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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Transport Engineering
Section Name: Automotive Braking Systems (TED 4)

IS 2742-1 (pdf)
IS 2742-1 (txt)
1994Automotive Vehicles - Brake Linings (Non-Rubberized), Part 1: Specification
IS 2742-2 (pdf)
IS 2742-2 (txt)
1999Automotive Vehicles - Brake Linings - Rubberised, Part 2: Specification
IS 2742-3 (pdf)1994Automotive vehicles - Brake linings, Part 3: Methods of test
IS 2742-4 (pdf)1994Automotive vehicles - Brake linings, Part 4: Co-efficient of friction - Method of test
IS 2742-5 (pdf)
IS 2742-5 (txt)
1994Automotive Vehicles - Brake Linings, Part 5: Internal Shear Strength - Method of Test
IS 3028 (pdf)
IS 3028 (txt)
1998Automotive Vehicles - Noise Emitted by Moving Vehicles - Method of MeasurementISO/DIS 362
IS 7079 (pdf)
IS 7079 (txt)
2008Automotive vehicles - Brake hose assemblies for hydraulic braking systems used with non-petroleum base brake fluid
IS 9211 (pdf)
IS 9211 (txt)
2003Specification for Terms and Definitions of Weights of Road Vehicles other than 2 and 3 Wheelers
IS 10278 (pdf)
IS 10278 (txt)
2009Motorcycles - Measurement of Maximum SpeedISO 7117
IS 10399 (pdf)1998Automotive Vehicles - Noise Emitted by Stationary Vehicles - Method of Measurement
IS 10407 (pdf)
IS 10407 (txt)
1998Automotive vehicles - Two wheelers - Acceleration peformance - Method of Evaluation
IS 10881 (pdf)
IS 10881 (txt)
1994Automotive Vehicles - Mopeds, Scooters and Motorcycles - Method of Evaluation of Fuel Consumption
IS 11422 (pdf)
IS 11422 (txt)
2001Terms and Definitions of Weights of Two Wheeled Motor VehiclesISO 6726
IS 11432 (pdf)
IS 11432 (txt)
2002Terms and Definitions of Dimensions of Two Wheeled Motor VehiclesISO 6725
IS 11739 (pdf)1986Method of recording dust ingress in automotive vehicles
IS 11825 (pdf)1986Method of weighment of automotive vehicles
IS 11827 (pdf)
IS 11827 (txt)
2008Automotive Vehicle - Calibration of Speedometer - Method of Evaluation
IS 11839 (pdf)1986Procedure for Splash Proof Testing of Automotive Vehicles
IS 11849 (pdf)1986Method of determination of Centre of Gravity of automotive vehicles
IS 11850 (pdf)
IS 11850 (txt)
1998Automotive Vehicles - Odometer Systems - Method of Evaluation
IS 11851 (pdf)1986Method of evaluation of acceleration of automotive vehicles
IS 11852-1 (pdf)
IS 11852-1 (txt)
2001Automotive Vehicles - brakes and braking systems, Part 1: Terminology
IS 11852-2 (pdf)2001Automotive Vehicles - Brakes and Braking Systems, Part 2: General Functions and Features
IS 11852-3 (pdf)2001Automotive vehicles - brakes and braking systems, Part 3: Performance requirements and evaluation
IS 11852-4 (pdf)
IS 11852-4 (txt)
2001Automotive Vehicles - Brakes and Braking Systems, Part 4: Compressed Air and Air Assisted Brakes - Special Requirements
IS 11852-5 (pdf)2001Automotive Vehicles - brakes and braking systems, Part 5: Compressed air and air assisted brakes - Pressure test connectionsISO 3853
IS 11852-6 (pdf)
IS 11852-6 (txt)
2001Automotive Vehicles - brakes and braking systems, Part 6: Vacuum braking system - Special requirements
IS 11852-8 (pdf)
IS 11852-8 (txt)
2001Automotive Vehicles - Brakes and Braking Systems, Part 8: Test Procedures
IS 11852-9 (pdf)2003Automotive Vehicles - Brakes and Braking Systems, Part 9: Requirements for Vehicles Equipped with Anti-Lock Braking Systems
IS 11865 (pdf)2006Automotive vehicles - Method of conducting waterproofing test
IS 11877 (pdf)1986Method of evaluation of maximum speed of automotive vehicles
