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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Handloom and Khadi (TXD 8)

IS 1 (pdf)
IS 1 (txt)
1968Specification for The National Flag of India (Cotton Khadi)
IS 1 (pdf)1968the National Flag of India (Cotton Khadi) (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 300 (pdf)1968the national flag of India (silk khadi)
IS 400 (pdf)1968the National Flag of India (Wool Khadi)
IS 745 (pdf)
IS 745 (txt)
2003Textiles - Handloom Cotton Bed Sheets
IS 746 (pdf)
IS 746 (txt)
1987Handloom cotton blankets, grey or coloured
IS 747 (pdf)
IS 747 (txt)
1991Handloom Cotton Bunting Cloth, Dyed
IS 748 (pdf)
IS 748 (txt)
1990Handloom Cotton Dhoties and Saris
IS 749 (pdf)
IS 749 (txt)
1978Handloom Cotton Dungri Cloth
IS 750 (pdf)1976Handloom Cotton Lungies
IS 751 (pdf)
IS 751 (txt)
1984Handloom Cotton Cloth Mazri (Loomstate)
IS 752 (pdf)
IS 752 (txt)
1984Handloom Cotton Muslin, Bleached
IS 753 (pdf)1983Handloom Cotton Pugri Cloth, Bleached or Dyed
IS 755 (pdf)
IS 755 (txt)
1984Handloom Cotton Malmal
IS 756 (pdf)
IS 756 (txt)
1984Handloom Cotton Dosuti and Ded-suti, Grey, Scoured, Bleached or Dyed.
IS 757 (pdf)1971Handloom Cotton Lint, Absorbent, Bleached
IS 854 (pdf)
IS 854 (txt)
1991Handloom cotton turkish, honeycomb and huckaback towels and towelling cloth (Amalgamating IS 855:1979 and IS 856:1971)
IS 858 (pdf)1981Handloom Cotton Table Cloth and Napkins
IS 859 (pdf)
IS 859 (txt)
1978Handloom Cotton Dusters
IS 860 (pdf)
IS 860 (txt)
1987Handloom Cotton Sponge Cloth, Grey, Striped or Checked
IS 862 (pdf)
IS 862 (txt)
1990Handloom cotton ticking cloth
IS 864 (pdf)
IS 864 (txt)
1990Handloom Cotton Light Sheeting
IS 889 (pdf)
IS 889 (txt)
1991Handloom worsted bunting cloth (amalgamating IS 890)
IS 891 (pdf)
IS 891 (txt)
1991Handloom worsted shirting
IS 892 (pdf)
IS 892 (txt)
1980Handloom Wool Blankets, Natural Grey/ Brown
IS 893 (pdf)
IS 893 (txt)
1991Handloom woollen blankets, plain or check
IS 894 (pdf)
IS 894 (txt)
1980Handloom Wool Blankets Brick Red (amalgamating IS 2901)
IS 895 (pdf)
IS 895 (txt)
1991Handloom woollen blanketing cloth
IS 896 (pdf)
IS 896 (txt)
1991Handloom woollen kamblies, loomstate
IS 1093 (pdf)
IS 1093 (txt)
1981Handloom Cotton Madras Handkerchiefs
IS 1094 (pdf)1976Handloom cotton gada cloth
IS 1095 (pdf)
IS 1095 (txt)
1991Handloom cotton dress materials, bleached, dyed, printed, striped or checked
IS 1096 (pdf)
IS 1096 (txt)
1987Handloom Cotton Holland Cloth, Unscoured
IS 1099 (pdf)
IS 1099 (txt)
1991Handloom cotton lining cloth, dyed
IS 1100 (pdf)
IS 1100 (txt)
1978Handloom Cotton Crepe
IS 1101 (pdf)
IS 1101 (txt)
1981Handloom Cotton Cellular Shirting
IS 1102 (pdf)
IS 1102 (txt)
1968Handloom Buckram Cloth
IS 1241 (pdf)
IS 1241 (txt)
1987Handloom Cotton Calico, Bleached or Dyed
IS 1242 (pdf)1975Handloom Cotton Shirting
IS 1243 (pdf)
IS 1243 (txt)
1981Handloom Cotton Coating
IS 1244 (pdf)
IS 1244 (txt)
1990Handloom cotton long cloth
IS 1245 (pdf)
IS 1245 (txt)
1990Handloom cotton pyjama cloth, grey
IS 1246 (pdf)1978Handloom Cotton Curtain Cloth
