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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Transport Engineering
Section Name: Automotive Body, Chassis, Accessories and Garage Equipments (TED 6)

IS 4530 (pdf)2006General requirements for positioning and routing of engine exhaust pipes in motor vehicles
IS 4552-1 (pdf)
IS 4552-1 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Portable jacks for automobiles, Part 1 Mechnical jacks
IS 4552-2 (pdf)
IS 4552-2 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Portable jacks for automobiles, Part 2 Hydraulic jacks
IS 8116 (pdf)1976Moped Spokes and Nipples for Spokes
IS 8411 (pdf)1977Foot Tyre Inflators for Road Vehicles
IS 9226 (pdf)1979Recommendations for load distribution for passenger carsISO 2416
IS 9237 (pdf)1979Symbols for Controls, Indicators and Tell-Tales for Road VehiclesISO 2575
IS 9238 (pdf)1979Lateral Spacings of Foot Controls for Passenger CarsISO 3409
IS 9290 (pdf)
IS 9290 (txt)
1979Aircraft Fuel Servicing Vehicles
IS 10331 (pdf)1982Fuel Tap for Mopeds
IS 10791 (pdf)
IS 10791 (txt)
1983Control cable assembly for mopeds
IS 11028 (pdf)1984Handle Bars for Mopeds
IS 11030 (pdf)1984Moped Seat Pillars
IS 11140 (pdf)1984Foot Rest Assembly for Mopeds
IS 11939 (pdf)
IS 11939 (txt)
1996Automotive Vehicles - Steering Control Systems - Impact Protection Requirements and Methods of Measurement
IS 12009 (pdf)
IS 12009 (txt)
1995Automotive Vehicle - Safety Requirements for Side Door of Passenger Cars - Recommendations
IS 12056 (pdf)1987Recommendations for safety requirements for fuel tank assembly of automotive vehicles
IS 13111 (pdf)1991Automotive Vehicles - Garage Equipments - Terms and Definitions
IS 13353 (pdf)
IS 13353 (txt)
1992Automotive vehicles - Garage equipments - Technical parameters
IS 13389 (pdf)
IS 13389 (txt)
1992Road Vehicles - Passenger Cars - Moving barrier rear collision test methodISO 3984
IS 13390 (pdf)1992Road vehicles - Frontal fixed barrier collision test methodISO 3560
IS 13391 (pdf)
IS 13391 (txt)
2007Road Vehicles - Collisions classification - TerminologyISO 6813
IS 13749 (pdf)
IS 13749 (txt)
2009Automotive vehicles - Procedure for determining the 'H' point and the torso angle for 50th percentile adult male in seating positions of motor vehicles
IS 13750 (pdf)
IS 13750 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicle - Reference volume - Luggage compartment of passenger cars - Method of measurementISO 3832.2
IS 13894 (pdf)1994Automotive Vehicles - Identification Numbering Systems - RecommendationsISO 3779
IS 13941 (pdf)1994Automotive vehicles - Wheel fasteners and hub caps - General requirements
IS 13942 (pdf)
IS 13942 (txt)
1994Automotive vehicles - External projections - Performance requirements
IS 13943 (pdf)
IS 13943 (txt)
1994Automotive vehicles - Wheel guards for passenger cars - Performance requirements
IS 13944 (pdf)
IS 13944 (txt)
1994Automotive vehicles - Window retention and release systems for buses - Safety requirements
IS 14210 (pdf)
IS 14210 (txt)
1994Automotive vehicles - Rear view mirrors
IS 14224 (pdf)
IS 14224 (txt)
1995Automotive vehicles - Registration plate - Requirements
IS 14225 (pdf)
IS 14225 (txt)
1995Automotive vehicles - Locking systems and door retention components - General requirements
IS 14226 (pdf)
IS 14226 (txt)
1995Automotive vehicles - Hood latch system - Method of test
IS 14247 (pdf)1995Automotive vehicles - Exterior protection for passenger car - Performance requirementsISO 2958
IS 14272-1 (pdf)
IS 14272-1 (txt)
1995Automotive Vehicles - Types - Terminology, Part 1: Three and Four WheelersISO 3833
IS 14272 (pdf)
IS 14272 (txt)
IS 14413 (pdf)1996Automotive vehicles - Telltale symbols and controls on two wheeled and three wheeled vehicles (superseding IS 9655, IS 9774, IS 10043 and IS 10479)
IS 14495 (pdf)1998Automotive Vehicles - Pillion hand-holds for two-wheeled vehicles - Requirements
IS 14681 (pdf)
IS 14681 (txt)
1999Automotive vehicles - Fuel tanks for two or three wheelers
IS 14682 (pdf)
IS 14682 (txt)
2004Automotive Vehicles - Lateral Protection (Side Guards) - Technical Requirements
IS 14812 (pdf)
IS 14812 (txt)
2005Automotive Vehicles - Rear Underrun Protective Device - General Requirements
IS 15061 (pdf)2002Automotive Vehicles - Flammabiltiy Requirements
IS 15139 (pdf)
IS 15139 (txt)
2002Automotive Vehicles -- Safety Belt Anchorages -
IS 15140 (pdf)2003Automotive Vehicles - Safety Belt Assembly
IS 15223 (pdf)
IS 15223 (txt)
2002Automotive Vehicles - Interior Fittings
IS 15546 (pdf)
IS 15546 (txt)
2005Automotive vehicles - seats, their anchorages and head restraints for category M1
IS 15547 (pdf)
IS 15547 (txt)
2005Automotive vehicles - Plastic fuel tank for four wheelers
IS 15901 (pdf)
IS 15901 (txt)
IS 15943 (pdf)
IS 15943 (txt)
2012Automotive Vehicles - Hand-Holds for Three, Four and More than Four Wheeled Motor Vehicles - Specification

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