IS 11921 (pdf)
IS 11921 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Method of evaluation of fuel consumption
IS 11948 (pdf)
IS 11948 (txt)
IS 12105 (pdf)1987Methods of test for valves of automotive air brake systems
IS 12218 (pdf)1987Method of Measurement of Approach, Departure and Ramp Angles of Automotive Vehicles
IS 12222 (pdf)
IS 12222 (txt)
IS 12695 (pdf)1989Automotive Vehicles - Three Wheeled Vehicles - Determination of Centre of Gravity
IS 12793 (pdf)
IS 12793 (txt)
2012Motorcycles - Measurment Method for Location of Centre of GravityISO 9130:2005
IS 12821 (pdf)
IS 12821 (txt)
1989Automotive Vehicles - Braking Systems, Tube Connections - Dimensions
IS 12831 (pdf)1989Automotive Vehicles - Braking Systems - Banjo Bolt Connections - Dimensions
IS 12832 (pdf)
IS 12832 (txt)
IS 12851 (pdf)
IS 12851 (txt)
1989Automotive Vehicles - Hydraulic Brake Systems Tubings - Performance Requirements
IS 12884 (pdf)1990Automotive Vehicles - Braking Systems, Rubber Boots for Brake Wheel Cylinders - Performance Requirements
IS 13207 (pdf)1991Automotive Vehicles Hydraulic Braking Systems - Wheel Cylinder Performance Requirements
IS 13224 (pdf)1991Automotive Vehicle Hydraulic Braking Systems - Master Cylinder - Performance Requirements
IS 13225 (pdf)1992Automotive Vehicles - Hydraulic Braking Systems - Rubber Cups
IS 13249 (pdf)1991Automotive Vehicles - Braking Systems - Rubber Seal for Disc Brake Cylinder - Performance Requirements
IS 13363 (pdf)1992Automotive vehicles - Air brake systems - Performance requriements for drain valves
IS 13453 (pdf)1994Automotive vehicles - Braking systems - Method of test on brake dynamometer for two and three wheelers
IS 13492 (pdf)1992Automotive Vehicles - Two Wheelers - Method of Evaluation of Brake Pedal Strength Requirements
IS 13494 (pdf)1992Automotive Vehicles - Air Brake Systems - Performance Requirements for Unloader Valves
IS 13506 (pdf)1992Automtive vehicles - Method of test for articulation
IS 13603 (pdf)1992Automotive vehicles - Air brake systems - Performance requirements for brake chambers
IS 13604 (pdf)1992Automotive vehicles - Air brake systems - Performance requirements for dual brake valves
IS 13988 (pdf)
IS 13988 (txt)
2002Automotive Vehicles - Starting Gradeability - Method of Measurement
IS 14283 (pdf)1995Automotive Vehicles - Accelerator Control Systems - Safety Requirements
IS 14346-1 (pdf)1996Automotive Vehicles - Passenger Cars - Verification of Drivers Direct Field of View, Part 1: Vehicle Positioning for Static Measurement
IS 14346-2 (pdf)
IS 14346-2 (txt)
1996Automotive vehicles - Passenger cars verification of drivers direct field of view (Part 2) Method of test
IS 14557 (pdf)1998Automotive Vehicles - Cooling Performance - Method of Measurement
IS 14610 (pdf)
IS 14610 (txt)
1999Automotive vehicles - Fuel consumption on chassis dynamometer - Method of measurement
IS 14618 (pdf)
IS 14618 (txt)
1999Automotive vehicles - Air conditioning systems - Thermal performance - Method of measurement
IS 14664 (pdf)
IS 14664 (txt)
IS 14785 (pdf)
IS 14785 (txt)
2000Automotive Vehicles - Determination of Road-load Constants by Coast Down Test Method
IS 15702 (pdf)
IS 15702 (txt)
2006Automotive vehicles - Air brake hose
IS 15708 (pdf)
IS 15708 (txt)
2006Road vehicles - brake linings - shear test procedure for disc brake pad and drum brake shoe assembliesISO 6312
IS 15783 (pdf)2008Road vehicles - Brake control levers for two and three wheeled motor vehicles

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