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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Food and Agriculture
Section Name: Foodgrains, Starches and Ready to Eat Foods (FAD 16)

IS 609 (pdf)
IS 609 (txt)
1955Code of Practice for Improvement of Existing Structures Used or Intended to be Used for Food Grain Storage
IS 631 (pdf)
IS 631 (txt)
1979Outdoor Aluminium Foodgrain Storage Bins
IS 899 (pdf)
IS 899 (txt)
1971Tapioca Sago (Saboodana)
IS 966 (pdf)
IS 966 (txt)
1999Desiccated Coconut
IS 1005 (pdf)
IS 1005 (txt)
1992Edible Maize Starch (Corn Flour)
IS 1006 (pdf)
IS 1006 (txt)
1984Arrowroot Starch
IS 1007 (pdf)
IS 1007 (txt)
1984Custard Powder
IS 1008 (pdf)
IS 1008 (txt)
2004Sugar Boiled Confectionery
IS 1009 (pdf)
IS 1009 (txt)
1979(wheat flour) Maida for General Purposes
IS 1010 (pdf)
IS 1010 (txt)
1968Suji or Rava (Semolina)
IS 1011 (pdf)
IS 1011 (txt)
IS 1011 (pdf)
IS 1011 (txt)
2002Biscuits (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 1155 (pdf)
IS 1155 (txt)
1968Wheat Atta
IS 1156 (pdf)
IS 1156 (txt)
1957Pearl Barley
IS 1157 (pdf)
IS 1157 (txt)
1957Barley Powder
IS 1158 (pdf)
IS 1158 (txt)
1973Corn Flakes
IS 1159 (pdf)
IS 1159 (txt)
1981Baking Powder
IS 1317 (pdf)
IS 1317 (txt)
1969Edible Tapioca Chips
IS 1318 (pdf)
IS 1318 (txt)
1969Edible Tapioca Flour
IS 1319 (pdf)
IS 1319 (txt)
1983Edible Tapioca Starch
IS 1320 (pdf)
IS 1320 (txt)
1988Baker's Yeast
IS 1483 (pdf)
IS 1483 (txt)
1988White Bread
IS 1484 (pdf)
IS 1484 (txt)
1974Rolled Oats (Quick-Cooking Type)
IS 1485 (pdf)
IS 1485 (txt)
1993Macaroni, Spaghetti, Vermicelli and Egg Noodles
IS 1668 (pdf)
IS 1668 (txt)
IS 1960 (pdf)
IS 1960 (txt)
1979Wheatmeal Bread
IS 2234 (pdf)
IS 2234 (txt)
1989Ready Idli Mix
IS 2397 (pdf)
IS 2397 (txt)
IS 2400 (pdf)
IS 2400 (txt)
IS 2404 (pdf)
IS 2404 (txt)
1993Malt Extract
IS 2639 (pdf)
IS 2639 (txt)
IS 2650 (pdf)
IS 2650 (txt)
1975Bombay Halwa
IS 2813 (pdf)
IS 2813 (txt)
1995Terminology for foodgrains
IS 3137 (pdf)
IS 3137 (txt)
1974High-protein Mixes for Use as Food Supplements
IS 3155 (pdf)
IS 3155 (txt)
1965Specification for MAKHANNA Products
IS 3838 (pdf)
IS 3838 (txt)
1966Self-raising Flour
IS 3839 (pdf)
IS 3839 (txt)
1989Food Yeast
IS 4287 (pdf)
IS 4287 (txt)
1992Starch - GlossaryISO 1227
IS 4333-1 (pdf)
IS 4333-1 (txt)
1996Methods of analysis for foodgrains, Part 1: Refractions
IS 4333-2 (pdf)
IS 4333-2 (txt)
2002Method of Analysis for Foodgrains, Part 2: Determination of Moisture ContentISO 712
IS 4333-3 (pdf)
IS 4333-3 (txt)
2002Method of Analysis for Foodgrains, Part 3: Determination of Hectolitre WeightISO 7971-2
IS 4333-4 (pdf)2002Method of Analysis for Foodgrains, Part 4: Determination of the Mass of 1000 GrainsISO 520
IS 4333-5 (pdf)
IS 4333-5 (txt)
1970Methods of analysis for foodgrains, Part 5: Determination of uric acid
IS 4662 (pdf)
IS 4662 (txt)
1977Methods for sampling of starches and starch products
IS 4684 (pdf)
IS 4684 (txt)
1975Edible Groundnut Flour (Expeller Pressed)
IS 4706-1 (pdf)
IS 4706-1 (txt)
