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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Transport Engineering
Section Name: Inland, Harbour Crafts and Fishing Vessels (TED 18)

IS 4647 (pdf)1998Inland Vessels - Detachable Steel Ladder
IS 4659 (pdf)1980Wire rope reel for inland vesselsISO 3652
IS 4690 (pdf)
IS 4690 (txt)
1968Mooring Buoy Shackles
IS 5269 (pdf)1987Access Hatches for Inland Vessels
IS 7046 (pdf)
IS 7046 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Harbour tugs - Guide for selection
IS 7048 (pdf)
IS 7048 (txt)
2006Ship and marine technology - Small weathertight steel hatchesISO 5778
IS 7363 (pdf)
IS 7363 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Test and trials for harbour tugs
IS 7595-1 (pdf)1975General requirements for otter boards : Part 1 - Flat rectangular otter boards
IS 7595-2 (pdf)1976General requirements for otter boards, Part 2 Rectangular horizontally curved otter boards
IS 7595-3 (pdf)1977General requirements for otter boards, Part 3 Oval otter boards
IS 7595-4 (pdf)1986General Requirements for Otter Boards, Part 4: Application Standard
IS 7595-5 (pdf)1991Fishing vessels - Otter boards, Part 5: Vee type otter boards
IS 7595-6 (pdf)1991Fishing vessels - Otter boards, Part 6: Guidelines for selection
IS 8013 (pdf)
IS 8013 (txt)
1985Performance Requirements and Testing of Marine Diesel Engines for Fishing Vessels
IS 8373-1 (pdf)
IS 8373-1 (txt)
1991steel launches, Part 1: Single hull passenger ferry launches
IS 8509-1 (pdf)
IS 8509-1 (txt)
1977Code of practice for tests and trials of dredgers, Part 1 Self-propelled trailing hopper suction dredgers
IS 8820-1 (pdf)1978Towing Hooks, Part I: Scale of Tractive EffortsISO 3786
IS 8821-1 (pdf)1978Steering Gear, Part I: Values of Torques
IS 8821-2 (pdf)1982Steering Gear, Part II: Hand Hydraulic Steering Gear
IS 8821-3 (pdf)1990Inland vessels - steering gear, Part 3: Method of shop testing
IS 8950 (pdf)
IS 8950 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Harbour tugs - General reuirements
IS 9496-1 (pdf)
IS 9496-1 (txt)
1980Fishing Floats, Part I: Aluminium Alloy and Glass Floats
IS 9860-1 (pdf)1981Fishing Hooks, Part I: Barbed Hooks
IS 9871 (pdf)
IS 9871 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Wooden hatch covers
IS 9882-1 (pdf)1981Sealing Rubber for Covers for Cargo Hatches, Part I: Dry Cargo HatchesISO 4089
IS 10199 (pdf)
IS 10199 (txt)
1982Acceptance tests and trials for fishing vessels
IS 10227 (pdf)
IS 10227 (txt)
1997Fishing vessels - Trawl winchesISO 6115
IS 10526 (pdf)1996Inland vessels - Fire fighting water system - PressureISO 3935
IS 10527 (pdf)1983Pressure Ranges for Compressed Air System for Inland VesselsISO 3948
IS 10529 (pdf)1983Guidelines for estimation of engine power for small mechanized fishing boats
IS 10530 (pdf)
IS 10530 (txt)
1983Guidelines for selection of fish hold insulation
IS 10854-1 (pdf)1984Cutter Suction Dredge Components, Part 1: Cutter
IS 10854-2 (pdf)1984Cutter Suction Dredge Components, Part 2: Suction Pipe
IS 10854-3 (pdf)1984Cutter Suction Dredge Components, Part 3: Ladders
IS 10854-4 (pdf)1984Cutter Suction Dredge Components, Part 4: Spuds
IS 10854-5 (pdf)1993Inland vessels - Cutter suction dredge components, Part 5: Cast spud point - General requirements
IS 10854-6 (pdf)1993Inland vessels - Cutter suction dredge components, Part 6: Cast spud cylinder - General requirements
IS 10855 (pdf)1984Bucket Capacities for Multi-Bucket DredgersISO 7607
