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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Metallurgical Engineering
Section Name: Wrought Steel Products (MTD 4)

IS 228-1 (pdf)
IS 228-1 (txt)
1987Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 1: Determination of carbon by volumetric method (for carbon 0.05 to 2.50 percent)
IS 228-2 (pdf)
IS 228-2 (txt)
1987Methods for Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 2: Determination of Manganese in Plain-Carbon and Low Alloy Steels by Arsenite Method
IS 228-3 (pdf)
IS 228-3 (txt)
1987Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 3: Determination of phosphorus by alkalimetric method
IS 228-4 (pdf)
IS 228-4 (txt)
1987Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 4: Determination of total carbon by gravimetric method (for carbon greater than or equal to 0.1 percent)
IS 228-8 (pdf)1989Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 8: Determination of silicon by gravimetric method (for silicon 0.05 to 0.50 percent)
IS 228-9 (pdf)1989Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 9: Determination of sulphur in plain carbon steels by evolution method (for sulphur 0.01 to 0.25 percent)
IS 228-14 (pdf)1988Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 14: Determination of carbon by thermal conductivity method (for carbon 0.005 to 2.000 percent)
IS 228-17 (pdf)
IS 228-17 (txt)
1998Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 17: Determination of nitrogen by thermal conductivity method (for nitrogen up to 0.4 percent)
IS 228-19 (pdf)
IS 228-19 (txt)
1998Methods of chemical analysis of steels, Part 19: Determination of nitrogen by steam distillation
IS 228-20 (pdf)
IS 228-20 (txt)
2003Methods for Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 20: Determination of Carbon and Sulphur by Infra Red Absorption Method (for Carbon 0.005 to 2 Percent and Sulphur 0.001 to 0.35 Percent)
IS 228-21 (pdf)
IS 228-21 (txt)
2003Methods for Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 21: Determination of Copper by Spectrophotometric Method (for Copper 0.02 to 0.50 Percent)
IS 228-22 (pdf)
IS 228-22 (txt)
2003Methods of Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 22: Determination of Total Hydrogen in Steel by Thermal Conductivity Method (Hydrogen 0.1 ppm to 50 ppm)
IS 228-23 (pdf)
IS 228-23 (txt)
2003Methods of Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 23: Determination of Total Nitrogen in Steel by Optical Emission Spectrometer (Nitrogen 0.002 to 1.0 Percent)
IS 228-24 (pdf)
IS 228-24 (txt)
2003Methods of Chemical Analysis of Steels, Part 24: Determination of Nitrogen in Steel by Inert Gas Fusion - Thermal Conductivity Method (Nitrogen 0.001 to 0.2 Percent)
IS 277 (pdf)
IS 277 (txt)
2003Galvanized Steel Sheets (Plain and Corrugated)
IS 279 (pdf)1981Galvanized steel wire for telegraph and telephone purposes
IS 280 (pdf)
IS 280 (txt)
2006Mild Steel Wire for General Engineering Purposes
IS 412 (pdf)1975Expanded Metal Steel Sheets for General Purposes
IS 513 (pdf)
IS 513 (txt)
2008Cold reduced low carbon steel sheets and strips
IS 648 (pdf)2006Cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel sheet and strip - Fully processed type
IS 649 (pdf)
IS 649 (txt)
1997Methods for testing steel sheets for magnetic circuits of power electrical apparatus
IS 1029 (pdf)1970Hot-rolled steel strip (baling)
IS 1079 (pdf)
IS 1079 (txt)
2009Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip
