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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Metallurgical Engineering
Section Name: Metal Containers (MTD 32)

IS 916 (pdf)
IS 916 (txt)
2000Square Tins for Solid Products
IS 1394 (pdf)
IS 1394 (txt)
1984Glossary of terms relating to metal containers
IS 1406 (pdf)
IS 1406 (txt)
1995Rectangular Tins for Liquids -
IS 1407 (pdf)
IS 1407 (txt)
1980Round paint tins
IS 1783-1 (pdf)1993Drums, Large, Fixed Ends, Part 1: Grade A Drums
IS 1783-2 (pdf)1988Drums, large, fixed ends, Part 2 Grade B drums
IS 1784 (pdf)
IS 1784 (txt)
1998Screwed closures for drums
IS 1994 (pdf)
IS 1994 (txt)
1987Crown Closures
IS 2034 (pdf)2012Round Open Top Sanitary Cans for Butter and Cheese - Specification
IS 2087 (pdf)1988Square tins for general purpose
IS 2123 (pdf)
IS 2123 (txt)
1977Vial (goldie) seals
IS 2134 (pdf)1981Round tins for general purposes
IS 2471 (pdf)
IS 2471 (txt)
1963Methods of test for metal containers
IS 2474 (pdf)
IS 2474 (txt)
1982Metal closures for drums
IS 2552 (pdf)1989Steel drums (galvanized and ungalvanized)
IS 3101 (pdf)
IS 3101 (txt)
1995Aluminium collapsible tubes
IS 3259 (pdf)
IS 3259 (txt)
1966Methods of sampling of metal containers
IS 3286 (pdf)
IS 3286 (txt)
1980Round grease tins
IS 3575 (pdf)1993Bitumen drums
IS 3603 (pdf)1988Seamless aluminium bottles
IS 3680 (pdf)
IS 3680 (txt)
1987Round printing ink containers
IS 4638 (pdf)
IS 4638 (txt)
1981Seamless rectangular fish tins
IS 5241 (pdf)
IS 5241 (txt)
1987Shoe Polish Containers
IS 5682 (pdf)
IS 5682 (txt)
1991Open top drums and kegs
IS 6941 (pdf)
IS 6941 (txt)
1973Method for sampling metal closures
IS 7182 (pdf)
IS 7182 (txt)
1973Methods of tests for aluminium collapsible tubes
IS 7852 (pdf)
IS 7852 (txt)
1975Eye ointment tubes, small
IS 8393 (pdf)
IS 8393 (txt)
1977Roll Seal Pilferproof Closures
IS 8449 (pdf)
IS 8449 (txt)
1999Non-returnable metal aerosol dispensers
IS 8469 (pdf)
IS 8469 (txt)
1977Methods of tests for flammability of aerosol products
IS 8932 (pdf)
IS 8932 (txt)
1978Preformed metal screw caps for glass containers
IS 8933 (pdf)1978Mess tins
IS 8996 (pdf)198820-litre Steel Jerricans
IS 9209 (pdf)1979Methods of test for the compatibility of aerosol products with the metal aeroso l dispensers
IS 9396-1 (pdf)
IS 9396-1 (txt)
1987Round Open Top Sanitary Cans for Foods and Drinks, Part 1: Tinplate
IS 9396-2 (pdf)
IS 9396-2 (txt)
2012Round open top sanitary cans for foods and drink- Specification, Part 2: Sizes and general requirements
IS 9445 (pdf)
IS 9445 (txt)
1980Aluminium containers for packing of liquid pesticides (capacity 5 litres and above)
IS 9503 (pdf)1988Aluminium bottles for packing of liquid pesticides
IS 9634 (pdf)
IS 9634 (txt)
1980Aerosol valves - 25.4 mm diameter
IS 9635 (pdf)1980Methods for sampling of aerosol valves
IS 9976 (pdf)1981Method of sampling of open top sanitary (OTS) cans
IS 9991 (pdf)
IS 9991 (txt)
1981Condensed milk cans
IS 9992 (pdf)1991Round and rectangular tinplate cans for liquid pesticides
IS 10325 (pdf)
IS 10325 (txt)
2000Square Tins - 15 kg/litre For Ghee, Vanaspati, Edible Oils and Bakery Shortenings
IS 10339 (pdf)
IS 10339 (txt)
2000Ghee, Vanaspati, Edible Oil Tins Up to 10 kg/litre Capacity
IS 11078 (pdf)
IS 11078 (txt)
2012Round Open Top Sanitary Cans for Milk Powder - Specification
IS 11079 (pdf)
IS 11079 (txt)
1984Metal cans for pan masala and zarda
IS 11104 (pdf)2012Glossary of terms relating to open top sanitary cans
IS 12219 (pdf)1987Methods of Determination of Gross - Lidded Capacity of Open Top Sanitary Cans
IS 12340 (pdf)1988Round top aluminium Containers for Liquid Pesticides
IS 13997 (pdf)1994Drums large open top
IS 14407 (pdf)
IS 14407 (txt)
1996Aluminium cans for bevereges

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