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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Made-up Textiles (TXD 20)

IS 4039 (pdf)1975Code for packaging of ready made garments for export
IS 7609 (pdf)
IS 7609 (txt)
1988General requirements for tents
IS 7955 (pdf)
IS 7955 (txt)
IS 8857 (pdf)
IS 8857 (txt)
1989Canvas Water Bucket
IS 8927-1 (pdf)
IS 8927-1 (txt)
1978Haversacks, Part I: for Railway Personnel
IS 8928 (pdf)1988Chaguls
IS 9886 (pdf)1990Mosquito Nets
IS 10321-1 to 3 (pdf)
IS 10321-1 to 3 (txt)
198250-kg Tent
IS 10397 (pdf)1987Guide for sizing systems for clothes
IS 11047 (pdf)1984Postal Green Cash Bags
IS 11048 (pdf)
IS 11048 (txt)
1984Postal red Accounts Bags
IS 11054 (pdf)
IS 11054 (txt)
1984Nylon Blue Airmail Bags
IS 11055 (pdf)1984Cotton Blue Airmail Bags
IS 11161 (pdf)
IS 11161 (txt)
2000Textiles - Seam Types - Classification and TerminologyISO 4916
IS 11621 (pdf)
IS 11621 (txt)
2009Definitions and measurements of body dimensions for garment construction and anthropometric survey purposes
IS 11978 (pdf)
IS 11978 (txt)
1987Waterproof Delivery Bag for Postman
IS 12675 (pdf)
IS 12675 (txt)
1989Guide to garment quality
IS 12840 (pdf)
IS 12840 (txt)
1989Kit Bag, Universal
IS 12989 (pdf)
IS 12989 (txt)
2010Textiles-Camping Tents-SpecificationISO 5912
IS 13489 (pdf)
IS 13489 (txt)
2000Textiles - Bed Mattress
IS 14281 (pdf)
IS 14281 (txt)
2004Textiles - Glossary of Terms Relating to Made-up Textile Items and Ready-Made Garments
IS 14351 (pdf)
IS 14351 (txt)
1996Textiles-Ground sheets (Light weight)-Specification
IS 14452 (pdf)
IS 14452 (txt)
2009Textiles - Care Labelling Code Using SymbolsISO 3758
IS 14453 (pdf)1997Size designation of clothes - Definition and body measurement procedure (Superseding IS 10015(Part6))ISO 3635
IS 14454 (pdf)
IS 14454 (txt)
1997Size designation of clothes - Women's and girls' underwear, nightwear, foundation garments and shirtsISO 4416
IS 14455 (pdf)1997Size Designation of Clothes - Infants outerwear garments Headwear(Superseding IS 10015(Part 6))ISO 3638
IS 14484 (pdf)1997Size designation of clothes - Men's and boys' underwear, nightwear and shirtsISO 4415
IS 14839 (pdf)2000Size Designation of Clothes - Gloves(Superseding IS 10015(Part 7))ISO 4418
IS 14840 (pdf)2000Size Designation of Clothes - Headwear(Superseding IS 10015(Part 8))ISO 4417
IS 14853 (pdf)
IS 14853 (txt)
2000Size Designation of Clothes - Men's and Boys' Outerwear Garments (Superseding IS 10015(Part 2))ISO 3636
IS 14854 (pdf)
IS 14854 (txt)
2000Size Designation of Clothes - Women's and Girls' Outwear Garments (Superseding IS 10015(Par 3))ISO 3637
IS 14953 (pdf)
IS 14953 (txt)
2006Textiles - Polyester or Polyamide Mosquito Nets
IS 15272 (pdf)
IS 15272 (txt)
2009Textiles -- Caravan Awnings -- Safety Requirements -- SpecifitionISO 8936:2003

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