IS 10858 (pdf)1984Identification Painting and Inscription Code for Pilot CraftISO 6217
IS 10862 (pdf)1984Classification and Basic Requirements of Pilot Craft
IS 10868 (pdf)1984Data sheet for reverse/direct reduction gear box for fishing vessels
IS 11253 (pdf)1985Swing DerricksISO 4085
IS 11294-1 (pdf)1985Side Scuttles for Inland Vessels, Part 1: General Requirements
IS 11339 (pdf)1985Dimensions for couplings for oil and fuel reception for inland vesselsISO 3926
IS 11474 (pdf)
IS 11474 (txt)
1985General requirements of power-operated windlesses and anchor capstans for inland vesselsISO 6219
IS 11693 (pdf)
IS 11693 (txt)
2006Shipbuilding - Inland navigation - Cable-lifters for stud-link anchor chainsISO 21
IS 11694-1 (pdf)1986single-lock automatic couplings for push tows for inland navigation, Part 1 General requirementsISO 7545
IS 11694-2 (pdf)1986single-lock automatic couplings for push tows for inland navigation, Part 2 Type A couplingsISO 7545
IS 11694-3 (pdf)1986single-lock automatic couplings for push tows for inland navigation, Part 3 Type B couplingsISO 7545
IS 11823-1 (pdf)1986Couplings for Disposal of Oily Mixture for Inland Vessels, Part 1: Flange CouplingsISO 7608
IS 11823-2 (pdf)1986Couplings for Disposal of Oily Mixture for Inland Vessels, Part 2: Quick Release CouplingsISO 7608
IS 11823-3 (pdf)1986Couplings for Disposal of Oily Mixture for Inland Vessels, Part 3: Adapters (flange/end piece)ISO 7608
IS 11823-4 (pdf)1986Couplings for Disposal of Oily Mixtures for Inland Vessels, Part 4: Adapters (flange/bush)ISO 7608
IS 12115-1 (pdf)1987Couplings for Disposal of Sewage Water for Inland Vessels, Part 1: Flange CouplingISO 7608
IS 12115-2 (pdf)1987Couplings for Disposal of Sewage Water for Inland Vessels, Part 2: Quick-Release CouplingsISO 7608
IS 12115-3 (pdf)1987Couplings for Disposal of Sewage Water for Inland Vessels, Part 3: Adapters (Flange/End Piece)ISO 7608
IS 12115-4 (pdf)1987Couplings for Disposal of Sewage Water for Inland Vessels, Part 4: Adapters (flange/bush)ISO 7608
IS 12133 (pdf)
IS 12133 (txt)
1987Glossary of terms and definitions for dredgers
IS 12134 (pdf)1987Classification for dredgers
IS 12267-1 (pdf)
IS 12267-1 (txt)
1987Guidelines for stability for inland and harbour vessels, Part 1 Decked vessels
IS 12963 (pdf)1990Inland Vessels - Dredgers - Floaters
IS 13004-1 (pdf)1990Inland vessels - Fairleads s, Part 1 Two-lip fairleadsISO 4127-1
IS 13004-2 (pdf)1990Inland vessels - Fairleads s, Part 2 Roller fairleadsISO 4127-2
IS 13804 (pdf)
IS 13804 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Sheaves for dredgers - Dimensions
IS 13848 (pdf)
IS 13848 (txt)
1993Inland vessels - Rubber Fenders
IS 14171 (pdf)
IS 14171 (txt)
1994Inland vessels - Bellows for dredgers
IS 14238 (pdf)
IS 14238 (txt)
1995Inland vessels - Selection of rubber fenders for berthing structure - Code of practice
IS 14449 (pdf)1997Inland vessels - Draught scaleISO 7606
IS 14545 (pdf)
IS 14545 (txt)
IS 14546 (pdf)
IS 14546 (txt)
2009Acoustics - Measureement of Airborne Sound Emitted by Vessels on Inland Waterways and Harbours
IS 14646 (pdf)
IS 14646 (txt)
1999Shipbuilding - Mooring Buoy
IS 14762 (pdf)
IS 14762 (txt)
1999Fishing Vessels - Selection of Propeller Shafts for Mechanized Fishing Boats - Guidelines
IS 14919 (pdf)2001Inland Vessels - Raft - Type Life - Saving Apparatus - General RequirementISO 4001

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