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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Textile Materials for Aerospace Purposes (TXD 13)

IS 514 (pdf)
IS 514 (txt)
1992Textiles - Mercerized cotton fabrics for covering aircrafts and gliders
IS 714 (pdf)
IS 714 (txt)
1992Textiles-Cotton Reinforcing Tapes for Aerospace Purposes
IS 1376 (pdf)
IS 1376 (txt)
1998Textiles - Cotton sewing threads for aerospace purposes
IS 1402 (pdf)
IS 1402 (txt)
1992Textiles - Braided cotton cord for aerospace purposes
IS 2196 (pdf)1985Linen sewing thread for aeronautical purposes
IS 2197 (pdf)
IS 2197 (txt)
2000Aerospace Textiles - Braided (Plaited) Linen (flax) Lacing Cord
IS 2965 (pdf)
IS 2965 (txt)
1987Breaking cord for cotton parachutes
IS 2970 (pdf)
IS 2970 (txt)
1987Cotton Fabrics for Supply Dropping Parachutes
IS 3244 (pdf)1965Cotton webbing, statichute
IS 3255 (pdf)1979Scoured or Dyed Cotton Tapes for Aerospace Purposes
IS 3449 (pdf)
IS 3449 (txt)
1984Cotton Webbing for Parachutes
IS 3846 (pdf)1984Rot-Proofed Cotton Tapes for Aerospace Purposes
IS 4227 (pdf)
IS 4227 (txt)
1998Texties - Braided nylon cords for aerospace purposes
IS 4228 (pdf)1979Nylon Tapes for Aerospace Purposes
IS 4229 (pdf)1992Textiles - Nylon sewing threads for aerospace purposes
IS 4719 (pdf)1984Wire-woven Rayon Fabric for Aerospace Purposes
IS 4726 (pdf)1984Light Weight Nylon Fabric for Parachutes
IS 4727 (pdf)1968Nylon Webbing for Aeronautical Purposes
IS 5746-1 (pdf)
IS 5746-1 (txt)
1987Woven Glass Fibre Fabrics Plastic Laminates for Aerospace Purposes, Part 1: Loom-state Fabrics
IS 5746-2 (pdf)
IS 5746-2 (txt)
1987Woven Glass Fibre Fabrics for Plastic Laminates for Aerospace Purposes, Part 2: Desized Fabrics
IS 5746-3 (pdf)
IS 5746-3 (txt)
1987Woven Glass Fibres Fabric for Plastic Laminates for Aerospace Purposes, Part 3: Finished Fabrics for Use with Polyester Resin Systems
IS 6349 (pdf)1981Tape, Nylon, Tubular for Aerospace Applications
IS 6879 (pdf)1973Fabric for Target Banner, Radar Responsive
IS 6900 (pdf)1973Proofed nylon leno fabric
IS 8947 (pdf)
IS 8947 (txt)
1978Material (nylon webbing) for aircraft safety belts
IS 9267 (pdf)
IS 9267 (txt)
1979Tubular Nylon Webbing for Aerospace Purposes
IS 10476 (pdf)
IS 10476 (txt)
1983Woven Roving Glass Fabric for Polyester-glass Laminates for Aerospace Purposes
IS 11326 (pdf)
IS 11326 (txt)
1985Nylon Fabrics for Coating with Natural or Synthetic Elastomers
IS 11367 (pdf)1985Glossary of terms relating to textile materials for aerospace purposes
IS 11916 (pdf)
IS 11916 (txt)
2001Textiles - Continuous Filament Glass Yarn for Aerospace and other Purposes
IS 14564 (pdf)
IS 14564 (txt)
1998Textiles - Cotton tapes for personnel parachutes

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