1978Methods of tests for edible starches and starch products, Part 1: Physical methods
IS 4706-2 (pdf)
IS 4706-2 (txt)
1978Methods of tests for edible starches and starch products, Part 2: Chemical methods
IS 4875 (pdf)
IS 4875 (txt)
1975Edible Groundnut Flour (Solvent Extracted)
IS 4876 (pdf)
IS 4876 (txt)
1986Edible Cottonseed Flour (Solvent Extracted)
IS 5126 (pdf)
IS 5126 (txt)
1996Sensory Analysis - VocabularyISO 5492
IS 5398 (pdf)
IS 5398 (txt)
1969Methods for estimation of thiamine (vitamin B-1) in foodstuffs
IS 5399 (pdf)
IS 5399 (txt)
1969Methods for estimation of riboflavin (vitamin B-2) in foodstuffs
IS 5400 (pdf)
IS 5400 (txt)
1969Methods for estimation of nicotinic acid (Niacin) in foodstuffs
IS 5503-1 (pdf)
IS 5503-1 (txt)
1969General requirements for silos for grain storage, Part 1: Constructional requirements
IS 5503-2 (pdf)
IS 5503-2 (txt)
1969General Requirements for Silos for Grain Storage, Part II: Grain Handling Equipment and Accessories
IS 5606 (pdf)
IS 5606 (txt)
1970Steel Bins for Grain Storage
IS 5835 (pdf)
IS 5835 (txt)
1970Method for estimation of Vitamin D in foodstuffs
IS 5838 (pdf)
IS 5838 (txt)
1970Methods for estimation of Vitamin C in foodstuffs
IS 5886 (pdf)
IS 5886 (txt)
1970Methods for estimation of carotenes and Vitamin A (Retinol) in foodstuffs
IS 6108 (pdf)
IS 6108 (txt)
1971Edible Sesame Flour (Solvent Extracted)
IS 6109 (pdf)
IS 6109 (txt)
1971Edible Sesame Flour (Expeller Pressed)
IS 6151-1 (pdf)
IS 6151-1 (txt)
1971Storage management code, Part 1: Terminology
IS 6151-2 (pdf)
IS 6151-2 (txt)
1971Storage Management Code, Part II: General Care in Handling and Storage of Agricultural Produce and Inputs
IS 6151-3 (pdf)
IS 6151-3 (txt)
1976Storage Management Code, Part III: Specific Care in Handling and Storage of Agricultural Produce and Inputs
IS 6261 (pdf)
IS 6261 (txt)
1971Methods of analysis for detection of insect and rodent contamination in grains and milled products
IS 6273-1 (pdf)
IS 6273-1 (txt)
1971Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Foods, Part 1: Optimum Requirements
IS 6273-2 (pdf)
IS 6273-2 (txt)
1971Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Foods, Part II: Methods and Evaluation Cards
IS 6273-3-1 (pdf)
IS 6273-3-1 (txt)
1983Guide for sensory evaluation of foods, Part 3: Statistical analysis of data: Section 1 Difference/preference tests
IS 6273-3-2 (pdf)
IS 6273-3-2 (txt)
1983Guide for Sensory Evaluation of Foods, Part 3: Statistical Analysis of Data, Section 2: Ranking and Scoring Tests
IS 6287 (pdf)
IS 6287 (txt)
1985Methods of Sampling and Analysis for Sugar Confectionery
IS 6360 (pdf)1971Lacto Bonbon
IS 6663 (pdf)
IS 6663 (txt)
1972Method for Determination of Angle of Repose of Grains
IS 6747 (pdf)
IS 6747 (txt)
1981Chewing Gum and Bubble Gum
IS 6894 (pdf)
IS 6894 (txt)
1993Malting Barley
IS 6895 (pdf)
IS 6895 (txt)
1973Barely Malt
IS 7021 (pdf)
IS 7021 (txt)
1973Protein-Rich Food Supplements for Infants and Preschool Children
IS 7147-1 (pdf)
IS 7147-1 (txt)
1973Steel Bins for Domestic Storage, Part I: Gharelu Kothi
IS 7187 (pdf)
