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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Food and Agriculture
Section Name: Agriculture and Food Processing Equipments (FAD 20)

IS 1511 (pdf)
IS 1511 (txt)
1979Blades for Manually-operated Chaff Cutter
IS 1973 (pdf)
IS 1973 (txt)
1999Sugarcane Crushers
IS 4596 (pdf)
IS 4596 (txt)
1968Glossary of terms relating to oil expellers
IS 5223 (pdf)
IS 5223 (txt)
1993Oilseeds milling machinery - Oil expellers - Test code
IS 5224 (pdf)
IS 5224 (txt)
1993Oilseeds Milling Machinery - Oil Expellers Single Barrel
IS 5718 (pdf)
IS 5718 (txt)
2000Agricultural Produce Processing Equipment - Seed Cleaners - Test Code
IS 6997 (pdf)
IS 6997 (txt)
1973Test code for sugarcane crushers
IS 7051 (pdf)
IS 7051 (txt)
1973Power Maize Shellers
IS 7052 (pdf)
IS 7052 (txt)
1973Test code for power maize shellers
IS 7897 (pdf)
IS 7897 (txt)
1975Test code for chaff cutter
IS 7898 (pdf)
IS 7898 (txt)
2001Manually-Operated Chaff Cutter
IS 8108-1 (pdf)
IS 8108-1 (txt)
1984Test code for grain dryers, Part 1: Selection and preparation for test
IS 8108-2 (pdf)
IS 8108-2 (txt)
1984Test code for grain dryers, Part 2: Method of tests for continuous dryers
IS 8108-3 (pdf)
IS 8108-3 (txt)
1985Test code for grain dryers, Part 3: Methods of tests for in-silo dryers
IS 8420 (pdf)
IS 8420 (txt)
2000Grain Dryers - Glossary of Terms
IS 8427 (pdf)
IS 8427 (txt)
1989Agricultural Produce Milling Machinery - Rubber Roll for Paddy Dehusker
IS 8440 (pdf)
IS 8440 (txt)
1977Test code for paddy cleaners
IS 9049 (pdf)
IS 9049 (txt)
1989Agricultural Produce Milling Machinery - Paddy Dehusker, Rubber Roll Type - Test Code
IS 9555 (pdf)
IS 9555 (txt)
1999Rice Polisher
IS 9981 (pdf)
IS 9981 (txt)
2000Agricultural Produce Processing Equipment - Glossary of Terms
IS 10048 (pdf)
IS 10048 (txt)
1999Rice grader
IS 10507 (pdf)
IS 10507 (txt)
1998Paddy Separator
IS 10520 (pdf)
IS 10520 (txt)
1989Agricultural Produce Milling Machinery - Emery Stones for Burr Flour Mills
IS 10892 (pdf)
IS 10892 (txt)
1984Recommendations for aperture size of sieves for seed cleaners
IS 11032 (pdf)
IS 11032 (txt)
1984Rotary Screen-type Precleaner
IS 11041 (pdf)
IS 11041 (txt)
1984Air-Screen Seed Cleaner
IS 11459 (pdf)
IS 11459 (txt)
1985Power-operated Chaff Cutter
IS 11473 (pdf)
IS 11473 (txt)
2002Groundnut Decorticator - Test Code
IS 11787 (pdf)
IS 11787 (txt)
1986Paddy Dehusker, Rubber Roll Type
IS 11834 (pdf)
IS 11834 (txt)
1986Symbols and flow diagram for rice millingISO 3971
IS 12047 (pdf)1987Oil Seed Cookers/Kettles, Horizontal Type
IS 12064 (pdf)
IS 12064 (txt)
1987Code of practice for paddy parboiling
IS 12396 (pdf)1988Paddy Cleaner
IS 12411 (pdf)
IS 12411 (txt)
1988Paddy Dehusker, Centrifugal Type
IS 12576 (pdf)
IS 12576 (txt)
1989Seed Processing Machinery - Indented cylinder grader - Test code
IS 12792 (pdf)
IS 12792 (txt)
1989Agricultural Produce Milling Machinery - Mini Rice Mill
IS 12833 (pdf)
IS 12833 (txt)
1989Agricultural produce milling machinery - Roller flour mills - Flow diagram
IS 13793 (pdf)
IS 13793 (txt)
1993Agricultural produce milling machinery - Milling of pulses - Flow Diagram
IS 13794 (pdf)
IS 13794 (txt)
1993Oilseeds Milling Machinery - Power Ghanies Portable
IS 14442 (pdf)
IS 14442 (txt)
1997Agricultural Produce MILLING Machinery - Burr Mill -Test Code
IS 14460 (pdf)
IS 14460 (txt)
1997Seed Processing Equipment - Gravity Separator
IS 14603 (pdf)
IS 14603 (txt)
1998Potato grader - Test code
IS 15542 (pdf)
IS 15542 (txt)
2005Power-operated chaff cutter - Safety requirements
IS 15561 (pdf)
IS 15561 (txt)
2005Sugarcane crushers - Safety requirements
IS 15827 (pdf)
IS 15827 (txt)
2009Plastic film for greenhouses
IS 15828 (pdf)
IS 15828 (txt)
2009Design and construction of plastic lined farm ponds - Code of practice
IS 15829 (pdf)
IS 15829 (txt)
2009Cassava chipping machine - hand-operated
IS 15830 (pdf)
IS 15830 (txt)
2009Plastic mubs laying machine - Functional requirement
IS 15831 (pdf)
IS 15831 (txt)
2009Grader - Citrus - Size based
IS 15855 (pdf)
IS 15855 (txt)
2010Cotton Seed Delinting Machinery - Surge Bin Machine
IS 15856 (pdf)
IS 15856 (txt)
2010Cotton Seed Delinnting Machinery-Pre-Heating Machine-Specification
IS 15857 (pdf)
IS 15857 (txt)
2009Cotton seed delinting machinery - Mobile-charging machine
IS 15858 (pdf)
IS 15858 (txt)
2013Cotton seed delinting machinery - Delinting Machine with Electrical Heating and Hydraulic System
IS 15859 (pdf)
IS 15859 (txt)
2013Cotton seed delinting machinery - Buffing Machine with Air Jet and Nylon Brush
IS 15860 (pdf)
IS 15860 (txt)
2013Cotton seed delinting machinery - Amonia Cotton Seed Neutralizer Machine with Ammonia Vaporizer
IS 15861 (pdf)
IS 15861 (txt)
2013Cotton seed delinting machinery - Polution Control System with Scrubber, Cyclone, Chimney, Hoods and Ducting
IS 15862 (pdf)
IS 15862 (txt)
2013Cotton seed delinting machinery - HCI Gas Generation Unit
IS 15863 (pdf)
IS 15863 (txt)
2009Cotton seed delinting machinery - Inclined flight belt conveyor

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