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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Management and Systems
Section Name: Documentation and Information (MSD 5)

IS 4 (pdf)
IS 4 (txt)
1963Guide for Layout of Learned Periodicals
IS 12 (pdf)
IS 12 (txt)
2005Guide for drafting and presentation of Indian Standards
IS 18 (pdf)
IS 18 (txt)
1999Information and Documentation - Rules for the Abbreviation of Title Words and Titles of PublicationsISO 4
IS 382 (pdf)
IS 382 (txt)
2003Practice for Alphabetical Arrangement
IS 790 (pdf)
IS 790 (txt)
1987Guidelines for preliminary pages of a book
IS 795 (pdf)
IS 795 (txt)
1976Guide for preparation of abstracts
IS 796 (pdf)
IS 796 (txt)
1966Glossary of cataloguing terms
IS 1250 (pdf)
IS 1250 (txt)
1958Proof corrections for printers and authors
IS 1275 (pdf)
IS 1275 (txt)
1976Rules for making alphabetical indexes
IS 1358 (pdf)
IS 1358 (txt)
1967Practice for layout of library catalogue code
IS 2381-1 (pdf)
IS 2381-1 (txt)
2009Information and documentation - Bibliographic references, Part 1: Content, form and structureISO 690
IS 2381-2 (pdf)
IS 2381-2 (txt)
2009Information and Documentation - Bibliographic References, Part 2: Electronic Documents or Parts ThereofISO 690-2
IS 2550 (pdf)
IS 2550 (txt)
1963Glossary of classification terms
IS 3050 (pdf)
IS 3050 (txt)
1965Code of practice for reinforced binding of library books and periodicals
IS 3083 (pdf)
IS 3083 (txt)
1985Code of practice for the processing of microtransparencies (microfilms and microfiche) (silver halide)
IS 3130 (pdf)
IS 3130 (txt)
1985Code of practice for handling and storage of microtransparencies (microfilms and microfiche) (silver halide)
IS 4731 (pdf)
IS 4731 (txt)
2009Guide for Preparation of Manuscript of an Article in a Learned Periodical
IS 6298 (pdf)
IS 6298 (txt)
1971Guide for selection of type and page layout in textbooks
IS 6299 (pdf)1971Guide for handling, testing and storage of monochrome photographic prints
IS 6660 (pdf)
IS 6660 (txt)
1972Guide for illustrations in books
IS 6666 (pdf)2007Recommendations for frequency notation for periodical publications
IS 7140 (pdf)
IS 7140 (txt)
1971Symbols and notations for correction of illustrations and illustration proofs
IS 7150 (pdf)
IS 7150 (txt)
1974library catalogue and abstract card
IS 7160 (pdf)2003Guide for Print Area, Margins and Type Sizes for Textbooks
IS 7400 (pdf)
IS 7400 (txt)
1974Guide for preparation and production of textbooks
IS 7900 (pdf)
IS 7900 (txt)
2007Data Elements and Interchange Formats - Information Interchange - Representation of Dates and TimesISO 8601 4
IS 8010-1 (pdf)
IS 8010-1 (txt)
1976Guidelines for preparation of technical reports, Part 1: Research and development reports
IS 8010-2 (pdf)
IS 8010-2 (txt)
1982Guidelines for preparation of technical reports, Part 2: Feasibility reports
IS 8010-3 (pdf)
IS 8010-3 (txt)
1987Guidelines for preparation of technical reports, Part 3: Industrial potential survey reports
IS 8310 (pdf)
IS 8310 (txt)
2006Information and Documentation - International Standard Book Number (ISBN)ISO 2108
IS 9400 (pdf)
IS 9400 (txt)
1980Guide for the preparation of bibliographic description sheet for technical reports
IS 9450 (pdf)
IS 9450 (txt)
1980Guidelines for placement of images in roll microfilm
IS 9637 (pdf)
IS 9637 (txt)
1980Guidelines for presentation of information in technical manuals
IS 10101 (pdf)
IS 10101 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation International Standard Serial Number (ISSN)
IS 10454 (pdf)
IS 10454 (txt)
1983Guidelines for presentation of translationsISO 2384
IS 10455 (pdf)
IS 10455 (txt)
1983Guidelines for presentation of abstract sheets in serial publications
IS 10456 (pdf)
IS 10456 (txt)
2003Density of Silver-Gelatin Type Microforms
IS 11370 (pdf)
IS 11370 (txt)
2008Guide for Data Elements and Record Format for Computer Based Bibliographical Data Bases for Bibliographic Description of Different Kinds of Documents
IS 11956 (pdf)
IS 11956 (txt)
1987Guidelines for the preparation of trade catalogues
IS 11957 (pdf)
IS 11957 (txt)
1987Guidelines for contents list of periodicals
IS 12000-1 (pdf)
IS 12000-1 (txt)
1987Guide for paper spoilage and wastage for printing industry, Part 1: Sheetfed, letterpress and offset processes
IS 12879-1 (pdf)
IS 12879-1 (txt)
2012Microfilming of technical drawings and other drawing office documents, Part 1: Operating proceduresISO 3272-1
IS 12879-2 (pdf)
IS 12879-2 (txt)
