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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Food and Agriculture
Section Name: Fish and Fisheries Products (FAD 12)

IS 2168 (pdf)
IS 2168 (txt)
1971Pomfret Canned in Oil
IS 2236 (pdf)
IS 2236 (txt)
1968Prawns/Shrimp Caned in Brine
IS 2237 (pdf)
IS 2237 (txt)
1997Prawns (Shrimps) - Frozen
IS 2885 (pdf)
IS 2885 (txt)
1975Specification for Frozen Frog Legs
IS 3336 (pdf)
IS 3336 (txt)
1965Shark Liver Oil for Veterinary Use
IS 3892 (pdf)
IS 3892 (txt)
1975Frozen Lobster Tails
IS 4304 (pdf)
IS 4304 (txt)
1976Tuna Canned in Oil
IS 4780 (pdf)
IS 4780 (txt)
1978Pomfret, Fresh
IS 4793 (pdf)
IS 4793 (txt)
1997Whole Pomfret - Frozen
IS 5734 (pdf)
IS 5734 (txt)
1970Sardine Oil
IS 6121 (pdf)
IS 6121 (txt)
1985Lactarius sp Canned in Oil
IS 6122 (pdf)
IS 6122 (txt)
1997Seer Fish (Scomberomorus Sp.) - Frozen
IS 6123 (pdf)
IS 6123 (txt)
1971Seer Fish (scomberomorus spp.), Fresh
IS 7143 (pdf)
IS 7143 (txt)
1973Crab Meat Canned in Brine
IS 7313 (pdf)
IS 7313 (txt)
1974Glossary of Important Fish Species of India
IS 7582 (pdf)
IS 7582 (txt)
1975Crab Meat, Solid Packed
IS 8076 (pdf)
IS 8076 (txt)
2000Frozen Cuttle Fish and Squid
IS 9808 (pdf)
IS 9808 (txt)
1981Fish Protein Concentrate
IS 10059 (pdf)
IS 10059 (txt)
1981Edible Fish Powder
IS 10760 (pdf)
IS 10760 (txt)
1983Mussels Canned in Oil
IS 10762 (pdf)
IS 10762 (txt)
1983Tuna Canned in Curry
IS 10763 (pdf)
IS 10763 (txt)
1983Frozen Minced Fish Meat
IS 11427 (pdf)
IS 11427 (txt)
2001Fish and Fisheries Products - Sampling
IS 14513 (pdf)
IS 14513 (txt)
IS 14514 (pdf)1998Clam Meat - Frozen
IS 14515 (pdf)
IS 14515 (txt)
1998Fish Pickles
IS 14516 (pdf)
IS 14516 (txt)
1998Cured fish and fisheries products - Processing and storage - Code of Practice
IS 14517 (pdf)1998Fish Processing Industry - Water and Ice - Technical Requirements
IS 14520 (pdf)
IS 14520 (txt)
1998Fish Industry - Operatonal Clealiness and layout of market - Guidelines (Amalgamated Revision of IS 5735, 7581 and 8082)
IS 14890 (pdf)
IS 14890 (txt)
2001Sardines - Fresh, Frozen and Canned (Amalgamated revision of IS 2421, 6677,8652,8653, 9750 and 10761
IS 14891 (pdf)
IS 14891 (txt)
2001Mackerel - Fresh, Frozen and Canned (Amalgamated Revision of IS 2420, 3849,6032, 6033 and 9312)
IS 14892 (pdf)
IS 14892 (txt)
2000Threadfin - Fresh and Frozen
IS 14949 (pdf)
IS 14949 (txt)
2001Accelerated Freeze Dried Prawns (Shrimps) (Amalgamated revision of IS 4781 and 4796
IS 14950 (pdf)
IS 14950 (txt)
2001Fish - Dried and Dry-Salted

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