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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Transport Engineering
Section Name: Automotive Electrical Equipment (TED 11)

IS 1062 (pdf)
IS 1062 (txt)
2005Road vehicles - Spark Plugs - Test methods and requirementsISO 11565
IS 1063 (pdf)
IS 1063 (txt)
1997Automotive Vehicles - M14 X 1.25 Spark Plugs with Flat Seating and Their Cylinder Head Housing
IS 1606 (pdf)
IS 1606 (txt)
1979Automobile Lamps
IS 1884 (pdf)1993Automotive vehicles - Electric horns
IS 2077 (pdf)
IS 2077 (txt)
1996Automotive vehicles - Electric relays
IS 2081 (pdf)
IS 2081 (txt)
1998Automotive Vehicles - Taper Terminal Cable Connectors for Batteries - brass type connectors
IS 2325 (pdf)
IS 2325 (txt)
1981Ignition coils for battery-coil ignition systems for automobiles
IS 2577-1 (pdf)
IS 2577-1 (txt)
2012Road Vehicles – Fuse-Links, Part 1: Definitions and General Test RequirementsISO 8820-1:2008
IS 2577-2 (pdf)
IS 2577-2 (txt)
2012Road Vehicles – Fuse-Links, Part 2: User's GuideISO 8820-2:2005
IS 2577-4 (pdf)2012Road Vehicles - Fuse Links, Part 4: Fuse-links with Female contacts (Type A) and Bolt-In Contacts (Type B) and their fixturesISO 8820-4:2002
IS 2577-5 (pdf)
IS 2577-5 (txt)
2012Road Vehicles - Fuse Links, Part 5: Links with Axial Terminals (Strip Fuse-links) Types SF30 and SF51 and Test FixturesISO 8820-5:2007
IS 2577-6 (pdf)
IS 2577-6 (txt)
2012Road Vehicles - Fuse Links, Part 6: Single - Bolt Fuse-LinksISO 8820-6:2007
IS 2577-7 (pdf)
IS 2577-7 (txt)
2012Road Vehicles - Fuse Links, Part 7: Fuse-links with Tabs (Type G) with Rated Voltage of 450 VISO 8820-7:2007
IS 2577 (pdf)1974Cartridge Fuse-links for Automobiles
IS 3141 (pdf)
IS 3141 (txt)
2007Starter Motors for internal combustion engines used for automotive and other applications
IS 4050 (pdf)1976Methods of tests for horn switches for automobiles
IS 4060 (pdf)
IS 4060 (txt)
1994Automotive vehicles - Flashers for direction indicators
IS 4061 (pdf)
IS 4061 (txt)
1967Headlight Switches for Automobiles
IS 4062 (pdf)
IS 4062 (txt)
1986Foot-Operated Head-Light Dip Switches for Automobiles
IS 4086 (pdf)
IS 4086 (txt)
1983Distributors for Spark Ignition Engines
IS 4362 (pdf)1979Number Plate Lighting Devices for Automobiles
IS 4373 (pdf)1967Hydraulically Operated Stop Light Switches for Automobiles
IS 4815 (pdf)
IS 4815 (txt)
1982Self-Cancelling Direction Indicator Switches for Automobiles
IS 5439 (pdf)
IS 5439 (txt)
1978Oil Pressure Switches for Automobiles
IS 5545 (pdf)
IS 5545 (txt)
1977Fog Lights for Automobiles
IS 5546 (pdf)
IS 5546 (txt)
1981Distribution Caps and Rotor Arms for Automobiles
IS 5562 (pdf)
IS 5562 (txt)
2000Automotive Vehicles - Fuel Gauges - Cross Coil Movement Type
IS 5577 (pdf)
IS 5577 (txt)
2000Automotive Vehicles - Ammeters
IS 7471 (pdf)1974Recommendation for polarity of earth connections and marking of electrical equipment for automobiles
IS 7827-1 (pdf)1975Electrical Wind Screen Wipers, Part I: Wiper System
IS 7827-2 (pdf)1975Electrical Wind Screen Wipers, Part II: Wiper Motors
IS 7827-3-1 (pdf)
IS 7827-3-1 (txt)
1993Automotive Vehicles - Electrical Wind Screen Wipers, Part 3: Wiper Arms and Blades, Section 1: Wiper Arms
IS 7827-3-2 (pdf)
IS 7827-3-2 (txt)
1985Electrical Wind Screen Wiper, Part 3: Wiper Arms and Blades, Section 2: Wiper Blades
IS 7953 (pdf)1976Horn Rings for Automobiles
IS 7998 (pdf)1986Contact Breakers for Two Wheelers, Three Wheelers and Stationary Spark Ignition Engines
IS 8339 (pdf)
IS 8339 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Reflex reflectors - Specifiction
IS 8395-1 (pdf)1977Cable Terminations for Automobile Wiring, Part I: Blade Type Connectors (Male and Female)
IS 8395-2 (pdf)1977Cable Terminations for Automobile Wiring, Part II: Bullet and Tube Type Connectors
IS 8925 (pdf)1978Alternators for Automobiles
IS 9264-1 (pdf)
IS 9264-1 (txt)
1979Interior Lighting of Motor Vehicle, Part I: General Requirements and Recommendations
IS 9432 (pdf)1980Ignition switches for automobiles
IS 9433 (pdf)1980Piano key type switches for use in automobiles
IS 9435 (pdf)
IS 9435 (txt)