IS 7187 (txt)
1989Ice Cream Cones
IS 7219 (pdf)
IS 7219 (txt)
1973Method for determination of protein in foods and feeds
IS 7234 (pdf)
IS 7234 (txt)
1974Method for estimation of folic acid in foodstuffs
IS 7235 (pdf)
IS 7235 (txt)
1974Method for Estimation of Tocopherols (vitamin E) in Foodstuffs
IS 7247-1 (pdf)
IS 7247-1 (txt)
1974Code of practice for fumigation of agricultural produce, Part 1: Methyl bromide
IS 7247-3 (pdf)
IS 7247-3 (txt)
1974Code of practice for fumigation of agricultural produce, Part 3: Aluminium phosphide
IS 7247-4 (pdf)
IS 7247-4 (txt)
1975Code of practice for fumigation of agricultural produce, Part 4: Ethylene dichloride and Carbon tetrachloride mixture
IS 7247-5 (pdf)
IS 7247-5 (txt)
1985Code of practice for fumigation of agricultural produce, Part 5: General requirements
IS 7463 (pdf)
IS 7463 (txt)
2004Wheat Flour (Maida) for Use in bakery Industry
IS 7464 (pdf)
IS 7464 (txt)
1988Wheat Flour (Maida) for Use in Bread Industry - Specification
IS 7481 (pdf)
IS 7481 (txt)
1974Method for determination of protein efficiency ratio (PER)
IS 7487 (pdf)
IS 7487 (txt)
1986Protein-Enriched Biscuits
IS 7529 (pdf)
IS 7529 (txt)
1975Method for estimation of Vitamin B-12 in foodstuffs
IS 7530 (pdf)
IS 7530 (txt)
1975Method for estimation of pyridoxine (Vitamin B-6) in foodstuffs
IS 7592 (pdf)
IS 7592 (txt)
1989Peanut Chikki (Candy)
IS 7715 (pdf)
IS 7715 (txt)
1975Methods for testing suitability of bins for safe storage of foodgrains
IS 7716 (pdf)1975Methods for testing efficacy of fumigation for disinfestation of grains in domestic bins
IS 7815 (pdf)
IS 7815 (txt)
1975Method for estimation of amino acids in foodstuffs
IS 7835 (pdf)
IS 7835 (txt)
1975Edible Medium-fat Soya Flour
IS 7836 (pdf)
IS 7836 (txt)
1975Edible Low-fat Soya Flour
IS 7837 (pdf)
IS 7837 (txt)
1975Edible Full-fat Soya Flour
IS 7997 (pdf)1976Guide for tasting products of intense flavour
IS 8077 (pdf)
IS 8077 (txt)
1976Procedure for checking technique of quick frozen food
IS 8162 (pdf)
IS 8162 (txt)
1998Wheat flour - Method for determination of wet glutenISO 5531
IS 8168 (pdf)
IS 8168 (txt)
1976Method for determination of available lysine in foods
IS 8184 (pdf)
IS 8184 (txt)
1976Method for determination of ergot in foodgrains
IS 8211 (pdf)
IS 8211 (txt)
1976Edible Soya Protein Isolate
IS 8212 (pdf)
IS 8212 (txt)
1976Edible Groundnut Protein Isolate
IS 8220 (pdf)
IS 8220 (txt)
1976Protein-rich Concentrated Nutrient Supplementary Foods
IS 8453 (pdf)
IS 8453 (txt)
1977Code of practice for construction of polyethylene embedded earthen bins for bulk storage of foodgrains
IS 8555 (pdf)
IS 8555 (txt)
1988Bread Rusks
IS 8556 (pdf)
IS 8556 (txt)
IS 8574 (pdf)
IS 8574 (txt)
1977Specification for Maize Suji or Rava (Semolina)
IS 8664 (pdf)
IS 8664 (txt)
1977Edible Coconut Flour (Expeller Pressed)
IS 8665 (pdf)
IS 8665 (txt)
1977Protein-Fortified Bread
IS 8676 (pdf)
IS 8676 (txt)
1977Edible Coconut Flour (Solvent Extracted)
IS 8677 (pdf)
IS 8677 (txt)
1977Edible Sunflower Seed Flour (Solvent Extracted)
