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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Food and Agriculture
Section Name: Farm Implements and Machinery (FAD 21)

IS 619 (pdf)
IS 619 (txt)
1979Pruning and Slashing Knives, Hooked and Curved
IS 1970 (pdf)
IS 1970 (txt)
1995Crop Protection Equipment - Hand- Operated Compression Knapsack Sprayer
IS 1971 (pdf)
IS 1971 (txt)
1996Crop protection equipment - Hand-operated stirrup-type sprayer
IS 1976 (pdf)
IS 1976 (txt)
1976Rotary Paddy Weeder, Manually-Operated
IS 2192 (pdf)
IS 2192 (txt)
1998Soil Working Equipment - Animal Drawn Mouldboard Plough, Fixed Type
IS 2559 (pdf)
IS 2559 (txt)
1978Garden Rake
IS 2563 (pdf)
IS 2563 (txt)
1978Hedge Shears, Straight-edge Type
IS 2565 (pdf)
IS 2565 (txt)
1979Ridger, Animal-drawn
IS 3062 (pdf)
IS 3062 (txt)
1995Crop Protection Equipment - Rocker Sprayer
IS 3092 (pdf)1982Rubber Draining and Tapping Knife
IS 3093 (pdf)1981Dah, Jungle Cutting
IS 3094 (pdf)
IS 3094 (txt)
IS 3108 (pdf)
IS 3108 (txt)
1991Forestry Tools - Pruning Saw
IS 3122 (pdf)
IS 3122 (txt)
1982Budding and Grafting Knife Combined
IS 3327 (pdf)
IS 3327 (txt)
1982Pedal-operated Paddy Threshers
IS 3342 (pdf)
IS 3342 (txt)
1998Soil working equipment - cultivators, Animal drawn
IS 3369 (pdf)
IS 3369 (txt)
1965Puddler, Animal Drawn
IS 3372 (pdf)
IS 3372 (txt)
1965Bund Former
IS 3494 (pdf)
IS 3494 (txt)
1978Pruning Secateur
IS 3606 (pdf)
IS 3606 (txt)
1998Soil working equipment, Dischauow, Animal drawn - Specificaton
IS 3652 (pdf)
IS 3652 (txt)
1995Crop Protection Equipment - Foot Sprayer
IS 3906 (pdf)
IS 3906 (txt)
1995Crop Protection Equipment - Hand-operated Knapsack Sprayer, Piston Type
IS 4358 (pdf)
IS 4358 (txt)
IS 4366-1 (pdf)
IS 4366-1 (txt)
1985Agricultural Tillage Discs, Part 1: Concave TypeISO 5679
IS 4366-2 (pdf)
IS 4366-2 (txt)
1985Agricultural Tillage Discs, Part 2: Flat TypeISO/TR 4122
IS 4930 (pdf)
IS 4930 (txt)
1985Axle Assembly for Pneumatic-wheeled Animal-drawn Vehicles
IS 5135-1 (pdf)
IS 5135-1 (txt)
1994Hand-Rotary Duster, Part 1: Belly-Mounted Type
IS 5135-2 (pdf)
IS 5135-2 (txt)
1994Hand Rotary Duster, Part 2: Shoulder Mounted Type
IS 6024 (pdf)1983Guards for Harvesting Machines
IS 6025 (pdf)1982Knife Sections for Harvesting Machines
IS 6284 (pdf)
IS 6284 (txt)
1985Test Code for Power Thresher for Cereals
IS 6288 (pdf)
IS 6288 (txt)
1971Test Code for Mouldboard Ploughs
IS 6316 (pdf)
IS 6316 (txt)
1993Sowing Equipment - Seed-cum-fertilizer Drill - Test Code
IS 6320 (pdf)
IS 6320 (txt)
1985Power Thresher, Hammer-mill Type
IS 6635 (pdf)
IS 6635 (txt)
1972Tractor Operated Disc Harrows
IS 6638 (pdf)
IS 6638 (txt)
1972Tractor-Mounted Spring-Loaded Cultivators
IS 6690 (pdf)
IS 6690 (txt)
1981Blades for Rotavator for Power Tillers
IS 6813 (pdf)
IS 6813 (txt)
2000Sowing Equipment - Seed-cum-fertilizer Drill
IS 7201-1 (pdf)
IS 7201-1 (txt)
1987Methods of Sampling for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Part 1: Hand-tools and Hand-operated/Animal-drawn Equipment
IS 7230 (pdf)1974Plain Spool For Tractor Operated Disc Harrows
