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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Production and General Engineering
Section Name: Mountaineering Equipment (PGD 27)

IS 8505 (pdf)
IS 8505 (txt)
1992Mountaineering - Glossary of terms
IS 8533 (pdf)1977General Purpose Carabiners for Mountaineering
IS 8648 (pdf)
IS 8648 (txt)
1987Ice Axe for Mountaineering
IS 8905 (pdf)1987Rock Pitons for Mountaineering
IS 8906 (pdf)1987Ice Axe-Cum-hmmer for Mountaineering
IS 8907 (pdf)1987Ice Pitons for Mountaineering
IS 8908 (pdf)1978Snow Stakes for Mountaineering
IS 9090 (pdf)1979Tent Poles for Mountaineering
IS 9091 (pdf)1979Descenders for Mountaineering
IS 9092 (pdf)1979Tent Pins for Mountaineering
IS 9248 (pdf)1979Piton Hammers for Mountaineering
IS 9315 (pdf)1979Dimensions for boot/binding interface (Greater than size 36) for alpine skis
IS 9317 (pdf)
IS 9317 (txt)
2001Glossary of terms, definitions and measuring conditions for alpine skis
IS 9331 (pdf)1979Laboratory methods for determination of elastic properties for alpine skis
IS 9397 (pdf)
IS 9397 (txt)
2001Dimensions for Binding Mounting Area for Alpine SkisIS 8364
IS 9802 (pdf)1987Adjustable Crampons for Mountaineering
IS 9847 (pdf)1987Ice Hammers for Mountaineering
IS 10023 (pdf)1981ascenders for mountaineering
IS 10220 (pdf)1982Descenders (type letter 'E') for Mountaineering
IS 11042-1 (pdf)1984Binding Screws for Alpine Skis, Part 1: General Requirements
IS 11042-2 (pdf)1987Binding screws for alpine skis, Part 2: Test methods
IS 11072 (pdf)1984Ice Daggers for Mountaineering
IS 11073 (pdf)1984Expansion Bolts for Mountaineering
IS 11074 (pdf)1984Rope Ladders for Mountaineering
IS 11138 (pdf)1984Snow Dead-boy and Dead-man for Mountaineering
IS 11144 (pdf)1984Method for determination of deformation load and breaking load of alpine skis
IS 11207 (pdf)
IS 11207 (txt)
1983Helmets for Mountaineers
IS 11616 (pdf)1986Avalanche, Rods for Mountaineering
IS 11854 (pdf)1986Crampons Mountaineering Non-Adjustable
IS 12259 (pdf)
IS 12259 (txt)
2001SKI-Poles for Alpine Skiing - Safety Requirements and Test MethodsISO 7331
IS 14926 (pdf)
IS 14926 (txt)
2001Alpine Skis - Guidelines for Conducting Slope Performance Tests
IS 15841 (pdf)
IS 15841 (txt)
2009Snowboard-boots - Interface with skibindingISO 11634
IS 15842 (pdf)
IS 15842 (txt)
2009Snowboard strap bindings for soft boots - Requirements and test methods
IS 15843-1 (pdf)
IS 15843-1 (txt)
IS 15843-2 (pdf)
IS 15843-2 (txt)
2012Snowboards - Binding Mounting Area, Part 2: Requirements and Test Methods for Snowboards with InsertsISO 10958-2:2004

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