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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Water Resources
Section Name: Hydroelectric Power House Structures (WRD 15)

IS 4247-1 (pdf)
IS 4247-1 (txt)
1993Code of practice for structural design of surface hydroelectric power stations, Part 1: Data for design
IS 4247-2 (pdf)
IS 4247-2 (txt)
1992Code of Practice Structural Design of Hydroelectric Power, Part 2: Superstructure
IS 4247-3 (pdf)
IS 4247-3 (txt)
1998Code of practice for structural design of surface hydel power stations, Part 3: Substructure
IS 4410-10 (pdf)
IS 4410-10 (txt)
1988Glossary of terms relating to river valley projects, Part 10: Hydro-electric Power station including water conductor system
IS 4461 (pdf)
IS 4461 (txt)
1998Code of practice for joints in surface hydro-electric power stations
IS 4720 (pdf)
IS 4720 (txt)
1982Code of Practice for Ventilation of Surface Hydel Power Stations
IS 4721 (pdf)
IS 4721 (txt)
2000Code of Practice for Drainage and Dewatering of Surface/Underground Hydroelectric Power Station
IS 5496 (pdf)
IS 5496 (txt)
1993Guide for preliminary dimensioning and layout of elbow type draft tubes for surface hydroelectric power stations
IS 7207 (pdf)
IS 7207 (txt)
1992Criteria for design of generator foundation for hydroelectric power stations
IS 7418 (pdf)
IS 7418 (txt)
1991Criteria for design of spiral casing (concrete and steel)
IS 9120 (pdf)
IS 9120 (txt)
1979Guidelines for Planning, Layout and Design of Cavities in Underground Hydroelectric Power Stations
IS 10824 (pdf)
IS 10824 (txt)
1984Code of practice for Amenities in Hydroelectric Power Houses
IS 12800-1 (pdf)
IS 12800-1 (txt)
1993Guidelines for selection of turbines, preliminary dimensioning and layout of surface hydro-electric power houses, Part 1: Medium and large power houses
IS 12800-2 (pdf)
IS 12800-2 (txt)
1989Guidelines for selection of turbines, preliminary dimensioning and layout of surface hydro-electric power house, Part 2: Pumped storage power houses
IS 12800-3 (pdf)
IS 12800-3 (txt)
1991Guidelines for Selection of Hydraulic Turbine, Preliminary Dimensioning and Layout of Surface Hydroelectric Power Houses, Part 3: Small, Mini and Micro Hydroelectric Power Houses
IS 12837 (pdf)
IS 12837 (txt)
1989Hydraulic Turbines for Medium and Large Power Houses - Guidelines for Selection

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