IS 1247 (pdf)
IS 1247 (txt)
1987Handloom Cotton Madras Check
IS 1265 (pdf)
IS 1265 (txt)
1991Handloom woollen tweed
IS 1266 (pdf)
IS 1266 (txt)
1991Handloom serge
IS 1267 (pdf)
IS 1267 (txt)
1992Handloom Worsted Rafal Shawls and Lohis (Amalgamating IS 1268)
IS 1450 (pdf)1991Handloom cotton durries (Amalgamating IS 1557)
IS 1451 (pdf)1979Handloom Cotton Drills
IS 1579 (pdf)1979Handloom cotton twills
IS 1814 (pdf)
IS 1814 (txt)
1990Handloom cotton mootus, striped or checked
IS 1937 (pdf)
IS 1937 (txt)
1987Handloom Cotton Bleeding Madras
IS 1939 (pdf)1975Handloom cotton handkerchiefs
IS 2157 (pdf)
IS 2157 (txt)
1991Handloom shoddy woollen blankets Superseding IS 2481)
IS 2158 (pdf)
IS 2158 (txt)
1991Handloom viscose staple fibre lungies
IS 2159 (pdf)
IS 2159 (txt)
1991Textile - Handloom Viscose Staple Fibre Shirting
IS 2160 (pdf)
IS 2160 (txt)
1991Textiles - Handloom viscose staple fibre coating
IS 2172 (pdf)
IS 2172 (txt)
1991Textiles - Handloom filament rayon saris
IS 2173 (pdf)
IS 2173 (txt)
1991Handloom melton (shoddy) cloth
IS 2714 (pdf)
IS 2714 (txt)
1991Handloom pile fabric
IS 2715 (pdf)
IS 2715 (txt)
1991Handloom Woollen Collar Cloth, White
IS 3769 (pdf)1993Textiles - Pugree cloth, cotton khadi,bleached or dyed
IS 3770 (pdf)1994Textiles - Dosuti,cotton khadi,bleaches or dyed
IS 3771 (pdf)1993Textiles - Long cloth,cotton khadi,bleached -Specification
IS 3772 (pdf)
IS 3772 (txt)
1994Textiles - Mazri,cotton khadi,scoured
IS 3773 (pdf)
IS 3773 (txt)
1994Textiles - Napkins and table cloth,cotton khadi,bleached (Superseding IS 3774)
IS 3776 (pdf)
IS 3776 (txt)
1994Textiles - Bed sheets,cotton khadi,bleached
IS 3777 (pdf)1994Textiles - Dusters,cotton khadi,bleached
IS 3778 (pdf)1993Textiles - Dungri cloth,cotton khadi,bleached
IS 3779 (pdf)1994Textiles - Sheeting cloth,cotton khadi,bleached
IS 3780 (pdf)
IS 3780 (txt)
1994Textiles - Lining Cloth, Cotton Khadi, Dyed
IS 3781 (pdf)
IS 3781 (txt)
1994Textiles - Honey comb and huckaback towels,cotton khadi,bleached or dyed - Specition (Amalgamating IS 3775:1983)
IS 3782 (pdf)
IS 3782 (txt)
1994Textiles- Sponge cloth,cotton khadi,grey
IS 3784 (pdf)
IS 3784 (txt)
1994Textiles - Cloth,cotton khadi,bleached,for general purposes _ Specification
IS 4106 (pdf)1994Textiles - Bunting Cloth, Cotton Khadi, Dyed
IS 4107 (pdf)
IS 4107 (txt)
1994Textiles -Blanketing cloth, wool khadi
IS 4371 (pdf)
IS 4371 (txt)
1994Textiles- Kamblies,wool khadi,loomstate-Specification
IS 4372 (pdf)
IS 4372 (txt)
1994Textiles-Cloth,twill,wool khadi,dyed-Specification
IS 4629 (pdf)
IS 4629 (txt)
1994Textiles - Blankets, wool khadi
IS 6237 (pdf)1971Handloom Cotton Cloth for Plaster of Paris Bandages and Cut Bandages
IS 7216 (pdf)1974Handloom Cotton Angavastram
IS 8039 (pdf)
IS 8039 (txt)
1991Handloom cotton mix saris
IS 8797 (pdf)
IS 8797 (txt)
1978Handloom Cotton Fabric for School Uniforms
IS 12388 (pdf)
IS 12388 (txt)
1988Handloom Cotton Voile
IS 13717 (pdf)
IS 13717 (txt)
1993Textiles - Polyester cotton blended khadi (polyvastra) suitings for uniforms

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