IS 8678 (pdf)
IS 8678 (txt)
1977Vegetable Protein-Based Yoghurt (Vegetable Curds)
IS 8972 (pdf)1978Method for determination of co-efficient of friction of foodgrains
IS 9027 (pdf)1978Method for determination of thermal conductivity of foodgrains
IS 9039 (pdf)
IS 9039 (txt)
1979Edible Sunflower Seed Grits
IS 9095 (pdf)
IS 9095 (txt)
1979Protein Chewy Candy
IS 9130 (pdf)
IS 9130 (txt)
1979Edible Spray Dried Potato Flour
IS 9215 (pdf)
IS 9215 (txt)
1979Outdoor Steel Bins for Foodgrain Storage
IS 9216 (pdf)
IS 9216 (txt)
1992Nutrition and nutritious foods - Glossary of terms
IS 9328 (pdf)
IS 9328 (txt)
1989Confectionery industry - Glossary of terms
IS 9373 (pdf)
IS 9373 (txt)
1979Glossary of Terms Relating to Bakery IndustryISO 9373
IS 9374 (pdf)
IS 9374 (txt)
1979Glossary of terms relating to flour milling industry
IS 9487 (pdf)
IS 9487 (txt)
1980Specification for 'Ready-to-eat' Protein-rich Extruded Foods
IS 9488 (pdf)
IS 9488 (txt)
1980Edible Coconut Protein Concentrates
IS 9629 (pdf)
IS 9629 (txt)
2004Maize Atta, Maize Maida and Maize Suji
IS 9712 (pdf)
IS 9712 (txt)
IS 9820 (pdf)
IS 9820 (txt)
1981Method for estimation of biotin in foodstuffs
IS 9840 (pdf)
IS 9840 (txt)
1981Method for estimation of pantothenic acid in foodstuffs
IS 10038 (pdf)
IS 10038 (txt)
1981Textured Plant Protein Foods Prepared By Extrusion Cooking
IS 10065 (pdf)
IS 10065 (txt)
1981Roasted Groundnut (Peanut) Kernels
IS 10226-1 (pdf)
IS 10226-1 (txt)
1982Method for determination of crude fibre content, Part 1: General methodISO 5498
IS 10226-2 (pdf)
IS 10226-2 (txt)
1982Method for Determination of Crude Fibre Content in Food Products, Part II: Modified Scharrer MethodISO 6541
IS 10524 (pdf)
IS 10524 (txt)
1982Colorimetric Determination of Alpha-Amylase Activity in Cereals and Cereal ProductsISO 3983:1977
IS 10597 (pdf)
IS 10597 (txt)
1983Soluble Starch Phosphate (Edible Grade)
IS 10619 (pdf)
IS 10619 (txt)
1983Seasoned, Spiced and Sweetened Cashewnuts
IS 10620 (pdf)
IS 10620 (txt)
1983Urd (Black Gram) Vada Mix
IS 10621 (pdf)
IS 10621 (txt)
1983Jelebi Mix
IS 10622 (pdf)
IS 10622 (txt)
1983Dosa Mix
IS 10641 (pdf)
IS 10641 (txt)
1983Recommended methods for determination of aroma and taste thresholds
IS 10643 (pdf)
IS 10643 (txt)
1983Sensory evaluation procedure to establish guidelines for open dating processed food products
IS 10698 (pdf)
IS 10698 (txt)
1983Method for determination of thermal diffusivity of foodgrains
IS 10699 (pdf)1983Method for determination of specific heat of foodgrains
IS 10759 (pdf)
IS 10759 (txt)
1983Brewer's Yeast
IS 10768 (pdf)
IS 10768 (txt)
1984Method of test for quality characteristics of pulses
IS 10769 (pdf)
IS 10769 (txt)
1984Wheat Porridge
IS 10770 (pdf)
IS 10770 (txt)
1984Beaten Rice
IS 10834 (pdf)
IS 10834 (txt)
1984Specification for Maize Maida
IS 10898 (pdf)
IS 10898 (txt)
1984Fortified Wheat Atta
IS 10899 (pdf)
IS 10899 (txt)
1984Fortified Wheat Maida
IS 10900 (pdf)
IS 10900 (txt)
1984Fortified Barley Powder
IS 10901 (pdf)
IS 10901 (txt)
1984Paushtik Wheat Atta
