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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Metallurgical Engineering
Section Name: Sponge Iron and Smelting Reduction (MTD 30)

IS 10852 (pdf)
IS 10852 (txt)
2012Storage and Transportation of Sponge iron, Direct Reduced (DRI) and Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) - Guidelines
IS 11092 (pdf)
IS 11092 (txt)
2001Iron Ore Pellets for Direct Reduction Processes
IS 11093 (pdf)
IS 11093 (txt)
2001Iron Ore Lumps for Direct Reduction Processes
IS 11284 (pdf)1985Rotary tube test for iron bearing materials for the manufacture of sponge iron/direct reduced iron(DRI )
IS 11285 (pdf)
IS 11285 (txt)
2002Various Tests on Raw Materials to be Used for Coal Based Rotary Kiln Direct Reduction
IS 11795 (pdf)1996Guidelines for ash softening studies on solid reductants for direct reduction
IS 11860 (pdf)1998Guidelines for non -coking coals for solid reductant based direct reduction in rotary kilns(and other reactors
IS 12052 (pdf)
IS 12052 (txt)
2007Method for determination of re-oxidation rate of sponge iron/direct reduced iron(DRI) in contact with humid air and in direct contact with water
IS 12263 (pdf)1987Method for determination of regidity of sponge iron/DRI during transportation and handling
IS 12381 (pdf)
IS 12381 (txt)
1994Coal (Char) Reactivity for Direct Reduction Process - Method of Determination
IS 12668 (pdf)
IS 12668 (txt)
1989Melting characterstics of sponge iron/direct reduced iron (DRI)
IS 12929 (pdf)
IS 12929 (txt)
2007Feedstock (iron oxides and natural gas) for gas based direct reduction processes-guidelines
IS 13839 (pdf)
IS 13839 (txt)
1993Sponge Iron/DRI Fines/briquettes for Steel Making
IS 13885 (pdf)
IS 13885 (txt)
2001Non-Magnetics/Char in Sponge Iron (DRI) - Methods of Determination
IS 14719 (pdf)1999Density of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) - Method for Determination
IS 14795 (pdf)
IS 14795 (txt)
2000Method for Determination of Clustering of Iron Oxide Feedstock for Direct Reduction Processes
IS 14796 (pdf)2000Guidelines on Feedstock for Smelting Reduction Processes
IS 14797 (pdf)2000Classification of Smelting Reduction (Alternate Iron Making) Processes
IS 14991 (pdf)
IS 14991 (txt)
2001Method of Determination for Coal Char Strength
IS 15403 (pdf)
IS 15403 (txt)
2003Method for Determination of Sulphur Present in Sponge Iron After Separation of Non-Magnetic Materials
IS 15774 (pdf)
IS 15774 (txt)
2007Sponge Iron/Directed Reduced Iron (DRI) Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) and Cold Briquetted Iron (CBI) for Steel Making
IS 5416 (pdf)
IS 5416 (txt)
2006Direct Reduced Iron - Determination of Metallic Iron - Bromine-Methanol Titrimetric MethodISO 5416:2006
IS 10835 (pdf)
IS 10835 (txt)
2007Direct Reduced Iron and Hot Briquetted Iron - Sampling and Sample PreparationISO 10835:2007
IS 15968 (pdf)
IS 15968 (txt)
2000Direct Reduced Iron Determination of Apparent Density and Water Absorption of Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI)ISO 15968:2000

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