)1988Wooden setting cat for two-men cross cut saws
IS 12522 (pdf)1988Rubber Mallets
IS 12578 (pdf)1989Watch Maker's Hammer, Flat Face
IS 12858 (pdf)1989Belt Punches for Conveyor Belt Fasteners (Plate Type)
IS 13040 (pdf)1991Dolly blocks for use in steel body repairs - General requirements
IS 13093 (pdf)
IS 13093 (txt)
2002Sheet Metal Body Repair Steel Hammers - General Requirements
IS 13189 (pdf)1991Lead Hammers
IS 13345 (pdf)1992Carpenter's Bevels
IS 15385 (pdf)
IS 15385 (txt)
2003Woodworking Tools - Metal-Bodied Bench Planes, Plane Cutters and Cap IronsISO 2726

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