IS 10902 (pdf)
IS 10902 (txt)
1984Paushtik Wheat Maida
IS 10903 (pdf)
IS 10903 (txt)
1984Paushtik Barley Powder
IS 11062 (pdf)
IS 11062 (txt)
1984Method for estimation of total dietary fibre in foodstuffs
IS 11231 (pdf)
IS 11231 (txt)
1985Milk bread
IS 11261-1 (pdf)
IS 11261-1 (txt)
1985Methods for assessment of post harvest grain losses by rodents, Part 1: General considerations, direct measurement techniques and biological aspects of survey procedures
IS 11261-2 (pdf)
IS 11261-2 (txt)
1985Method for Assessment of Post-harvest Grain Losses by Rodents, Part 2: Loss Determination by Population Assessment and Estimation Procedures
IS 11396 (pdf)
IS 11396 (txt)
1985Test methods for determination of storability (safe storage life) of foodgrains
IS 11454 (pdf)
IS 11454 (txt)
1985Method for measurement of carbondioxide in the inter granular atmosphere
IS 11535 (pdf)
IS 11535 (txt)
1986Method of test for determination of glycosidic hydrocyanic acid in pulsesISO 2164
IS 11581 (pdf)
IS 11581 (txt)
1986Edible Cottonseed Flour Prepared by Liquid Cyclone Process
IS 11816-1 (pdf)
IS 11816-1 (txt)
2010Storage of Cereals and Pulses, Part 1: General Recommendations for the Keeping of CerealsISO 6322Part 1:1996
IS 11816-2 (pdf)
IS 11816-2 (txt)
2009Storage of Cereals and Pulses, Part 2: Practical Recommendations
IS 11816-3 (pdf)
IS 11816-3 (txt)
1986Storage of cereals and pulses, Part 3: Control of attack by vertebrate and invertebrate animalsISO 6322-3
IS 12014-1 (pdf)
IS 12014-1 (txt)
1986Methods for Determination of Organic Preservatives in Foodstuffs, Part 1: Benzoic Acid and its Salts
IS 12014-2 (pdf)
IS 12014-2 (txt)
1986Methods for Determination of Organic Preservatives in Foodstuffs, Part 2: Propionic Acid and Its Salts
IS 12014-3 (pdf)
IS 12014-3 (txt)
1986Methods for Determination of Organic Preservatives in Foodstuffs, Part 3: Sorbic Acid and Its Salts
IS 12220 (pdf)
IS 12220 (html)
IS 12220 (svg)
IS 12220 (txt)
1987Ready Gulab Jamun Mix
IS H12220 (pdf)
IS H12220 (txt)
1987Ready Gulab Jamun Mix (HINDI)
IS 12230 (pdf)1987Sandwich Bread Moulds
IS 12516-1 (pdf)
IS 12516-1 (txt)
1999Method for determination of physical Characteristics of Doughs Made from Wheat Flour, Part 1: Water Absorption and Rheological Properties Using a FarinographISO 5530-1
IS 12516-2 (pdf)
IS 12516-2 (txt)
1999Method for determination of physical Characteristics of Doughs Made from Wheat Flour- Part 2 : Rheological Properties Using an ExtensographISO 5530-2
IS 12516-3 (pdf)
IS 12516-3 (txt)
1988Method for determination of physical characteristics of doughs made from wheat flour, Part 3: Water absorption and rheological properties using a valorigraphISO 5530-3
IS 12516-4 (pdf)
IS 12516-4 (txt)
1996Method for determination of physical characteristics of doughs made from wheat flour, Part 4: Rheological properties using an alveographISO 5530-4
IS 12529 (pdf)1988Storage of Foodgrains - Storage Losses by Insects - Methods for Estimation
IS 12564 (pdf)
IS 12564 (txt)
1989Fried Jack Fruit Chips
IS 12566 (pdf)
IS 12566 (txt)
