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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Narrow Fabrics, Webbings and Braids (TXD 12)

IS 1718 (pdf)
IS 1718 (txt)
1988Cotton Spindle Tapes
IS 1740 (pdf)1977Flat Cotton Wicks
IS 1895 (pdf)1982Cotton NEW AR
IS 1923 (pdf)
IS 1923 (txt)
2003Textiles - Cotton Selvedge Tape for Electrical Insulation Purposes
IS 1974 (pdf)
IS 1974 (txt)
1982Cotton Spindle Tapes for Jute Industry
IS 2847 (pdf)
IS 2847 (txt)
1964Cotton Selvedge Tape for Electric Cables
IS 4778 (pdf)
IS 4778 (txt)
1982Cotton laces for footwearISO 8147
IS 5351 (pdf)
IS 5351 (txt)
2001Textiles - Polyester Fiber Woven Tape for Electrical Insulation Purposes
IS 5352-1 (pdf)
IS 5352-1 (txt)
1999Textile - Glass and Glass-polyester Fibre Woven Tapes, Part 1: Specification
IS 5352-2 (pdf)
IS 5352-2 (txt)
1999Textiles - Glass and Glass-Polyester Fibre Woven Tapes, Part 2: Methods of Test
IS 5352 (pdf)
IS 5352 (txt)
1988Glass-fibre woven tape for electrical purposes
IS 5354 (pdf)1992Textiles - Cotton stripping tape for electrical purposes
IS 5656 (pdf)
IS 5656 (txt)
1970Cotton braids for sleevings
IS 6117 (pdf)1977Tapes, Cotton
IS 6487 (pdf)1983Cotton Tapes, Unproofed and Proofed, for Ammunition Purposes
IS 6488 (pdf)
IS 6488 (txt)
1999Textiles - Cotton Webbing for Personal Web Equipment
IS 6672 (pdf)1989Cotton Tapes for Berets, Mercerized
IS 6673 (pdf)1972Waxed Cotton Selvedge Tape
IS 6674 (pdf)1972Cotton Webbing for Use in Packing Aero-engines
IS 7298 (pdf)1973Cotton Webbing, Proofed and Unproofed
IS 7426 (pdf)
IS 7426 (txt)
1989Cotton Webbing, Special
IS 7776 (pdf)1975Silk Webbing
IS 7777 (pdf)
IS 7777 (txt)
1987Cotton Webbing Rolled Edges
IS 8302 (pdf)1977Braided Tape for Berets
IS 8894 (pdf)
IS 8894 (txt)
1978Cotton Tapes for Slide Fasteners
IS 9675 (pdf)
IS 9675 (txt)
1980Woven Cotton Tapes, Light, Medium and Heavy Qualities
IS 9686 (pdf)1980Elastic Tape
IS 10056 (pdf)1982Silk (Viscose Rayon) Ribbon Tape
IS 10057 (pdf)
IS 10057 (txt)
1982Tapes for Wagon Sealing
IS 10415 (pdf)
IS 10415 (txt)
1992Textiles - Polyester fibre glass tapes
IS 10692 (pdf)
IS 10692 (txt)
1983High Density Polyethylene Webbing
IS 12111 (pdf)
IS 12111 (txt)
1987Glossary of terms relating to narrow fabrics
IS 13597 (pdf)1992Textiles - Polypropylene braided tapes for berets
IS 13598 (pdf)1992Textiles - High density polyethylene monofilament NEWAR
IS 14358 (pdf)1996Textiles - Nylon Laces for Shoes and Boots
IS 15041 (pdf)
IS 15041 (txt)
2001Textiles - Flat Woven Webbing Slings Made of Man-Made Fibres for General Services

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