IS 1136 (pdf)2008Preferred sizes for wrought metal products
IS 1148 (pdf)
IS 1148 (txt)
IS 1149 (pdf)1982Specification for High Tensile Steel Rivet Bars for Structural Purposes
IS 1387 (pdf)
IS 1387 (txt)
1993General requirments for the supply of metallurgical materials
IS 1673 (pdf)
IS 1673 (txt)
1984Mild Steel Wire, Cold Heading Quality
IS 1762-1 (pdf)
IS 1762-1 (txt)
1974Code for designation of steels, Part I Based on lettter symbols
IS 1812 (pdf)
IS 1812 (txt)
1982Carbon Steel Wire for the Manufacture of Wood Screws
IS 1835 (pdf)1976Round Steel Wire for Ropes
IS 1956-2 (pdf)
IS 1956-2 (txt)
1976Glossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel, Part II: Steel Making
IS 1956-3 (pdf)1975Glossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel, Part III: Hot-Rolled Steel Products (Excluding Sheet and Strip)
IS 1956-4 (pdf)
IS 1956-4 (txt)
1975Glossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel, Part IV: Steel Sheet and Strip
IS 1956-5 (pdf)
IS 1956-5 (txt)
1976Glossary of Terms Relating to Iron and Steel, Part 5: Bright steel bar and steel wire
IS 1990 (pdf)
IS 1990 (txt)
2009Steel rivet and stay bars for boilers
IS 1993 (pdf)
IS 1993 (txt)
2006Cold-reduced electrolytic tinplateISO 11949 3
IS 2002 (pdf)
IS 2002 (txt)
2009Steel plates for pressure vessels for intermediate and high temperature service including boilers
IS 2041 (pdf)
IS 2041 (txt)
2009Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels Used at Moderate and Low Temperature
IS 2049 (pdf)1978Colour code for the identification of wrought steels for general engineering purposes
IS 2062 (pdf)
IS 2062 (txt)
2011Hot Rolled Medium and High Tensile Structural Steel
IS 2100 (pdf)
IS 2100 (txt)
1970Steel billets, bars and sections for boilers
IS 2255 (pdf)1977Mild Steel Wire Rod for the Manufacture of Machine Screws (By Cold Heading Process)
IS 2385 (pdf)1977Hot-Rolled Mild Steel Sheet and Strip in Coil Form for Cold-Reduced Tinplate and Cold-Reduced Blackplate
IS 2507 (pdf)1975Cold-rolled steel strips for springs
IS 2549 (pdf)1994Code of classification of processed ferrous scrap
IS 2589 (pdf)1975Hard drawn steel wire for upholstery springs
IS 2591 (pdf)1982Dimensions for Hot Rolled Steel Bars for Threaded components
IS 2830 (pdf)
IS 2830 (txt)
2012Carbon steel cast billet ingots,billets,blooms and slabs for re-rolling into steel for general structural purposes - Specification
IS 2831 (pdf)
IS 2831 (txt)
2012Carbon Steel Cast Billet Ignots, Billets, Blooms and Slabs For Re-rolling into Structural Steel (Ordinary Quality)-
IS 2879 (pdf)1998Mild steel for metal arc welding electrodes
IS 3024 (pdf)
IS 3024 (txt)
2006Grain orinted electrical steel sheets and strips
IS 3039 (pdf)
IS 3039 (txt)
1988Structural steel for construction of hulls of ships
IS 3195 (pdf)1992Steel for the manufacture of volute and helical springs (for railway rolling stock)
IS 3298 (pdf)
IS 3298 (txt)
1981Mild steel rivet bars for shipbuilding
IS 3431 (pdf)
IS 3431 (txt)
1982Steel for the manufacture of volute, helical and laminated springs for automotive suspension
IS 3502 (pdf)
IS 3502 (txt)
2009Steel Chequered Plates
IS 3885-1 (pdf)1992Steel for the manufacture of laminated springs (railway rolling stock) Part 1 Flat Sections
IS 3885-2 (pdf)
IS 3885-2 (txt)
1992Steel for the Manufacture of Laminated Springs (Railway Rolling Stock), Part 2: Rib and Groove Sections
IS 3975 (pdf)1999Mild steel wires, formed wires and tapes for armouring of cables
IS 4072 (pdf)
IS 4072 (txt)
1975Steel for Spring Washers