IS 7565-1 (pdf)1975Tines for Tractor-operated Cultivators, Part I: Rigid Tines
IS 7565-2 (pdf)1988Tines for Tractor Operated Cultivators, Part 2: S-type TinesISO 5678
IS 7593-1 (pdf)
IS 7593-1 (txt)
1986Power-Operated Pneumatic Sprayer-Cum-Duster, Part 1: Knapsack Type
IS 7640 (pdf)
IS 7640 (txt)
1975Test code for disc harrows
IS 7825 (pdf)
IS 7825 (txt)
2004Cylinder Type Hand Lawn Mower
IS 7927 (pdf)
IS 7927 (txt)
1975Method of field testing for manually operated paddy weeder
IS 8122-1 (pdf)
IS 8122-1 (txt)
1994Test Code for Combine Harvester-thresher, Part 1: Terminology
IS 8122-2 (pdf)
IS 8122-2 (txt)
2000Combine-Harvester-Thresher - Test Code, Part 2: Performance Test
IS 8480 (pdf)
IS 8480 (txt)
1996Crop Protection Equipment - Glossary of Terms
IS 9019 (pdf)
IS 9019 (txt)
1979Code of practice for installation, operation and preventive maintenance of power threshers
IS 9020 (B) (pdf)
IS 9020 (B) (txt)
2002Power Threshers - Safety Requirements(BI-LINGUAL)
IS 9164 (pdf)
IS 9164 (txt)
1979Guide for estimating cost of farm machinery operation
IS 9217 (pdf)
IS 9217 (txt)
1979Test code for agricultural discs
IS 9575 (pdf)
IS 9575 (txt)
1980Power lawn mower, pedestrian-controlled cylinder (reel) type
IS 9581 (pdf)
IS 9581 (txt)
1980Safety and operational requirements for pedestrian-controlled cylinder (reel) power lawn mowers
IS 9632 (pdf)
IS 9632 (txt)
1980Code of practice for operation and preventive maintenance of crop protection equipment
IS 9632 (pdf)1980Code of practice for operation and preventive maintenance of crop protection equipment (Hindi)
IS 9813 (B) (pdf)
IS 9813 (B) (txt)
2002Tractor-Operated Blade Terracers (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 9818-1 (pdf)
IS 9818-1 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to tillage and intercultivation equipment, Part 1: General terms
IS 9818-2 (pdf)
IS 9818-2 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to tillage and intercultivation equipment, Part 2: Terms relating to equipment
IS 9821 (pdf)1981Glossary of terms relating to farm transport equipment
IS 9826 (pdf)
IS 9826 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to harvesting and threshing equipment
IS 9855 (pdf)
IS 9855 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to sowing, planting, fertilizers and manure application equipment
IS 9856 (pdf)
IS 9856 (txt)
1981Test code for potato planters
IS 9877 (pdf)
IS 9877 (txt)
1981Code of practice for installation, operation and preventive maintenance of grain combine
IS 9877 (pdf)
IS 9877 (txt)
1981Code of practice for installation, operation and preventive maintenance of grain combine (Hindi)
IS 9939 (pdf)
IS 9939 (txt)
1981Glossary of terms relating to agricultural tractors and power tillers
IS 10134 (pdf)
IS 10134 (txt)
1994Methods of tests for manually operated sprayers
IS 10225 (pdf)1982Bearing Spools for Tractor-operated Disc Harrows
IS 10233 (pdf)
IS 10233 (txt)
1982Tractor-operated Disc Ploughs
IS 10239 (pdf)1982Blade for Tractor-operated Scraper
IS 10254 (pdf)1982Share for Animal-drawn Ridger
