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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Production and General Engineering
Section Name: Consumer Products and Allied Equipments (PGD 14)

IS 888 (pdf)
IS 888 (txt)
1983Hollow-ground Razors, Open Type
IS 989 (pdf)
IS 989 (txt)
1982Scissors for General Purposes
IS 2917 (pdf)
IS 2917 (txt)
1981Umbrella Ribs
IS 2918 (pdf)
IS 2918 (txt)
1979Umbrella Tubes, Sticks and Handles
IS 2919 (pdf)1979specification for umbrella fittings
IS 2920 (pdf)1981Umbrellas
IS 3148 (pdf)
IS 3148 (txt)
1991Slide fasteners (general purpose)
IS 3743 (pdf)1966Hair Clippers (Hand-Operated)
IS 4066 (pdf)1967Metal Hooks, Clips and Eyes
IS 4084 (pdf)1978Eyelets and Washers (Sail)
IS 4108 (pdf)1984Snap Fasteners for Dresses
IS 4274 (pdf)
IS 4274 (txt)
IS 4741 (pdf)1968Fasteners (Four Pieces)
IS 4798 (pdf)1968Safety Pins
IS 5041 (pdf)1978Footwear and Stationery Eyelets
IS 5048 (pdf)1969Equipment Fasteners (Web Equipment Pattern)
IS 5348 (pdf)1981Staples
IS 5349 (pdf)1986Staplers
IS 5650 (pdf)1988Clips, Paper
IS 5653 (pdf)1988Pins, Paper, Straight
IS 6021 (pdf)1978Web-equipment and 6.6 mm Eyelets, Rim Painted with or without Washers
IS 6321 (pdf)1971Needles, Hand Sewing
IS 6421 (pdf)1972Perforators, Paper, Double Hole
IS 6422 (pdf)1972Perforator, Paper, Single Hole (Docket Punch)
IS 7370 (pdf)
IS 7370 (txt)
1974Razors, Safety(
IS 7370 (B) (pdf)
IS 7370 (B) (txt)
1974Razors, Safety(BI-LINGUAL)
IS 7371 (pdf)1982Stainless steel safety razor blades
IS 7671 (pdf)1975Fastener, File, Flexible-prong Type
IS 7672 (pdf)1975Fastener, File, Loose-leaf, Ring Type
IS 8156 (pdf)
IS 8156 (txt)
1994Fasteners for consumer goods-synthetic hook and loop tape, specification
IS 8227-1 (pdf)1988Fasteners, Arch and Clip for Files, Part 1: Arch Fasteners
IS 8227-2 (pdf)1988Fasteners, Arch and Clip for Files, Part 2: Clip Fasteners
IS 8231 (pdf)1976Clips, Paper, Spring Type
IS 8247 (pdf)1976Fastener, Paper, Prong Type, with Washer
IS 8499 (pdf)1988Tags for Files
IS 8738 (pdf)1978Parachute Buckles, D-Shaped
IS 8739 (pdf)1978Adaptor, Adjustable, Buckle Waist
IS 8740 (pdf)1978Buckles, Pack, Outer, PTRM
IS 8741 (pdf)1978Connecting Lug, Quick Release, Adjustable, PTRM
IS 8742 (pdf)1978Adaptor, Main, PTRM
IS 9547 (pdf)1980Snap Hook, with Safety Device (PTR-R)
IS 9548 (pdf)1980Snap Hook (Static Line)
IS 9719 (pdf)1981Button, Press, Lift the Dot, Cloth to Metal
IS 9720 (pdf)1981Button, Press, Lift the Dot, Cloth to Wood
IS 9721 (pdf)1981Button, Press, Lift the Dot, Cloth to Cloth
IS 9748 (pdf)
IS 9748 (txt)
1981Metallic Slide Fasteners (For Aviation Purposes)
IS 10198 (pdf)1982Carbon Steel, Safety Razor Blades
IS 10675 (pdf)
IS 10675 (txt)
1983Umbrellas, Folding - Manual
IS 10844 (pdf)1984Glossary of terms relating to slide fasteners
IS 13031 (pdf)1990Shaving systems - Twin blade cartridges
IS 13777 (pdf)
IS 13777 (txt)
1993Shaving systems - Twin blade razor handles
IS 13973 (pdf)
IS 13973 (txt)
1994Shaving systems - Disposable razors
IS 14181-1 (pdf)2002Synthetic (Plastic) Slide Fasteners - Special Purpose, Part 1: Specification, Selection and Ordering Guideline of the Product
IS 14181-2 (pdf)
IS 14181-2 (txt)
2002Synthetic (Plastic) Slide Fasteners - Special Purpose, Part 2: Test and Measurement Methods
IS 14181-3 (pdf)2002Synthetic (Plastic) Slide Fasteners - Special Purpose, Part 3: Test Report Formats
IS 14232 (pdf)1995Shaving systems - Cases for barbers tools

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