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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Food and Agriculture
Section Name: Oils and Oilseeds (FAD 13)

IS 75 (pdf)
IS 75 (txt)
1973Linseed Oil, Raw and Refined
IS 435 (pdf)
IS 435 (txt)
1973castor oil
IS 542 (pdf)
IS 542 (txt)
1968coconut oil
IS 543 (pdf)
IS 543 (txt)
1968Cottonseed Oil
IS 544 (pdf)
IS 544 (txt)
1968Groundnut Oil
IS 545 (pdf)
IS 545 (txt)
1984MAHUA Oil
IS 546 (pdf)
IS 546 (txt)
1975mustard oil
IS 547 (pdf)
IS 547 (txt)
1968Sesame Oil
IS 548-1 (pdf)
IS 548-1 (txt)
1964Methods of sampling and test for oils and fats, Part I: Methods of sampling, physical and chemical tests
IS 548-2-9 (pdf)
IS 548-2-9 (txt)
1988Methods of sampling and test for oils and fats, Part II: Purity tests, Section 9: Test for presence of Karanja (Pungam) oils in other oils
IS 548-2-20 (pdf)
IS 548-2-20 (txt)
1983Methods of Sampling and Tests for Oils and Fats, Part 2: Purity Tests, Section 20: Test for Detection of TARAMIRA Oil in Mustard/Rapeseed Oil
IS 548-2-21 (pdf)
IS 548-2-21 (txt)
1988Methods of sampling and test for oils and fats, Part II: Purity tests, Section 21: Test for detection of animals fat in vegetable oils and fats and vice-versa by GLC
IS 548-2-22 (pdf)
IS 548-2-22 (txt)
1993Methods of sampling and test for oils and fats, Part 2: Purity test, Section 22: Detection of tricresyl phosphate in edible oil
IS 548-2 (pdf)
IS 548-2 (txt)
1976Methods of sampling and test for oils and fats, Part II: Purity tests
IS 548-3 (pdf)
IS 548-3 (txt)
1976Methods of Sampling and Test for Oils and Fats, Part III: Analysis by Gas Liquid Chromatography
IS 595 (pdf)1954Blown Rape (or Mustard) Oil for use in Lubricants
IS 887 (pdf)
IS 887 (txt)
1977Animal Tallow
IS 1035 (pdf)
IS 1035 (txt)
1972Methods of sampling and test for bleaching earths
IS 1675 (pdf)
IS 1675 (txt)
1971Stearic Acid, Technical
IS 1676 (pdf)
IS 1676 (txt)
1960Oleic Acid, Technical
IS 1780 (pdf)
IS 1780 (txt)
1961Vegetable Tallow
IS 1965 (pdf)
IS 1965 (txt)
1972Bleaching Earths of Indian Origin Used for Bleaching Vegetable Oils
IS 3448 (pdf)
IS 3448 (txt)
1984Rice Bran Oil
IS 3490 (pdf)
IS 3490 (txt)
1965Nigerseed Oil
IS 3491 (pdf)
IS 3491 (txt)
1965Safflower oil
IS 3492 (pdf)
IS 3492 (txt)
1965Karanja Oil
IS 3579 (pdf)
IS 3579 (txt)
1966Methods of test for oilseeds
IS 4054 (pdf)
IS 4054 (txt)
1966Neatsfoot Oil
IS 4055 (pdf)
IS 4055 (txt)
1966Maize (Corn) Oil
IS 4056 (pdf)1966Fish Oil for Leather Industry
IS 4088 (pdf)
IS 4088 (txt)
1966KUSUM Oil
IS 4115 (pdf)
IS 4115 (txt)
1967Methods for Sampling of Oilseeds
IS 4276 (pdf)
IS 4276 (txt)
1977Soybean Oil
IS 4277 (pdf)1975Sunflower Oil
IS 4427 (pdf)
IS 4427 (txt)
1967Grading for Groundnut Kernels for Oil Milling and for Table Use
IS 4428 (pdf)
IS 4428 (txt)
1967Grading for mustard seeds for oil milling
IS 4429 (pdf)
IS 4429 (txt)
1967Grading for sesame seeds for oil milling
IS 4617 (pdf)
IS 4617 (txt)
1968Grading for linseed for oil milling
IS 4618 (pdf)1968Grading for castor seeds for oil milling
IS 4619 (pdf)1968Grading for MAHUA kernels for oil milling
IS 4620 (pdf)
IS 4620 (txt)
1968Grading for cottonseeds for oil milling
IS 4765 (pdf)
IS 4765 (txt)
1975Neem Kernel Oil and Depulped Neem Seed Oil
IS 5292 (pdf)1969Grading for safflower seeds for oil milling
IS 5293 (pdf)
IS 5293 (txt)
1969Grading for niger seeds for oil milling
IS 5294 (pdf)1969Grading for KUSUM seeds for oil milling