1999Microfilming of Technical Drawings and other Drawing Office Documents, Part 2: Quality Criteria and Control of 35 mm Silver Gelatin MicrofilmsISO 3272-2
IS 12879-3 (pdf)
IS 12879-3 (txt)
2004Microfilming of technical drawings and other drawing office documents, Part 3: Aperture Card for 35 mm MicrofilmISO 3272-3
IS 12879-4 (pdf)
IS 12879-4 (txt)
1999Microfilming of Technical Drawings and Other Drawing Office Documents, Part 4: Microfilming of Drawings of Special and Exceptional Elongated SizesISO 3272-4
IS 12940 (pdf)
IS 12940 (txt)
1990Documentation - Library statistics - Guide
IS 13550 (pdf)
IS 13550 (txt)
2003Information and Documentation - VocabularyISO 5127
IS 14720 (pdf)
IS 14720 (txt)
1999Documentation - Guidelines for the Establishment and Development of Monolingual ThesauriISO 2788
IS 14836-1 (pdf)
IS 14836-1 (txt)
2009Codes for the Representation of Names of Countries and Their Subdivisions, Part 1: Country CodesISO 3166-1
IS 14873 (pdf)
IS 14873 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Format for Information ExchangeISO 2709:2008
IS 15027-1 (pdf)
IS 15027-1 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 1: General TermsISO 6196-1
IS 15027-2 (pdf)
IS 15027-2 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 2: Image Positions and Methods of RecordingISO 6196-2
IS 15027-3 (pdf)
IS 15027-3 (txt)
2003Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 3: Film ProcessingISO 6196-3
IS 15027-4 (pdf)
IS 15027-4 (txt)
2003Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 4: Materials and PackagingISO 6196-4
IS 15027-5 (pdf)
IS 15027-5 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 5: Quality of Images, Legibility, InspectionISO 6196-5
IS 15027-6 (pdf)
IS 15027-6 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 6: EquipmentISO 6196-6
IS 15027-7 (pdf)
IS 15027-7 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 7: Computer MicrographicsISO 6196-7
IS 15027-8 (pdf)
IS 15027-8 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 8: UseISO 6196-8
IS 15027-10 (pdf)
IS 15027-10 (txt)
2001Micrographics - Vocabulary, Part 10: IndexISO 6196-10
IS 15281 (pdf)
IS 15281 (txt)
2003Information and Documentation - International Standard Technical Report Number (ISRN)ISO 10444
IS 15282 (pdf)
IS 15282 (txt)
2003Entries in a Directory of Periodicals
IS 15283 (pdf)
IS 15283 (txt)
2003Layout of an Entry in a Union Catalogue of Periodical Publication
IS 15339 (pdf)
IS 15339 (txt)
2003Public Library - Guidelines
IS 15389 (pdf)
IS 15389 (txt)
2003Gedi - Generic Electronic Document InterchangeISO 17933
IS 15390 (pdf)
IS 15390 (txt)
2003Information and Documentation - Information Retrieval (Z39.50) - Application Service Definition and Protocol SpecificationISO 23950
IS 15963-1 (pdf)
IS 15963-1 (txt)
2012Graphic Technology - Process Control for the Production of Half-Tone Colour Separations, Proofs and Production Prints, Part 1: Parameters and Measurement MethodsISO 12647 - 1:2004
IS 15963-4 (pdf)
IS 15963-4 (txt)
2012Graphic Technology - Process Control for the Production of Half-Tone Colour Separations, Proofs and Production Prints, Part 4: Publication Gravure PrintingISO 12467 - 4:2005
IS 15963-5 (pdf)
IS 15963-5 (txt)
2012Graphic Technology - Process Control for the Production of Half-Tone Colour Separations, Proofs and Production Prints, Part 5: Screen PrintingISO 12647-5:2001
IS 15963-6 (pdf)
IS 15963-6 (txt)
2012Graphic Technology - Process Control for the Production of Half-Tone Colour Separations, Proofs and Production Prints, Part 6: Flexographic PrintingISO 12647-6:2006
IS 15991 (pdf)
IS 15991 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Bibliographic Data Element Directory for use in Data Exchange and EnquiryISO 8459:2009
IS 15992 (pdf)
IS 15992 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - The Dublin Core Metadata Element SetISO 15836:2009
IS 15993 (pdf)
IS 15993 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Schema for Holdings InformationISO 20775:2009
IS 15994-1 (pdf)
IS 15994-1 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Records Management Processes - Metadata for Records, Part 1: PrincipalsISO 23081 - 1:2006
IS 15994-2 (pdf)
IS 15994-2 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Records Management Processes - Metadata for RecordsISO 23081-2:2009
IS 15995 (pdf)
IS 15995 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - MarcxchangeISO 25577:2008
IS 15996 (pdf)
IS 15996 (txt)
2012Information and Documentation - Library Performance IndicatorsISO 11620:2008

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