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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Metallurgical Engineering
Section Name: Non-Destructive Testing (MTD 21)

IS 1182 (pdf)
IS 1182 (txt)
1983Recommended practice for radiographic examination of fusion welded butt joints in steel plates
IS 2417 (pdf)
IS 2417 (txt)
2003Glossary of Terms Used in Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing
IS 2478 (pdf)
IS 2478 (txt)
1991Glossary of terms relating to industrial radiography
IS 2595 (pdf)
IS 2595 (txt)
2008Industrial radiographic testing - Code of practice
IS 2953 (pdf)
IS 2953 (txt)
1985Glossary of terms used for interpretation of welds and castings radiographs
IS 3415 (pdf)
IS 3415 (txt)
1998Glossary of terms used in magnetic particle flaw detection
IS 3657 (pdf)1978Radiographic image quality indicators
IS 3658 (pdf)
IS 3658 (txt)
1999Code of practice for liquid penetrant flaw detection
IS 3664 (pdf)
IS 3664 (txt)
1981Code of practice for ultrasonic pulse echo testings by contact and immersion methods
IS 3703 (pdf)
IS 3703 (txt)
2004Recommended practice for magnetic particle flaw detection
IS 4225 (pdf)
IS 4225 (txt)
2004Recommended Practice for Straight Beam Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Plates
IS 4260 (pdf)
IS 4260 (txt)
2004Recommended practice for ultrasonic testing of butt welds in ferritic steel
IS 4853 (pdf)
IS 4853 (txt)
1982Recommended practice for radiographic inspection of fusion welded butt joints in steel pipes
IS 4904 (pdf)
IS 4904 (txt)
2006Calibration blocks for use in ultrasonic non-destructive testing
IS 5334 (pdf)
IS 5334 (txt)
2003Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection of Welds - Code of Practice
IS 6394 (pdf)
IS 6394 (txt)
2006Ultrasonic Testing of Seamless Metallic Tubular Products by Contact and Immersion Methods - Code of Practice
IS 6398 (pdf)
IS 6398 (txt)
1983Code of practice for eddy current testing of ferrous seamless pipes and tubes
IS 6410 (pdf)
IS 6410 (txt)
1991magentic flaw detection inks and powders
IS 6752 (pdf)
IS 6752 (txt)
1991Code of practice for magnetic particle flaw detection of ferrous pipes and tubes
IS 7343 (pdf)
IS 7343 (txt)
1986Code of practice for ultrasonic testing of ferrous welded pipes and tubular products
IS 7666 (pdf)
IS 7666 (txt)
1988Ultrasonic Examination of Ferritic Castings of Carbon and Low Alloy Steel - Recommended Procedure
IS 7743 (pdf)
IS 7743 (txt)
2006Recommended practice for magnetic particle testing and inspection of steel forgings
IS 7810 (pdf)
IS 7810 (txt)
1999Code of practice for radiographic examination of resistance spot welds on aluminium and its alloys
IS 8780 (pdf)
IS 8780 (txt)
2004Non-Destructive Testing of Steel Castings - Code of Practice
IS 8791 (pdf)
IS 8791 (txt)
1978Code of practice for ultrasonic flaw detection of ferritic steel forgings
IS 8973 (pdf)
IS 8973 (txt)
1991Glossary of terms relating to leak detection techniques
IS 9902 (pdf)
IS 9902 (txt)
2004Recommended practice for leak testing
IS 10543 (pdf)
IS 10543 (txt)
1983Method for dry powder magnetic particle testing
IS 11612 (pdf)
IS 11612 (txt)
2004Code of practice for eddy current testing of non-ferrous seamless pipes and tubes
IS 11626 (pdf)
IS 11626 (txt)
2005Recommended practice for ultrasonic testing and acceptance for forging quality steel blooms
IS 11630 (pdf)
IS 11630 (txt)
2005Method for Ultrasonic Testing of Steel Plates for Pressure Vessels and Special Applications
IS 11655 (pdf)
IS 11655 (txt)
1986Procedure for stray flux testing of ferrous magnetic seamless steel tubular products
IS 12147 (pdf)
IS 12147 (txt)
1987Recommended practice for wet magnetic particle examination
IS 12148 (pdf)
IS 12148 (txt)
1987Guidelines for requirements for non-destructive testing agencies
IS 12666 (pdf)
IS 12666 (txt)
1988Methods for performance assessment of ultrasonic flaw detection equipment
IS 12710 (pdf)
IS 12710 (txt)
1989Glossary of terms used in accoustic emission testing
IS 12782 (pdf)1989Guidelines for Using Thermography for Monitoring of Industrial Components
IS 12860 (pdf)
IS 12860 (txt)
1989Metallic Coating Thickness By X-ray Fluorescence Technique Method - Determination
IS 12889 (pdf)
IS 12889 (txt)
1989Non-destructive Testing - Performance Evaluation of Liquid Penetrants
IS 12965 (pdf)
IS 12965 (txt)
1990Glossary of Terms Used in Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Testing
IS 13190 (pdf)
IS 13190 (txt)
1991Recommended practice for eddy current examinationn by rotating probe method of round steel bars
IS 13805 (pdf)
IS 13805 (txt)
2004General Standard for Qualification and Certification of Non-Destructive Testing Personnel
IS 14669 (pdf)
IS 14669 (txt)
1999Thermal Neutron Radiography - Recommended Practices
IS 14670 (pdf)
IS 14670 (txt)
1999Recommended Practice for Acoustic Emission Inspection During Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of System
IS 14800 (pdf)
IS 14800 (txt)
2000Recommended Practice for Sorting of Ferrous/Non-ferrous Materials Using Electromagnetic (Eddy Current) Technique
IS 15404 (pdf)
IS 15404 (txt)
2003Recommended Practice for Measuring Ultrasonic Velocity in Materials
IS 15435 (pdf)
IS 15435 (txt)
2003Recommended Practice for Measuring Thickness Using Ultrasonic Method
IS 15452 (pdf)
IS 15452 (txt)
2004Recommended Practice for Flaw Sizing by Ultrasonic DGS Method
IS 15468 (pdf)
IS 15468 (txt)
2004Performance Evaluation of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges
IS 15531 (pdf)
IS 15531 (txt)
2004Recommended Practice for Ultrasonic Testing of Weld Fillets of Non-Linear Joints
IS 15539 (pdf)
IS 15539 (txt)
2004Recommended practice for magnetic particle examination of steam turbine rotor blades
IS 15540 (pdf)
IS 15540 (txt)
2004Recommendaed practice for eddy current testing of installed non-ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing using dual frequency method
IS 15643 (pdf)
IS 15643 (txt)
2006Non-destructive examination of polymer based composite materials - Code of practice
IS 15775 (pdf)
IS 15775 (txt)
2008Glossary of terms for signal analysis related to non-destructive testing
IS/ISO 3057 (pdf)
IS/ISO 3057 (txt)
1998Non-destructive Testing - Metallographic Replica Techniques of Surface ExaminationISO 3057:1998
IS/ISO 5580 (pdf)
IS/ISO 5580 (txt)
1985Non-Destructive Testing - Industrial Radiographic Illuminators - Minimum RequirementsISO 5580:1985

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