IS 4223 (pdf)
IS 4223 (txt)
1975Steel Wire for Umbrella Ribs
IS 4224 (pdf)1972Steel Wire for Staples, Pins and Clips
IS 4454-1 (pdf)
IS 4454-1 (txt)
2001Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs, Part I: Patented and Cold Drawn Steel Wires - Unalloyed
IS 4454-2 (pdf)
IS 4454-2 (txt)
2001Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs, Part II: Oil Hardened and Tempered Spring Steel Wire and Valve Spring Wire - Unalloyed
IS 4454-4 (pdf)2001Steel Wires for Mechanical Springs, Part 4: Stainless Steel Wire
IS 4824 (pdf)
IS 4824 (txt)
2006Bead wire for tyres
IS 5478 (pdf)
IS 5478 (txt)
1969Thermostat metal sheet and strip
IS 5872 (pdf)
IS 5872 (txt)
1990Cold Rolled Steel Strips (Box Strappings)
IS 5986 (pdf)
IS 5986 (txt)
2011Hot Rolled Steel Flat Products for Structural Forming and Flanging Purposes
IS 6226-1 (pdf)1994Recommendations for apparatus for chemicals analysis of metals,Part 1 Apparatus for determination of carbon by direct combustion
IS 6226-2 (pdf)1987Recommendations for apparatus for chemicals analysis of metals, Part 2: Determination on of sulphur by direct combustion
IS 6240 (pdf)2008Hot Rolled Steel Plate (up to 6 mm) Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Low Pressure Liquefiable Gas Cylinders
IS 6902 (pdf)1973Steel wire for spokes
IS 6967 (pdf)
IS 6967 (txt)
1973Steel for electrically welded round link chains
IS 7072 (pdf)
IS 7072 (txt)
1973Glossary of terms relating to emission spectroscopy
IS 7226 (pdf)
IS 7226 (txt)
1974Cold rolled medium, high carbon and low alloy steel strip for general engineering purposes
IS 7283 (pdf)
IS 7283 (txt)
1992Hot rolled bars for production of bright bars and machined parts for enginner ing applications
IS 7557 (pdf)
IS 7557 (txt)
1982Specification for Steel wire : uartto 20 mm for the manufacture of cold forged rivets
IS 7598 (pdf)
IS 7598 (txt)
1990Classification of steelsISO 4948(Pt 1, 2)
IS 7887 (pdf)
IS 7887 (txt)
1992Mild steel wire rods for general engineering purposes
IS 7904 (pdf)
IS 7904 (txt)
1995High carbon steel wire rods
IS 8052 (pdf)2006Steel ingots,billets and blooms for the production of springs, rivets and screws for general engineering applications
IS 8056 (pdf)
IS 8056 (txt)
1976Specification for Steel Ingots and Billets for the Production of Hard-Drawn Steel Wire for Upholstery Springs
IS 8510-1 to 3 (pdf)1977Tinned steel wire for banding of armatures and rotors
IS 8563 (pdf)
IS 8563 (txt)
1977Half round mild steel wire for the manufacture of split pins
IS 8564 (pdf)
IS 8564 (txt)
1977Steel wire for nipples for spokes
IS 8565 (pdf)
IS 8565 (txt)
1977Heald wire
IS 8566 (pdf)
IS 8566 (txt)
1977Steel wire for reeds
IS 8910 (pdf)
IS 8910 (txt)
2010General technical delivery requirements for steel and steel productsISO 404
IS 8917 (pdf)
IS 8917 (txt)
1978Steel plates for galvenizing pots
IS 8951 (pdf)
IS 8951 (txt)
2001Steel Cast Billet Ignots, Billets and Blooms for Production of High Carbon Steel Wire Rods
IS 8952 (pdf)
IS 8952 (txt)
1995Steel ingots,blooms and billets for production of mild steel wire rods for generl engineering purposes
IS 9442 (pdf)
IS 9442 (txt)
1980Hot rolled steel plates, sheets and strips for manufacture of agricultural tillage discs
IS 9476 (pdf)
IS 9476 (txt)
1980Cold rolled steel strips for carbon steel razor blades
IS 9485 (pdf)
IS 9485 (txt)
1980Cold-reduced and hot-rolled carbon steel sheet for porcelain enamelling
IS 9550 (pdf)
IS 9550 (txt)
2001Bright Steel Bars
IS 9962 (pdf)
IS 9962 (txt)
