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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Production and General Engineering
Section Name: Machine Tool Elements and Holding Devices (PGD 2)

IS 666-1 (pdf)1972Jig Bushes, Part I: Headed and Headless Jig Bushes
IS 666-2 (pdf)1972Jig Bushes, Part 2: Renewable Drill Bushes
IS 1995 (pdf)1984Overall internal heights for lathe tool postsISO 213
IS 2013 (pdf)1995T-Slots- Dimensions and Spacings
IS 2014 (pdf)1996T-bolts
IS 2015 (pdf)1977T-Nuts
IS 2161 (pdf)
IS 2161 (txt)
1996Coolant pumps for general purpose machine tools
IS 2243 (pdf)
IS 2243 (txt)
1971Drill Chucks
IS 2289 (pdf)197660° Dead Centres for Lathes
IS 2534 (pdf)1999Carbide Tipped Dead Centres
IS 2582-1 (pdf)1987Machine tools - Spindle noses and face plates - Sizes for interchangeability, Part 1: Type AISO 702-1
IS 2582-2 (pdf)1987Machine tools - Spindle noses and face plates - Sizes for interchangeability, Part 2: Camlock typesISO 702-2
IS 2582-3 (pdf)1987Machine tools - Spindle noses and face plates - Sizes for interchangeability, Part 3: Bayonet typeISO 702-3
IS 2804 (pdf)1998Palm grips
IS 2805 (pdf)1964Dimensions for ball grips
IS 2876 (pdf)
IS 2876 (txt)
19993-Jaw and 4-Jaw Scroll Manually Operated Self-Centering Lathe Chucks
IS 2890 (pdf)1983Taper handles for machine tools
IS 2904 (pdf)1998Ball handles
IS 2908 (pdf)1998Hand Cranks - Specification
IS 2909 (pdf)1998Star Grips - Specification
IS 2975 (pdf)1998Control levers with ball grip
IS 2990 (pdf)1986Tenons
IS 2995 (pdf)1988Set Collars
IS 2996 (pdf)1986Mounting dimensions of plain grinding wheels by means of hub flangesISO 666
IS 3048 (pdf)
IS 3048 (txt)
1965Dimensions for handwheels
IS 3075-1 (pdf)1986circlips, Part 1: For shafts
IS 3075-2 (pdf)1986Circlips, Part 2: For Bores
IS 3075-3 (pdf)1986circlips, Part 3: Type E for shafts
IS 3793 (pdf)1966Live Centres
IS 4279 (pdf)1984Goose Neck Clamps
IS 4291 (pdf)1996C-washers
IS 4292 (pdf)1984Strap Clamps
IS 4293 (pdf)1984U-type Clamps
IS 4294 (pdf)1982Jig Buttons
IS 4295 (pdf)1983Locking Dogs (Catches) with Springs
IS 4297 (pdf)1996spherical washers and conical seats
IS 4298 (pdf)2009Swing C-washers
IS 4299 (pdf)1982Jig Feet
IS 4502 (pdf)
IS 4502 (txt)
1999Machine Vices
IS 4816 (pdf)1987Permanent Magnetic Chucks
IS 5091 (pdf)1969Dimensions for circular base plates
IS 5092 (pdf)1969Dimensions for square and rectangular base plates
IS 5093 (pdf)1996Locating Pins(round)
IS 5094 (pdf)1969Dimensions for diamond locating pins
IS 5095 (pdf)1998End locating plugs
IS 5096 (pdf)1969Dimensions for round locating studs
IS 5097 (pdf)1969Dimensions for diamond locating studs
IS 5250 (pdf)1984Swing Clamps
IS 5251 (pdf)1984Table Clamps
IS 5252 (pdf)1984Dimensions for Wide Clamp Plates
IS 5998 (pdf)1984Parallel Sided Clamp Plates