2004Terms and Definitions Relating to Dimensions of Road Vehicles Other than 2 and 3 WheelersISO 612 (E)
IS 9500 (pdf)
IS 9500 (txt)
1980360° Rotary Emergency Warning Lights
IS 9521 (pdf)
IS 9521 (txt)
1980Push-button Type Switches for Automotive Vehicles
IS 10250 (pdf)1982Severities for Environmental Test for Automotive Electrical Equipment
IS 11086 (pdf)
IS 11086 (txt)
1984Speedometer/Odometer Systems for Automotive Applications
IS 11098 (pdf)1992Automotive Vehicles - Steering Column Mounted Combination Switches
IS 12508 (pdf)
IS 12508 (txt)
1988Electric Tachometer System for Automotive Vehicles
IS 12588 (pdf)
IS 12588 (txt)
1988General Requirements for Automotive Oil and Air Assisted Pressure Gauges
IS 13135 (pdf)1991Automotive vehicles - Electronic flashers
IS 13226 (pdf)1991Automotive vehicles - Resistances in starter motor circuits - Methods of measurement
IS 13313 (pdf)
IS 13313 (txt)
1991Automotive vehicles - Electrical wiring - Colour coding
IS 13437 (pdf)2012Road Vehicles – Working Voltages for Lights Fitted to Motor Vehicles and to their TrailersSO 3559:1976
IS 13460 (pdf)
IS 13460 (txt)
2005Road vehicles - Connectors for the electrical connection of towing and towed vehicles - 7-pole connector type 12 S (supplementary) for vehicles with 12V nominal supply voltageISO 3732
IS 13461 (pdf)
IS 13461 (txt)
2005Road vehicles - Connectors for the electrical connections of towing and towed vechiles - 7-pole connector type 12N (Normal) for vehicles with 12 V Nominal supply voltageISO 1724
IS 13491 (pdf)
IS 13491 (txt)
2005Road Vehicles - Connectors for the Electrical Connection of Towing and Towed Vehicles - 7-Pole Connector Type 24 N (Normal) for Vehicles with 24 V Nominal Supply VoltageISO 1185
IS 13499 (pdf)
IS 13499 (txt)
2005Road Vehicles - Connectors for the Electrical Connection of Towing and Towed Vehicles - 7- pole Connector Type 24 S(Supplementary) for Vehicles with 24 V Nominal supply voltageISO 3731
IS 13509 (pdf)1992Automotive vehicles - Towing vehicles - Mounting of electrical connections on rear cross members
IS 13599 (pdf)
IS 13599 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Instruments systems - Temperature gagues electrical type
IS 13602 (pdf)
IS 13602 (txt)
1992Automotive vehicles - Instrument systems - Temperature gauges mechanical types
IS 13646 (pdf)
IS 13646 (txt)
1993Automotive Vehicles - Instrument Systems - Pressure Gauges Electrical Type
IS 13654 (pdf)
IS 13654 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Instruments systems - Electrical speedometer- performance requirements
IS 13931-1 (pdf)
IS 13931-1 (txt)
1993Automotive vehicles - Stoplight switches, Part 1: Specification
IS 13931-2 (pdf)1993Automotive vehicles - Stoplight switches, Part 2: Methods of test
IS 14141 (pdf)
IS 14141 (txt)
1994Automotive Vehicles - Electrical Windshield Washing Systems - Performance Requirements
IS 14221 (pdf)
IS 14221 (txt)
1995Automotive vehicles - Retroreflective sheets and tapes
IS 14380 (pdf)
IS 14380 (txt)
1996Automotive vehicles - Ignition coils for magneto ignition systems
IS 14381 (pdf)
IS 14381 (txt)
1996Automotive vehicles - Electrical circuits - Recommended graphical symbols
IS 14813 (pdf)2000Automotive Vehicles - Air Horns
IS 15350 (pdf)2003Automotive Vehicles - Ignition Systems - Methods of Tests
IS 15364 (pdf)2003Automotive Vehicles - Spark-Pluge M10 X 1 with Flat Seating
IS 15730 (pdf)
IS 15730 (txt)
2006ac Flashers for 2 and 3 Wheelers
IS 15754 (pdf)
IS 15754 (txt)
2006Intelligent transport systems - continuous air interface, long and medium range (calm) - Infra-red systemsISO 21214
IS 15796 (pdf)2008Automotive vehicles - Horn installation requirements
IS 15802 (pdf)
IS 15802 (txt)
2008Automotive vehicles - Windscreen wiping system for 4 wheelers other than M1 category of vehicles - Requirements
IS 15804 (pdf)
IS 15804 (txt)
2008Automotive vehicles - Windscreen wiping and washing system for M1 category of vehicles - Requirements
IS/ISO 6722 (pdf)
IS/ISO 6722 (txt)
2011Road vehicles – 60 V and 600 Single – Core Cables – Dimensions, Test Methods and RequirementsISO 6722:2006

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