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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Water Resources
Section Name: Dams and Spillways (WRD 9)

IS 4410-8 (pdf)
IS 4410-8 (txt)
1992Glossary of terms relating to river valley projects, Part 8: Dams and dam section
IS 4410-9 (pdf)
IS 4410-9 (txt)
1982Glossary of terms relating to river valley projects, Part 9: Spillways and syphons
IS 4410-18 (pdf)
IS 4410-18 (txt)
1983Glossary of Terms Relating to River Valley Projects, Part 18: Energy Dissipation Devices (Stilling Basins)
IS 4997 (pdf)
IS 4997 (txt)
1968Criteria for design of hydraulic jump type stilling basins with horizontal and sloping apron
IS 5186 (pdf)
IS 5186 (txt)
1994Design of chute and side channel spillways - Criteria
IS 6512 (pdf)
IS 6512 (txt)
1984Criteria for design of solid gravity dams
IS 6934 (pdf)
IS 6934 (txt)
1998Recommendations for hydraulic design of high ogee overflow spillways
IS 7365 (pdf)
IS 7365 (txt)
2010Criteria for hydraulic design of bucket type energy dissipators
IS 7894 (pdf)
IS 7894 (txt)
1975Code of practice for stability analysis of earth dams
IS 8605 (pdf)
IS 8605 (txt)
1977Code of practice for construction of masonry in dams
IS 8826 (pdf)
IS 8826 (txt)
1978Guidelines for design of large earth and rockfill dams
IS 9296 (pdf)
IS 9296 (txt)
2001Guidelines for inspection and maintenance of dam and appurtenant structures
IS 9297 (pdf)
IS 9297 (txt)
1979Recommendations for lighting, ventilation and other facilities inside the dam
IS 9429 (pdf)
IS 9429 (txt)
1999Drainage System for Earth and Rockfill Dams - Code of Practice
IS 10135 (pdf)
IS 10135 (txt)
1985Code of practice for drainage system for gravity dams, their foundations and abutments
IS 10137 (pdf)
IS 10137 (txt)
1982Guidelines for selection of spillways and energy dissipators
IS 10635 (pdf)
IS 10635 (txt)
1993Freeboard requirements in embankment dams - Guidelines
IS 11155 (pdf)
IS 11155 (txt)
1994Construction of spillways and similar overflow structures - Code of practice
IS 11216 (pdf)
IS 11216 (txt)
1985Code of practice for permeability test for masonry (during and after construction)
IS 11223 (pdf)
IS 11223 (txt)
1985Guidelines for Fixing Spillway Capacity
IS 11485 (pdf)
IS 11485 (txt)
1985Criteria for hydraulic design of sluices in concrete and masonry dams
IS 11527 (pdf)
IS 11527 (txt)
1985Criteria for structural design of energy dissipators for spillways
IS 11772 (pdf)
IS 11772 (txt)
2009Design of drainage arrangements of energy dissipators and training walls of spillways - Guidelines
IS 12169 (pdf)
IS 12169 (txt)
1987Criteria for design of small embankment dams
IS 12200 (pdf)
IS 12200 (txt)
2001Provision of Water-Stops at Transverse Contraction Joints in Masonry and Concrete Dams - Code of Practice
IS 12720 (pdf)
IS 12720 (txt)
2004Criteria for structural design of spillway training walls and divide walls
IS 12731 (pdf)
IS 12731 (txt)
1989Hydraulic design of impact type energy dissipators - Recommendations
IS 12804 (pdf)
IS 12804 (txt)
1989Criteria for Estimation of Aeration Demand for Spillway and Outlet Structures
IS 12966-1 (pdf)
IS 12966-1 (txt)
1992Code of practice for galleries and other openings in dams, Part 1: General requirements
IS 12966-2 (pdf)
IS 12966-2 (txt)
1990Code of practice for galleries and other openings in dams, Part 2: Structural design
IS 13048 (pdf)
IS 13048 (txt)
1991Recommendations for hydraulic design of duck bill spillways
IS 13144 (pdf)
IS 13144 (txt)
1991Recommendations for provision of facilities outside dams
IS 13195 (pdf)
IS 13195 (txt)
1991Preliminary design, operation and maintenance of protection works downstream of spillways - Guidelines.
IS 13551 (pdf)
IS 13551 (txt)
1992Structural Design of Spillway Pier and Crest - Criteria
IS 13645 (pdf)
IS 13645 (txt)
1993Guniting the Upstream Face of Masonry Dams - Guidelines
IS 14591 (pdf)
IS 14591 (txt)
1999Temperature Control of Mass Concrete for Dams - Guideline
IS 14690 (pdf)
IS 14690 (txt)
1999Quality Control During Construction of Earth and Rockfill Dams - Recommendations
IS 14954 (pdf)
IS 14954 (txt)
2001Distress and Remedial Measures in Earth and Rockfill Dams - Guidelines
IS 15058 (pdf)
IS 15058 (txt)
2002PVC Water-Stops at Transverse Contraction Joints for Use in Masonry and Concrete Dams
SP 55 (pdf)
SP 55 (txt)
1993Design Aid for Anchorages for Spillway Piers, Training Walls and Divide Walls

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