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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Man-Made Fibres, Cotton and their Products (TXD 31)

IS 171 (pdf)1993Textiles - Ring spun grey cotton yarn for weaving
IS 174 (pdf)1983Flannelettes
IS 175 (pdf)1989Sheeting, Tickings and Bedsheets
IS 177 (pdf)1989Cotton Drills
IS 178 (pdf)
IS 178 (txt)
1984Cotton Twill
IS 179 (pdf)
IS 179 (txt)
2009Cotton Dosuti
IS 181 (pdf)
IS 181 (txt)
1984Leopard Cloth
IS 182 (pdf)1983Mazri
IS 186 (pdf)
IS 186 (txt)
1983Cotton Mulls
IS 187 (pdf)
IS 187 (txt)
1978Cotton Long Cloth
IS 188 (pdf)
IS 188 (txt)
2004Textiles - Cotton Poplin
IS 293 (pdf)
IS 293 (txt)
1980Code for seaworthy packaging of cotton yarn and cloth
IS 834 (pdf)
IS 834 (txt)
2006Textiles- Ring Spun Grey Cotton Yarn for Hosiery
IS 1066 (pdf)1980Code for packaging of sewing threads
IS 1143 (pdf)1973Cotton Mosquito Netting, Square Mesh
IS 1144 (pdf)
IS 1144 (txt)
1980Cotton Cellular Shirting
IS 1324 (pdf)
IS 1324 (txt)
1966Glossary of Textile Terms Relating to Man-made Fibre and Fabric Industry
IS 1347 (pdf)1972Inland Packaging of Cotton Cloth and Yarn
IS 1423 (pdf)
IS 1423 (txt)
1985Cotton Gaberdine
IS 1535 (pdf)
IS 1535 (txt)
1979Cotton Lining Cloth
IS 1544 (pdf)1973Cotton calico
IS 1720 (pdf)
IS 1720 (txt)
1978Cotton Sewing Threads
IS 1803 (pdf)
IS 1803 (txt)
1973Cotton Embroidery Threads
IS 2136 (pdf)
IS 2136 (txt)
1988Woven Flat Lining Fabrics for Apparels Superseding IS 2228 and 7392)
IS 2194 (pdf)
IS 2194 (txt)
1963Code for seaworthy packaging of man-made fibre fabrics
IS 2195 (pdf)1964Code for inland packaging of man-made fibre fabrics and man-made fibre yarns
IS 2413 (pdf)1978Cotton Twine
IS 2422 (pdf)1985Dyed Cotton Fabric, Water Repellent, for Capes and Rain Coats
IS 2427 (pdf)1968Grading of Continuous Filament Viscose Rayon Yarn and Acetate Yarn, Bright And Dull
IS 2457 (pdf)1979Cotton Umbrella Cloth, Waterproofed
IS 2613 (pdf)1975Cotton Drill (non-waterproofed) for Umbrellas
IS 3040 (pdf)1980Indian Kapok
IS 3192 (pdf)
IS 3192 (txt)
1984Cotton Calico for Electric Cables
IS 3193 (pdf)
IS 3193 (txt)
1984Cotton Yarn for Braiding for Reinforcement and Electric Cables
IS 3566 (pdf)
IS 3566 (txt)
1966Viscose Rayon Cut Staple (Spun) Yarn
IS 3567 (pdf)1966Cotton Yarn for Covering Conductors
IS 3862 (pdf)
IS 3862 (txt)
1966Packing of Rayon Staple Fibres
IS 4439 (pdf)1967Rayon Velvet
IS 4686 (pdf)1980Typewriter Ribbon Fabric
IS 5088 (pdf)1982Cotton Textiles for Ammunition
IS 5485 (pdf)
IS 5485 (txt)
1980Cotton Yarn Waste
IS 5874 (pdf)
IS 5874 (txt)
1970Grading of Viscose Rayon Cut Staple Fibres (Regular)
IS 6239 (pdf)
IS 6239 (txt)
1991Textiles-Generic names for man-made fibresISO 2076-1989
IS 6612 (pdf)
IS 6612 (txt)
1979Unteased White Cotton Waste
IS 7056 (pdf)1989Cotton Towelling and Towels
IS 7104 (B) (pdf)1973Poplin (Market Variety) (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 7119 (pdf)
IS 7119 (txt)
1973Cotton cloth for PAGRIS and PAGS
IS 7851 (pdf)1975Wash and Wear Requirements of Cotton Fabrics
IS 7866 (pdf)
IS 7866 (txt)
1993Textiles - Ring spun polyester blended grey yarn
IS 7867 (pdf)1975Continuous Filament Textile Polyamide (Nylon) Yarn
IS 8429 (pdf)
IS 8429 (txt)
1988Rayon satin lining cloth for berets
IS 9336 (pdf)
IS 9336 (txt)
1979Cotton Yarn for Underground Cables
IS 9543 (pdf)
IS 9543 (txt)
1980Spun Polyester Sewing Threads
IS 10100 (pdf)1982Shrink-resistance (or Pre-shrunk) Requirements of Woven Fabrics (BI-LINGUAL)
IS 10582 (pdf)
IS 10582 (txt)
1983Book Binding Cloth
IS 11195 (pdf)1985Blend Compositions of Textiles
IS 11873 (pdf)
IS 11873 (txt)
1986Woven Nylon Fabric for Umbrellas, Water Resistant
IS 12171 (pdf)1999Cotton Bales
IS 12637 (pdf)
IS 12637 (txt)
1988Woven Upholstery Fabrics - Plain, Tufted or Flocked
IS 13272 (pdf)1992Woven Lace and Knit Curtain and Drapery Fabrics Made of Man-made Fibres and Their Blends (Superseding IS 1502, 2135)
IS 13297 (pdf)1993Women's and girls' woven dress fabrics made of man-made fibres and their blends
IS 13472 (pdf)
IS 13472 (txt)
1992Textiles - Woven terry towelling fabrics and towels made of man-made fibres and their blends
IS 13683 (pdf)
IS 13683 (txt)
2006Textiles - Ring spun grey cotton yarn, superior type
IS 13684 (pdf)
IS 13684 (txt)
2006Textiles - Rotor spun grey cotton yarn
IS 13719 (pdf)
IS 13719 (txt)
1993Textiles - Ring spun cotton regenerated cellulosic fibre blended grey yarn
IS 14379 (pdf)1996Textiles- Grading of Cotton
IS 14463 (pdf)
IS 14463 (txt)
1997Textiles- Packaging of cotton yarn and cloth for transportation in freight containers - Code
IS 14466 (pdf)1997Fabrics - Description of defects - VocabularyISO 8498
IS 15336 (pdf)
IS 15336 (txt)
2003Textiles - Acrylic Yarn for Hosiery
IS 15798 (pdf)
IS 15798 (txt)
2007Textiles - Requirements for labelling and marking of consumer textiles
IS 15851 (pdf)
IS 15851 (txt)
2009Textiles - Raris made of cotton, man-made fibres/filaments and their blends
IS 15852 (pdf)
IS 15852 (txt)
2009Textiles - Woven shirtings made of cotton man-made fibres/filaments and their blends
IS 15853 (pdf)
IS 15853 (txt)
2009Textiles - Woven suitings made of cotton man-made fibres/filaments and their blends

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