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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Wool and Wool Products (TXD 4)

IS 32 (pdf)
IS 32 (txt)
1971Code for seaworthy packaging of woollen and worsted yarn and cloth
IS 673 (pdf)
IS 673 (txt)
1987Cloth, Woollen, Twill, Dyed
IS 675 (pdf)1973Bunting, Worsted
IS 677 (pdf)
IS 677 (txt)
1974Cloth, drab-mixture, woollen, water-resistant
IS 679 (pdf)
IS 679 (txt)
1993Textiles - Great coat cloth
IS 680 (pdf)
IS 680 (txt)
1993Textiles - Cloth, barathea
IS 697 (pdf)
IS 697 (txt)
2005Textiles - Druggets (Durries) made from wool, camel hair and goat hair
IS 741 (pdf)
IS 741 (txt)
1971Code for Inland Packaging of Woollen and Worsted Yarn and Cloth
IS 1530 (pdf)
IS 1530 (txt)
1981Baize Cloth
IS 1531 (pdf)1993Textiles - Blanketing cloth
IS 1721 (pdf)1970Hair Belting Yarn
IS 1793 (pdf)1973Guide for marking textile materials made of wool
IS 2156 (pdf)1962Code for packing raw wool for export
IS 2319 (pdf)1987Serge
IS 2882 (pdf)1964Camel Hair Druggets
IS 4392 (pdf)
IS 4392 (txt)
2003Textiles - Hand-Made NAMDHAS
IS 5641 (pdf)
IS 5641 (txt)
1993Textile floor covering - Hand-made wool carpets
IS 5756 (pdf)1970Code for packaging of carpets
IS 5884 (pdf)
IS 5884 (txt)
1993Textile floor covering - Tufted carpetsISO 1765 : 1986, ISO 8543:1998
IS 5910 (pdf)1977Fineness grades of wool
IS 5911 (pdf)
IS 5911 (txt)
1977Fineness grades of wool tops
IS 7026 (pdf)
IS 7026 (txt)
1973Hosiery Yarn, Worsted
IS 7033 (pdf)1973Commercial moisture regain value for wool and its products
IS 7747 (pdf)
IS 7747 (txt)
1993Textiles - Hand-knitting wool yarn, worsted
IS 7877-1 to 5 (pdf)
IS 7877-1 to 5 (txt)
1976Methods of Sampling and Tests for Hand-made CarpetsISO 3018:1974
IS 8331 (pdf)2003Textiles - Angola Shirting
IS 8689 (pdf)1978Worsted Gaberdine, Khaki, Drab
IS 9393 (pdf)1979Code of manufacturing worsted, semi-worsted and woollen yarns and tolerances
IS 10466 (pdf)1983Guide for care and maintenance of carpets
IS 10921 (pdf)
IS 10921 (txt)
1984Carpet yarn made from virgin wool
IS 10930 (pdf)1984Quality grades of undyed medullated wool
IS 11205 (pdf)
IS 11205 (txt)
2011Textile Floor Coverings - VocabularyISO 2424:2007
IS 11206 (pdf)1984Glossary of Textile Terms-wool and other Animal Fibres, their Processing and Products
IS 11471 (pdf)1985Method for Determination of Dimensional Changes Due to the Effects of Varied Water and Heat Conditions for Machine-Made CarpetsISO 2551
IS 12131 (pdf)
IS 12131 (txt)
2005Textiles - Worsted Suitings (Amalgamating IS 12132:1987)
IS 12811 (pdf)1989Worsted lohis
IS 12812 (pdf)1989Worsted shawls
IS 12838 (pdf)1989Blazer cloth
IS 12848 (pdf)1989Wool/polypropylene blended blankets
IS 13904 (pdf)
IS 13904 (txt)
1993Textiles - Serge, drab, polyester-wool blended
IS 14291 (pdf)
IS 14291 (txt)
1995Textiles - Shoddy woollen yarn-specification
IS 14292 (pdf)
IS 14292 (txt)
1995Textiles - Shoddy woollen barrack blankets-Specification
IS 14566 (pdf)1998Textile floor covering _ Hand-knotted silk carpets
IS/ISO 6347 (pdf)
IS/ISO 6347 (txt)
2004Textile Floor Coverings - Consumer InformationISO 6347:2004

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