IS 5614 (pdf)
IS 5614 (txt)
1980Tobaccoseed Oil
IS 5637 (pdf)
IS 5637 (txt)
1970Watermelon Seed Oil
IS 5638 (pdf)
IS 5638 (txt)
1970Acid Oil (Cottonseed and Groundnut)
IS 5686 (pdf)
IS 5686 (txt)
1970Code of Practice for Handling and Storage of Oilseeds
IS 6220 (pdf)
IS 6220 (txt)
1971Grading of copra for table use and for oil milling
IS 7375 (pdf)
IS 7375 (txt)
1979Salseed Fat
IS 7787 (pdf)
IS 7787 (txt)
1975Grading for NEEM kernel and depulped NEEM seeds for oil milling
IS 7797 (pdf)
IS 7797 (txt)
1975Grading for soyabeans for oil milling
IS 7798 (pdf)
IS 7798 (txt)
1975Grading for sunflower seeds for oil milling
IS 8323 (pdf)
IS 8323 (txt)
1977Palm Oil
IS 8361 (pdf)
IS 8361 (txt)
IS 8428 (pdf)
IS 8428 (txt)
1977Grading for KARANJA seeds for oil milling
IS 8443 (pdf)
IS 8443 (txt)
1977Grading for tobacco seeds for oil milling
IS 8557 (pdf)
IS 8557 (txt)
1977Grading for KOKUM kernels for oil milling
IS 8591 (pdf)
IS 8591 (txt)
1980Kokum Fat
IS 8879 (pdf)
IS 8879 (txt)
1980DHUPA Fat
IS 8881 (pdf)
IS 8881 (txt)
1978KHAKAN Fat
IS 8882 (pdf)1978Grading for KHAKAN Seeds for Oil Milling
IS 8896 (pdf)
IS 8896 (txt)
1978Nahor Oil
IS 9037 (pdf)
IS 9037 (txt)
1979Peanut Butter
IS 9231 (pdf)
IS 9231 (txt)
1979Mango Kernel Fat
IS 9232 (pdf)
IS 9232 (txt)
1979Ambadi Oil
IS 9586 (pdf)
IS 9586 (txt)
1980Silk-worm Pupae Oil
IS 9587 (pdf)
IS 9587 (txt)
1980Tamarind Kernel Oil
IS 9616 (pdf)
IS 9616 (txt)
1980Spent coffee grounds fat
IS 9955 (pdf)
IS 9955 (txt)
1981Rubber Seed Oil
IS 9956 (pdf)
IS 9956 (txt)
1981Palas Oil
IS 9957 (pdf)
IS 9957 (txt)
1981UNDI Oil
IS 9993 (pdf)
IS 9993 (txt)
1981Grading for DHUPA kernel for oil milling
IS 10006 (pdf)
IS 10006 (txt)
1981Grading for Nahor Kernels for Oil Milling
IS 10633 (pdf)
IS 10633 (txt)
IS 10634 (pdf)
IS 10634 (txt)
1986Bakery Shortening
IS 10931 (pdf)
IS 10931 (txt)
1984Lauric Acid
IS 10932 (pdf)
IS 10932 (txt)
1984Palmitic Acid
IS 10933 (pdf)
IS 10933 (txt)
1984Myristic Acid
IS 11068 (pdf)
IS 11068 (txt)
1984Criteria for Edibility of Oils and Fats
IS 11069 (pdf)
IS 11069 (txt)
1984Refined, bleached, hydrogenated, winterized and deodorized (RBHWD) Soybean oil
IS 11476 (pdf)
IS 11476 (txt)
1985Glossary of terms relating to oils and fats
IS 11674 (pdf)
IS 11674 (txt)
1986Method for determination of residual solvent in oilseed flours and meals by modified Pensky Martens closed tester
IS 12029 (pdf)
IS 12029 (txt)
1986Acid Oil
IS 12030 (pdf)
IS 12030 (txt)
1986Semi-Acid Oil
IS 12031 (pdf)
IS 12031 (txt)
1986Soap Stock
IS 12039 (pdf)
IS 12039 (txt)
1986Spent Bleaching Earth
IS 12067 (pdf)
IS 12067 (txt)
1987Palm Fatty Acids
IS 12068 (pdf)
IS 12068 (txt)
1987Rice Bran Fatty Acids
IS 12069 (pdf)
IS 12069 (txt)
1987Coconut Fatty Acids
IS 12124 (pdf)
IS 12124 (txt)
1987Rubberseed Fatty Acids
IS 12361 (pdf)
IS 12361 (txt)
1988Partially Hydrogenated Rice Bran Fatty Acids
IS 12451 (pdf)
IS 12451 (txt)
IS 12983 (pdf)
IS 12983 (txt)
1990Oilseed Residues - Determination of Total Residual HexaneISO 8892
IS 13037 (pdf)1991Chilliseed Oil
IS 13168 (pdf)1991Tomato Seed Oil
IS 13660 (pdf)1993Muskmelon Seed Oil-Specification
IS 13661 (pdf)
IS 13661 (txt)
1993Ratanjyot Oil
IS 13679 (pdf)1993Okra Seed Oil Specification
IS 13680 (pdf)
IS 13680 (txt)
1993Imported Rapeseed Oil
IS 14309 (pdf)
IS 14309 (txt)
1995Blended Edible Vegetable Oils

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