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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Textiles
Section Name: Hosiery (TXD 10)

IS 833 (pdf)
IS 833 (txt)
1977Gents' Rib-Knitted Nylon Stockings
IS 2187 (pdf)1982Wool Socks
IS 2360 (pdf)1977Jerseys, Y-Neck, Plain-Knitted, Worsted
IS 2518 (pdf)1964Code for seaworthy packaging of wool hosiery yarn and goods
IS 2522 (pdf)
IS 2522 (txt)
1984Knitted Worsted Mufflers
IS 2523 (pdf)
IS 2523 (txt)
1982Wool Hose Tops
IS 2783 (pdf)
IS 2783 (txt)
1976Balaclava Caps, Wool, Plain-knitted
IS 3086 (pdf)1965Code for seaworthy packaging of cotton hosiery yarn and goods
IS 3100 (pdf)1980Men's Wool-cotton Short Drawers
IS 3325 (pdf)1965Code for inland packaging of cotton hosiery yarn and goods
IS 3326 (pdf)
IS 3326 (txt)
1978Cotton Stockinette
IS 3329 (pdf)1973Socks, Cotton
IS 3330 (pdf)
IS 3330 (txt)
1988Wool-cotton Vests
IS 3353 (pdf)
IS 3353 (txt)
1966Code for inland packaging of wool hosiery yarn and goods
IS 3530 (pdf)1983Gents' Rib - Knitted Cotton Stockings
IS 3530 (B) (pdf)
IS 3530 (B) (txt)
1983Gents' Rib - Knitted Cotton Stockings(Bi-lingual)
IS 3555 (pdf)1983Cotton Singlets, White With Blue Welting
IS 3596 (pdf)1967Glossary of terms relating to hosiery
IS 3604 (pdf)1977Jerseys, Round-Neck, Plain-Knitted, Worsted
IS 3617 (pdf)
IS 3617 (txt)
1992Textiles - Gent's pullover, knitted
IS 4044 (pdf)
IS 4044 (txt)
1993Textiles - Gents' Slipover, Knitted
IS 4046-1 (pdf)1981Gent's Cotton Rib-Knitted Briefs - Part I : 1 x 1, 2 Ply Rib-Knitted
IS 4046-2 (pdf)
IS 4046-2 (txt)
1996Textiles- Gents' cotton briefs, Part 2: Plain knitted
IS 4053 (pdf)1967Knitted Puttees, Dyed
IS 4375 (pdf)1975Cotton Knitted Sports Shirts
IS 4376 (pdf)
IS 4376 (txt)
1996Textiles- Gents' cotton short drawers (Trunks)
IS 4582 (pdf)
IS 4582 (txt)
1992Textiles - Women's cardigan, knitted
IS 4809 (pdf)1968Cotton-Knitted String Vests
IS 4964 (pdf)
IS 4964 (txt)
2003Textiles - Vest, Cotton, Plain (Single Jersey) Knitted
IS 4965 (pdf)
IS 4965 (txt)
1991Textiles - Vests, cotton, interlock-knitted
IS 5084 (pdf)
IS 5084 (txt)
1990Socks, Nylon
IS 5085 (pdf)
IS 5085 (txt)
1976Berets, Wool, Knitted
IS 5450 (pdf)
IS 5450 (txt)
1986Gloves, Wool, Knitted
IS 5524 (pdf)
IS 5524 (txt)
1980Men's wood-cotton underpants
IS 9469 (pdf)
IS 9469 (txt)
2003Textiles - Fabric, Cotton, Plain (Single Jersey) Knitted
IS 10590 (pdf)
IS 10590 (txt)
1983Code of practice for manual bleaching and processing of cotton knitted fabric
IS 13003 (pdf)1991Textiles - Fabric, cotton, interlock-knitted
IS 14320 (pdf)
IS 14320 (txt)
1995Textiles - Plain knitted, ladies' cotton panties
IS 14717 (pdf)
IS 14717 (txt)
1999Knitted Fabrics - Description of Defects - VocabularyISO 8499
IS 14759 (pdf)
IS 14759 (txt)
2000Textiles - Fabric, Cotton, Rib-knitted
IS 14760 (pdf)
IS 14760 (txt)
2000Textiles - Vests, Cotton, Rib-knitted

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