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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Textile Materials for Marine-Fishing Purposes (TXD 18)

IS 4401 (pdf)
IS 4401 (txt)
2006Textiles - Twisted Nylon Fish-Net Twines
IS 4402 (pdf)
IS 4402 (txt)
2005Textiles - Fishing Nets - Netting - Basic Terms and DefinitionsISO 1107
IS 4640 (pdf)1993Fishing nets - Designation of netting yarns in the tex systemISO 858
IS 4641 (pdf)
IS 4641 (txt)
2005Textiles - Fishing nets - Description and designation of knotted nettingISO 1530
IS 4945-1 (pdf)1968Cotton Twines for Fish Nets, Part I: Twines for Gill Nets
IS 4945-2 (pdf)1968Cotton Twines for Fish Nets, Part II: Twines for Trawl Nets
IS 5508-1 to 5 (pdf)
IS 5508-1 to 5 (txt)
1969Guide for Fishing Gear - General
IS 5508-6 to 13 (pdf)
IS 5508-6 to 13 (txt)
1972Guide for Fishing Gear
IS 5508-14 to 16 (pdf)
IS 5508-14 to 16 (txt)
1975Guide for fishing gear
IS 5508-17 and 18 (pdf)1976Guide for fishing gear - 35 m and 50-m bulged belley trawl net
IS 5508-19 to 21 (pdf)1979Guide for fishing gear (Parts 19 to 21 in one volume)
IS 5508-22 (pdf)1981Guide for fishing gear : Data sheet for troll line
IS 5508-23 (pdf)1994Guide for fishing gear : Part 23 26.8 m two seam trawl
IS 5508-24 (pdf)1994Guide for fishing gear: Part 24 37.1 m butterfly trawl nets.
IS 5815-1 (pdf)1971Methods of test for fishing gear materials, Part 1: Determination of thickness
IS 5815-2 (pdf)1970Methods of test for fishing gear materials, Part 2: Determination of linear density (mass per unit length)
IS 5815-3 (pdf)
IS 5815-3 (txt)
1970Methods of test for fishing gear materials, Part 3: Determination of twist
IS 5815-4 (pdf)
IS 5815-4 (txt)
1993Fishing nets: Determination of breaking load and knot breaking load of netting yarnsISO 1805
IS 5815-5 (pdf)
IS 5815-5 (txt)
2005Textiles - Fishing nets - Determination of mesh breaking force of nettingISO 1806
IS 5815-6 (pdf)
IS 5815-6 (txt)
1993Netting yarns - Determination of change in length after immersion in water
IS 5815-7 (pdf)
IS 5815-7 (txt)
1993Fishing nets - Determination of elongation of netting yarns
IS 5815-8 (pdf)1988Methods of Test for Fishing Gear Materials, Part 8: Determination of Sinking Speed
IS 5815-9 (pdf)1994Finishing gear materials- Method of test, Part 9: Determination of weathering resistance.
IS 6347 (pdf)2003Textile - Polyethylene Monofilament Twines for Fishing - Specification
IS 6348 (pdf)1971Basic terms for hanging of netting
IS 6920 (pdf)
IS 6920 (txt)
1993Fishing nets - Cutting knotted netting to shape ('Tapering')ISO 1532
IS 7533 (pdf)
IS 7533 (txt)
2003Textiles - Polyamide (Nylon) Monofilament Line for Fishing
IS 8746 (pdf)
IS 8746 (txt)
1993Fishing nets - Mounting and joining of netting - Terms and illustrationsISO 3660
IS 9945 (pdf)
IS 9945 (txt)
1999Fishing nets - Method for determination of taper ratio and cutting rate
IS 14190 (pdf)
IS 14190 (txt)
1995Combination wire ropes for fishing purposes-Specification
IS 14287 (pdf)1995Textiles - Polypropylene multifilament netting twines
IS 15788 (pdf)
IS 15788 (txt)
2008Fishing nets - Method of test for the determination of mesh size - Opening of mesh
IS 15789 (pdf)
IS 15789 (txt)
2008Textiles - Method of test for the determination of mesh size - Length of mesh

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