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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Metallurgical Engineering
Section Name: Industrical Fuel Fired Furnaces (MTD 26)

IS 8849 (pdf)
IS 8849 (txt)
1991Glossary of terms relating to fuel fired industrial furnaces
IS 9180 (pdf)
IS 9180 (txt)
1991Recommendations for Performance Rating of Fuel Fired Furnaces
IS 9444 (pdf)
IS 9444 (txt)
2007Code of practice for installation of oil supply units for fuel fired furnaces
IS 9977 (pdf)
IS 9977 (txt)
1998Design and construction of box type forging furnaces - Guidelines
IS 10298 (pdf)
IS 10298 (txt)
1982Guidelines for design and construction of mould and core drying ovens for foundries
IS 11462 (pdf)
IS 11462 (txt)
1985Mould and core sand dryers rotary type
IS 12368 (pdf)
IS 12368 (txt)
1988Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hot Air Generators
IS 12392 (pdf)
IS 12392 (txt)
1988Code of Practice for Design, Manufacture and Testing of Metallic Recuperators
IS 12553 (pdf)
IS 12553 (txt)
1988Code of practice for design,construction,installation and operation of industrial gas/oil burning equipment
IS 12826-1 (pdf)1989Code of practice for ordering, testing and acceptance of industrial furnaces, Part 1: purchaser's data sheet for ordering of industrial furnaces
IS 12826-2 (pdf)
IS 12826-2 (txt)
1990Ordering, Testing and Acceptance of Industrial Furnaces - Code of Practice, Part 2: Supplier's Data Sheet for the Supply of Industrial Furnaces
IS 12826-3 (pdf)
IS 12826-3 (txt)
1990Code of practice for ordering, testing and acceptance of industrial furnaces, Part 3: Testing and aceptancce of industrial furnaces
IS 14245 (pdf)
IS 14245 (txt)
1995Protective atmosphere for heat treatment furnaces - Recommendations
IS 14492 (pdf)
IS 14492 (txt)
1997Drying preheating and commissioning of furnace installations, steam boilers, industrial kilns and chimneys - Recommendations
IS 15562 (pdf)
IS 15562 (txt)
2005Design and construction of fuel fired bogie hearth type heat treatment furnaces - Guidelines

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