1981Steel Wire for Needles
IS 10340 (pdf)
IS 10340 (txt)
1982Glossary of terms for cold-reduced tinplate and cold-reduced blackplate
IS 10748 (pdf)
IS 10748 (txt)
2004Hot-rolled Steel Strip for Welded Tubes and Pipes
IS 10794 (pdf)
IS 10794 (txt)
1984Mild steel wire for cottor pins
IS 11513 (pdf)
IS 11513 (txt)
IS 11587 (pdf)
IS 11587 (txt)
1986Structural weather resistant steels
IS 11951 (pdf)
IS 11951 (txt)
2009Pumpset for Desert Coolers11951
IS 12262 (pdf)
IS 12262 (txt)
1988Trapezoidal steel wires for spring washers
IS 12313 (pdf)1988Hot-dip Terne Coated Carbon Steel Sheets
IS 12367 (pdf)
IS 12367 (txt)
1988Cold-rolled Carbon Steel Strips/Coils for Manufacture of Welded Tubes
IS 12457 (pdf)
IS 12457 (txt)
1988Code of practice for evaluation repairs and acceptance limits of surface defects in steel plates, and wide flats
IS 12591 (pdf)
IS 12591 (txt)
2006Cold Reduced Electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide - Coated steelISO 11950
IS 13566 (pdf)1992Recommended practice of pickling by H2SO4 levelling and oiling of LPG sheets
IS 13752 (pdf)1993Guidelines for Reporting Sequence of Elements in Steel and Pig Iron and Mechanical Properties in Steels
IS 14246 (pdf)
IS 14246 (txt)
1995Continuously pre-painted galvanised steel sheets and coils
IS 14491 (pdf)
IS 14491 (txt)
1997Low carbon high strength cold rolled steel sheets and coils for cold forming
IS 14650 (pdf)1999Carbon Steel Cast Billet Ingots, Billets, Blooms and Slabs for Re-Rolling Purposes
IS 15103 (pdf)
IS 15103 (txt)
2002Fire Resistant Steel
IS 15391 (pdf)2003Cold Rolled Non-Oriented Electrical Steel Sheet and Strip - Semi-Processed Type
IS 15647 (pdf)
IS 15647 (txt)
2006Hot rolled steel narrow width strip for selded tubes an pipes
IS 15911 (pdf)
IS 15911 (txt)
2010Structural Steel (Ordinary Quality)
IS 15914 (pdf)
IS 15914 (txt)
2011High Tensile Strength Flat Rolled Steel Plate (Up To 6 mm), Sheet and Strip for the Manufacture of Welded Gas Cylinder
IS 15961 (pdf)
IS 15961 (txt)
2012Hot Dip Aluminium-Zinc Alloy Metallic Coated Steel Strip and Sheet (Plain)
IS 15962 (pdf)
IS 15962 (txt)
2012Structural Steels for Building and Structures with Improved Seismic Resistance
IS 15965 (pdf)
IS 15965 (txt)
2012Pre-painted Aluminium Zinc Alloy Metallic Coated Steel Strip and Sheet (Plain)
IS/ISO 7452 (pdf)
IS/ISO 7452 (txt)
2002Hot-Rolled structural steel plates - tolerances on dimensions and shapeISO 7452:2002
IS/ISO 10474 (pdf)
IS/ISO 10474 (txt)
IS/ISO 11951 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11951 (txt)
1995Cold-reduced blackplate in coil form for the production of tinplate or electrolytic chromium/chromium oxide-coated steelISO 11951:1995
IS/ISO 14284 (pdf)
IS/ISO 14284 (txt)
1996Steel and Iron - Sampling and Preparation of Samples for the Determination of Chemical CompositionISO 14284:1996
IS/ISO 16124 (pdf)
IS/ISO 16124 (txt)
2004Steel Wire Rod - Dimensions and TolerancesISO 16124:2004
IS/ISO 16160 (pdf)
IS/ISO 16160 (txt)
2005Continuously Hot-Rolled Steel Sheet Products - Dimensional and Shape TolerancesISO 16160:2005
IS/ISO 16162 (pdf)
IS/ISO 16162 (txt)
2005Continuously cold-rolled steel sheet products - Dimensional and shape tolerancesISO 16162:2005
IS/ISO 16163 (pdf)
IS/ISO 16163 (txt)
2005Continuously Hot-Dipped Coated Steel Sheet Products - Dimensional and Shape TolerancesISO 16163:2005
SP 71 (pdf)
SP 71 (txt)
2012Compendium of Method of Chemical Analysis of Steels

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