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Public Safety Standards
Republic of Italy

In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

UNI 107052007ItalianCultural heritage - X-ray fluorescence analysis using portable systems
UNI 111612005ItalianCultural heritage - Wooden artefacts - Guideline for conservation, restoration and maintenance
UNI 111622005ItalianCultural heritage - Wooden artefacts - Support of panel paintings - Terminology of the constituent elements
UNI 111762006EnglishCultural heritage - Petrographic description of a mortar
UNI 111772006ItalianCultural heritage - Natural and artificial stones - Additional provisions for the application of EN ISO 12571 - Hygrothermal performance of building materials and products - Determination of hygroscopic sorption properties
UNI 111862008ItalianCultural heritage - Natural and artificial stones - Methodology for exposure to freeze-thawing cycles
UNI 111872006ItalianCultural heritage - Natural and artificial stones - Laser cleaning techniques
UNI 112022007ItalianCultural heritage - Wooden artefacts - Determination and classification of environmental conditions
UNI 112032007ItalianCultural heritage - Wooden artefacts - Load-bearing structures - Terms and definitions of the structural configurations and of the constituent elements
UNI 112042007ItalianCultural heritage - Wooden artefacts - Determination of moisture content
UNI 112052007ItalianCultural heritage - Archaeological and archaeo-botanic wood - Guide lines to the characterization
UNI 112062007ItalianCultural heritage - Archaeological and archaeo-botanic wood - Guide lines for recovery and first conservation
UNI 113032009ItalianFood processing machinery - Mincing machines type enterprice - Dimensional requirements of blades and plates
UNI 113052009ItalianCultural heritage - Historical mortars - Guideline for the minerolagical- petrographycal, physical and chemical characterization of mortars
UNI 114322011EnglishCultural heritage - Natural and artificial stone - Determination of the water absorption by contact sponge
UNI EN 4532009EnglishFood processing machinery - Dough mixers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 453Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 4542009EnglishFood processing machinery - Planetary mixers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 454Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 1672-22009EnglishFood processing machinery - Basic concepts - Part 2: Hygiene requirements
UNI EN 16732009EnglishFood processing machinery - Rotary rack ovens - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 1673Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 16742009EnglishFood processing machinery - Dough and pastry brakes - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 1674Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 16782010EnglishFood processing machinery - Vegetable cutting machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 1678Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 19742009EnglishFood processing machinery - Slicing machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 1974Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 120412009EnglishFood processing machinery - Moulders - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12041Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 120422010English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Automatic dividers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12042Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 120432010English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Intermediate provers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12043Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 122672010EnglishFood processing machinery - Circular saw machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12267Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 122682010English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Band saw machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12268Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 123312010EnglishFood processing machinery - Mincing machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12331Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 123552010EnglishFood processing machinery - Derinding-, skinning- and membrane removal machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12355Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 124632011English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Filling machines and auxiliary machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12463Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 125052009EnglishFood processing machinery - Centrifugal machines for processing edible oils and fats - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12505Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 128512010EnglishFood processing machinery - Catering attachments for machines having an auxiliary drive hub - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12851Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 128522010EnglishFood processing machinery - Food processors and blenders - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12852Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 128532010EnglishFood processing machinery - Hand-held blenders and whisks - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12853Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 128542010EnglishFood processing machinery - Beam mixers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12854Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 128552010EnglishFood processing machinery - Rotating bowl cutters - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12855Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 129842010EnglishFood processing machinery - Portable and/or hand-guided machines and appliances with mechanically driven cutting tools - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 12984Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 132082010EnglishFood processing machinery - Vegetable peelers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13208Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 132882009EnglishFood processing machinery - Bowl lifting and tilting machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13288Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 132892002ItalianPasta processing plants - Dryers and coolers - Safety and hygiene requirements EN 13289
UNI EN 133792002ItalianPasta processing plants - Spreader, stripping and cutting machine, stick return conveyor, stick magazine - Safety and hygiene EN 13379
UNI EN 133892009EnglishFood processing machinery - Mixers with horizontal shafts - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13389Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 133902009EnglishFood processing machinery - Pie and tart machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13390Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 135342010EnglishFood processing machinery - Curing injection machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13534Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 135702010EnglishFood processing machinery - Mixing machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13570Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 135912009EnglishFood processing machinery - Fixed deck oven loaders - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13591Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 136212010EnglishFood processing machinery - Salad dryers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13621Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 137322009EnglishFood processing machinery - Bulk Milk Coolers on Farms - Requirements for construction, performance, suitability for use, safety and hygieneEN 13732Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 138702010EnglishFood processing machinery - Chop cutting machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13870Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 138712010EnglishFood processing machinery - Cubes cutting machinery - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13871Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 138852010EnglishFood processing machinery - Clipping machines - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13885Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 138862010EnglishFood processing machinery - Cooking kettles equipped with powered stirrer and/or mixer - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13886Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 139542010EnglishFood processing machinery - Bread slicers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 13954Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 146552010English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Baguette slicers - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 14655Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 149572010EnglishFood processing machinery - Dishwashing machines with conveyor - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 14957Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 149582009EnglishFood processing machinery - Machinery for grinding and processing flour and semolina - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 14958Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 151662009EnglishFood processing machinery - Automatic back splitting machines of butchery carcasses - Safety and hygiene requirements EN 15166
UNI EN 155652008English/ItalianTourism services - Requirements for the provision of professional tourist guide training and qualification programmes EN 15565
UNI EN 157572010English/ItalianConservation of Cultural Property - Specifications for temperature and relative humidity to limit climate- induced mechanical damage in organic hygroscopic materials EN 15757
UNI EN 157582010English/ItalianConservation of Cultural Property - Procedures and instruments for measuring temperatures of the air and the surfaces of objects EN 15758
UNI EN 15759-12012EnglishConservation of cultural property - Indoor climate - Part 1: Guidelines for heating churches, chapels and other places of worship
UNI EN 157742010English/ItalianFood processing machinery - Machines for processing fresh and filled pasta (tagliatelle, cannelloni, ravioli, tortellini, orecchiette and gnocchi) - Safety and hygiene requirementsEN 15774Dir. 2006/42/EC
UNI EN 158012010English/ItalianConservation of cultural property - Test methods - Determination of water absorption by capillarity EN 15801
UNI EN 158022010English/ItalianConservation of cultural property - Test methods - Determination of static contact angle EN 15802
UNI EN 158032010English/ItalianConservation of cultural property - Test methods - Determination of water vapour permeabilityEN 15803
UNI EN 158862010English/ItalianConservation of cultural property - Test methods - Colour measurement of surfaces EN 15886
UNI EN 158982012EnglishConservation of cultural property - Main general terms and definitions EN 15898
UNI EN 159462011EnglishConservation of cultural property - Packing principles for transport EN 15946
UNI EN 160852012EnglishConservation of Cultural property - Methodology for sampling from materials of cultural property - General rules EN 16085
UNI EN 160952012EnglishConservation of cultural property - Condition recording for movable cultural heritage EN 16095
UNI EN 160962012EnglishConservation of cultural property - Condition survey and report of built cultural heritage EN 16096
UNI ISO 111072010EnglishRecreational diving services - Requirements for training programmes on enriched air nitrox (EAN) diving ISO 11107
UNI ISO 111212010EnglishRecreational diving services - Requirements for introductory training programmes to scuba diving ISO 11121

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