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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Dyeing, Finishing and Allied Machinery and Accessories (TXD 21)

IS 7951 (pdf)2003Textile Machinery and Accessories - Beams for Windings - Beams for Dyeing Slivers, Roving and YarnsISO 8116-7
IS 8014 (pdf)
IS 8014 (txt)
1983Classification and nomenclature of dyeing and finishing machinery
IS 8304 (pdf)1977Wooden Winding Rollers for Textile Finishing Machines
IS 9102-1 and 2 (pdf)
IS 9102-1 and 2 (txt)
1979Rubber blankets for shrinkage range Part 1 Requirements for rubber blankets, Part 2: Recommendations for maintenance
IS 9765 (pdf)
IS 9765 (txt)
1981Terminology of stenters
IS 10598 (pdf)
IS 10598 (txt)
1997Textile machinery - Guide rollers for dyeing and finishing machinery
IS 11049 (pdf)
IS 11049 (txt)
1984Vocabulary for Ancillary Devices for Dyeing and finishing machineryISO 5248
IS 13628 (pdf)
IS 13628 (txt)
1992Textile machinery - Squeezing rollers for textile finishing machines
IS 13629 (pdf)
IS 13629 (txt)
2004Textiles Machinery - Stainless Steel Drying Cylinders Used in Textile Processing
IS 15378 (pdf)2003Textile Machinery and Accessories - Cylindrical Tybes - Dimensions, Tolerances and Designation of Perforated Tubes for Cheese Dyeing (Superseding IS 574)ISO 3914-7
IS 15383 (pdf)
IS 15383 (txt)
2003Textile Machinery and Accessories - Cones for Cross Winding - Dimensions, Tolerances and Designation of Cones with Half Angle 4° 20' for Winding for Dyeing Purposes (Superseding IS 324)ISO 8489-4
IS 15384 (pdf)2003Textile Machinery and Accessories - Beams for Winding - Dyeing Beams for Textile FabricsISO 8116-9
IS/ISO 1036 (pdf)1984Textile Machinery and Accessories - Dyeing and Finishing Machines - Definition of Left and Right Sides (Superseding IS 7668)ISO 1036:1984

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