IS 10273 (pdf)1987Guidelines for declaration of power and specific fuel consumption and labelling of agricultural tractors
IS 10378 (pdf)1982Knife Back for Harvesting Machines
IS 10683 (pdf)
IS 10683 (txt)
IS 10684 (pdf)1983Tree Pruner
IS 10691 (pdf)
IS 10691 (txt)
1983Share for Tractor-operated Mouldboard Ploughs
IS 10806 (pdf)
IS 10806 (txt)
2003Trailers for Power Tillers
IS 10807 (pdf)
IS 10807 (txt)
1984Specification for Axles With Brakes of Trailer for Power Tillers
IS 11033 (pdf)
IS 11033 (txt)
1984Animal Drawn Potato Digger, Ridger Type
IS 11204 (pdf)
IS 11204 (txt)
1985Sugarcane Harvesting
IS 11234 (pdf)
IS 11234 (txt)
1985Test code for power thresher for groundnut
IS 11235 (pdf)
IS 11235 (txt)
1985Test code for groundnut digger, animal drawn
IS 11269 (pdf)
IS 11269 (txt)
1985Axle Assembly for Conventional Animal-drawn Vehicles
IS 11270 (pdf)1985Technical requirements for ring-type hitches for agricultural trailers
IS 11271 (pdf)
IS 11271 (txt)
1985Groundnut Planter
IS 11272 (pdf)
IS 11272 (txt)
1985Glossary of terms relating to horticultural equipment
IS 11313 (pdf)
IS 11313 (txt)
2007Hydraulic Power Sprayers
IS 11429 (pdf)
IS 11429 (txt)
1985Methods for calibration of sprayers
IS 11467 (pdf)
IS 11467 (txt)
1985Test code for cereal harvesting machines
IS 11531 (pdf)
IS 11531 (txt)
1985Test code for puddler
IS 11580 (pdf)
IS 11580 (txt)
1986Glossary of terms relating to forestry equipment
IS 11691 (pdf)
IS 11691 (txt)
1986Power Thresher, Spike Tooth Type
IS 11893 (pdf)
IS 11893 (txt)
1986Potato Planter, Semi-automatic
IS 11905 (pdf)
IS 11905 (txt)
1986Shaft Assembly for Rotavator for Power Tiller
IS 11976 (pdf)
IS 11976 (txt)
1986Sugarcane Planter, Semi-automatic
IS 12061 (pdf)
IS 12061 (txt)
1994Agricultural tractors - Braking performance - Method of test
IS 12062 (pdf)
IS 12062 (txt)
1987Method for measurement of exhaust smoke emitted by agricultural tractors
IS 12161 (pdf)
IS 12161 (txt)
1987Test code for animal carts
IS 12162 (pdf)1987Lifting Hook
IS 12163 (pdf)1987Cant Hook
IS 12164 (pdf)1987Log Tongs
IS 12191 (pdf)1987Felling Wedges
IS 12199 (pdf)1987Pneumatic-wheeled Animal Drawn Vehicle
IS 12199 (pdf)
IS 12199 (txt)
1987Pneumatic-wheeled Animal Drawn Vehicle(BI-LINGUAL)
IS 12226 (pdf)
IS 12226 (txt)
1995Agricultural tractors - Power tests for drawbar - Test procedure
IS 12334 (pdf)1988Tractor Mounted Bund Former
IS 12337 (pdf)
IS 12337 (txt)
1988Manually Operated Fertilizer Broadcaster
IS 12371 (pdf)
IS 12371 (txt)
1988Technical requirements for single acting telescopic tipping cylinders for agricultural trailersISO 5670
IS 12409 (pdf)1988Garden Sword
IS 12482 (pdf)1988Methods of test for manually operated dusters
IS 12627 (pdf)1989Forestry tools - Loop handles, two-men cross cut saws
IS 12651 (pdf)1989Forestry tools - Setting anvil for raker toothed two-men cross cut saws
IS 12652 (pdf)1989Forestry tools - Raker adjuster-cum-setting iron for two-men cross cut saws
IS 12653 (pdf)1989Rubber Tapping Tools - Coagulation Tray
IS 12696 (pdf)1989Forestry tools - Setting pliers, bow saw blade