IS 5999 (pdf)1999Swing Latches
IS 6080 (pdf)1985Double Ended Clamps
IS 6081 (pdf)1985Plain Clamps
IS 6082 (pdf)1985Slotted Clamps
IS 6090 (pdf)1984Cam Operated Clamps
IS 6105 (pdf)1971Feed Fingers
IS 6238 (pdf)1971Spring Collets
IS 6335 (pdf)1971Knurled Thumb Nuts (Fixtures)
IS 6336 (pdf)1989Screws for thrust pads (fixtures)
IS 6337 (pdf)1989Thrust pads (fixtures)
IS 6338 (pdf)
IS 6338 (txt)
1989Clamping screws (fixtures)
IS 6440 (pdf)
IS 6440 (txt)
1997Quick action drilling jigs
IS 7262 (pdf)1996Turning Mandrels
IS 7301 (pdf)1974Grinding Mandrels
IS 7824 (pdf)
IS 7824 (txt)
1995Quick change drill chucks, collets and floating reamer holders specification
IS 8710 (pdf)1978Electromagnetic Chucks
IS 9094-1 (pdf)1979Drill Chuck Taper Arbors, Part I: Having Taper Shanks
IS 10573 (pdf)1983Oil Sight Glass for Machine Tools
IS 10574 (pdf)1983Clamp Buttons to be Used with Parallel Sided Clamp Plates
IS 10602 (pdf)1983Floor Plates
IS 10612 (pdf)19834-Jaw Independent Lathe Chucks
IS 10882 (pdf)1984Cam Levers
IS 11278 (pdf)1985Jig Feet with Cylindrical Shank
IS 11325 (pdf)1985Adjustable Clamp Support
IS 11613 (pdf)1986Renewable Lock Screw Locating Pins
IS 11614 (pdf)1986Renewable Threaded Locating Pins
IS 11831 (pdf)1986Jig foot bolts
IS 11843 (pdf)1986Jig Foot Nuts
IS 12242 (pdf)1987Door Hinges for Machine Tools
IS 12250 (pdf)1987Fixed Clamp Supports
IS 12280 (pdf)1988Tenon without Counterbore
IS 12281 (pdf)1988Mounting dimensions of machine tool doors with hinges
IS 12525 (pdf)1989Snap Rings
IS 12582 (pdf)1989Tommy screws with fixed bar
IS 13178 (pdf)1991Clamping studs for machine tools
IS 14693 (pdf)
IS 14693 (txt)
19992-Jaw and 3-Jaw Power Operated Wedge Type Chucks
IS 14694 (pdf)
IS 14694 (txt)
19992-Jaw and 3-Jaw Power Operated High Speed Lathe Chucks With Through Bore
IS 14725 (pdf)
IS 14725 (txt)
19992-Jaw and 3-Jaw Hand Operated Heavy Duty Cam Type Self Centering Chucks
IS 14872-1 (pdf)
IS 14872-1 (txt)
2000Ball Screws, Part 1: Vocabulary and DesignationISO 3408-1
IS 14872-2 (pdf)2000Ball Screws, Part 2: Nominal Diameters and Nominal Leads - Metric SeriesISO 3408-2
IS 14872-3 (pdf)
IS 14872-3 (txt)
2000Ball Screws, Part 3: Acceptance Conditions and Acceptance TestsISO 3408-3
IS 15246 (pdf)
IS 15246 (txt)
2002Machine Tools - Front Faces of Spindle Holders for Machining Centers - Functional DimensionsISO 9524
IS 15247 (pdf)
IS 15247 (txt)
20027/24 Tapers for Tool Shanks for Automatic Changing - Tapers for Spindle NosesISO 9270
IS 15248 (pdf)
IS 15248 (txt)
2002Self-Centering Chucks for Machine Tools with Two-Piece Jaws (Tongue and Groove Type) - Sizes for Interchangeability and Acceptance Test SpecificationsISO 3442
IS 15249 (pdf)2002Machine Tools - Jaw Mountings on Power ChucksISO 9401

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