1989Ready-to-eat Extruded Snacks
IS 12569 (pdf)
IS 12569 (txt)
1989Potato French Fries
IS 12574 (pdf)
IS 12574 (txt)
1989Fried Banana Chips
IS 12575 (pdf)
IS 12575 (txt)
2010Fried Potato Chips
IS 12700 (pdf)
IS 12700 (txt)
IS 12711 (pdf)
IS 12711 (txt)
1989Bakery products - Methods of analysis
IS 12741 (pdf)
IS 12741 (txt)
1989Bakery prooducts - Methods of sampling
IS 12895 (pdf)
IS 12895 (txt)
1990Alga Spirulina, Food Grade
IS 13046 (pdf)
IS 13046 (txt)
1991Sweet Potato Flour
IS 13264 (pdf)
IS 13264 (txt)
1991Ready Khichdi Mix
IS 13265 (pdf)
IS 13265 (txt)
1991Ready Vegetable Pulav Mix
IS 13266 (pdf)
IS 13266 (txt)
1991Instant Curried Dal Mix
IS 13267 (pdf)
IS 13267 (txt)
1991Ready Suji-halwa Mix
IS 13285 (pdf)
IS 13285 (txt)
1992Guidelines for addition of essential nutrients to food
IS 13354 (pdf)
IS 13354 (txt)
1992Ready Upma Mix
IS 13662 (pdf)
IS 13662 (txt)
1993Isabgol Husk
IS 13678 (pdf)
IS 13678 (txt)
IS 13693 (pdf)1993Determination of de-husked grains in rice by double staining method
IS 13863 (pdf)
IS 13863 (txt)
1993Cereals and milled cereal products - Determination of viscosity of flour - Method using an amylographISO 7973
IS 13864 (pdf)
IS 13864 (txt)
1993Wheat - Determination of sedimentation index - Zeleny testISO 5529
IS 14366 (pdf)
IS 14366 (txt)
1996Food Processing machinery - Dough mixers - Safety and hygiene requirements
IS 14367 (pdf)
IS 14367 (txt)
1996Food Processing machinery - Planetary mixers - Safety and hygiene requirements
IS 14613 (pdf)1998Roasted Bengal Gram Flour (Channa Sattu)
IS 14818 (pdf)
IS 14818 (txt)
2000Cereals and Pulses and Milled Products - Sampling of Static BatchesISO 13690
IS 15271 (pdf)
IS 15271 (txt)
IS 15285 (pdf)
IS 15285 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - Methodology - Initiation and Training of Assessors in the Detection and Recognition of OdoursISO 5496
IS 15286 (pdf)
IS 15286 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - Methodology - Guidelines for the Preparation of Samples for Which Direct Sensory Analysis is Not FeasibleISO 5497
IS 15315 (pdf)
IS 15315 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - Methodology - Flavour Profile MethodsISO 6564
IS 15316 (pdf)
IS 15316 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - General Guidance for the Design of Test RoomsISO 8589
IS 15317-1 (pdf)
IS 15317-1 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - General Guidance for the Selection, Training and Monitoring of Assessors, Part 1: Selected AssessorsISO 8586-1
IS 15317-2 (pdf)
IS 15317-2 (txt)
2003Sensory Analysis - General Guidance for the Selection, Training and Monitoring of Assessors, Part 2: ExpertsISO 8586-2
IS 15470 (pdf)2004Wheat Flour - Determination of Dry GlutenISO 6645
IS 15642-1 and 2 (pdf)
IS 15642-1 and 2 (txt)
2006Quick methods for detection of adulterants/contaminants in common food products
IS 15733 (pdf)
IS 15733 (txt)
2006Portable kit for quick detection of adulterants/contaminants in common food products

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