IS 12697 (pdf)1989Forestry Tools - Setting Hammer, Raker Toothed Two-Men Cross Cut Saws
IS 12698 (pdf)1989Forestry Tools - Tree Marking Digit Set
IS 12703 (pdf)1989Forestry Tools - Tree Marking Hammers
IS 12704 (pdf)1989Wooden jointer for bow-saw blades
IS 12917-1 (pdf)
IS 12917-1 (txt)
1990Farm Transport Equipment-conventional Animal Drawn Vehicle, Part 1: Cattle, Donkey and Mule
IS 12917-2 (pdf)
IS 12917-2 (txt)
1991Farm Transport Equipment - Conventional Animal Drawn Vehicle, Part 2: Camel
IS 13151 (pdf)1991Forestry Tools - Two Men Log Tongs
IS 13373 (pdf)1992Horticultural Equipment - Grass Shear
IS 13374 (pdf)1992Forestry Tools - Hand Sappie, Nursery (Kutla)
IS 13376 (pdf)1992Forestry Tools - Debarking Spud
IS 13377 (pdf)1992Forestry Tools - Shrub Cutting Knife
IS 13378 (pdf)1992Forestry Tools - Felling Lever
IS 13485-1 (pdf)1992Forestry Tools - Stalk Puller, Part 1: Light duty
IS 13485-2 (pdf)1998Forestry tools - stalk puller, Part 2: Heavy duty
IS 13733 (pdf)1993Agricultural Trailers and Trailed Equipment - Braking Cylinders sISO 5669
IS 13818 (pdf)
IS 13818 (txt)
1993Harvesting equipment - Tractor operated potato digger shakers - Test code
IS 13821 (pdf)1993Forestry Tools - Wooden Filing Vice
IS 14459 (pdf)
IS 14459 (txt)
1997Crop Protection Equipment - Battery Operated Rotary Atomiser Disc Type ULV Sprayer
IS 14523 (pdf)1998Forestry Tools - Dibbling Board
IS 14524 (pdf)1998Forestry Tools - Dibble Iron
IS 14525 (pdf)1998Forestry Tools - Seed Plucker
IS 14526 (pdf)1998Forestry Tools - Plant Carrier
IS 14540 (pdf)
IS 14540 (txt)
1998Intercultivation Equipment - Hand hoes
IS 14541 (pdf)
IS 14541 (txt)
1998Forestry and Plantation Tools - Hoes and Forks
IS 14855-1 (pdf)
IS 14855-1 (txt)
2000Plant Protection and Vector Control Equipment - Fogging Machines, Part 1: Pulse-Jet-Type Thermal Fogger
IS 14855-2 (pdf)
IS 14855-2 (txt)
2001Plant Protection and Vector Control Equipment - Fogging Machines, Part 2: Air-Blower Type Thermal Fogger
IS 15805-1 (pdf)
IS 15805-1 (txt)
2008Straw reaper-combine - Test Code, Part 1: Terminology
IS 15805-2 (pdf)
IS 15805-2 (txt)
2008Straw reaper-combine - Test Code, Part 2: Performance tests
IS 15806 (pdf)
IS 15806 (txt)
2008Combine-harvester-thresher - Selected performance and other characteristics - Recommendations
IS 15918 (pdf)2011Equipment for Crop Protection -- Sprayers -- Connection ThreadingISO 4102:1984
IS 15919 (pdf)
IS 15919 (txt)
2012Equipment for Crop Protection - Test Methods for air-assisted Sprayers for Bush and Tree CropsISO 9898:2000
IS 15921 (pdf)2011Equipment for Crop Protection -- Air-Assisted Sprayers -- Dimensions of Nozzle Swivel NutsISO 14710:1996
IS 15923-1 (pdf)2011Equipment for Crop Protection -- Drift Classification of Spraying Equipment, Part 1: ClassesISO 22369-1:2006
IS 15924 (pdf)
IS 15924 (txt)
2011Equipment for crop- protection - Methods for field measurement of spray driftISO 22866:2005
SP 44 (pdf)
SP 44 (txt)
1989Handbook of Agricultural Machinery Terminology

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