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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Management and Systems
Section Name: Statistical Methods for Quality and Reliability (MSD 3)

IS 2 (pdf)
IS 2 (txt)
1960Rules for Rounding off Numerical Values
IS 397-0 (pdf)
IS 397-0 (txt)
2003Methods for Statistical Quality Control During Production, Part 0: Guidelines for Selection of Control Charts
IS 397-1 (pdf)
IS 397-1 (txt)
2003Method for Statistical Quality Control During Production, Part 1: Control Charts for Variables
IS 397-2 (pdf)
IS 397-2 (txt)
2003Method for Statistical Quality Control During Production, Part 2: Control Charts for Attributes
IS 397-3 (pdf)
IS 397-3 (txt)
2003Method for Statistical Quality Control During Production, Part 3: Special Control Charts by Variables
IS 397-4 (pdf)
IS 397-4 (txt)
2003Method for Statistical Quality Control During Production, Part 4: Special Control Charts by Attributes
IS 1548 (pdf)
IS 1548 (txt)
1981Manual on Basic Principles of Lot Sampling Itemized lot sampling
IS 2500-1 (pdf)
IS 2500-1 (txt)
2000Sampling Inspection Procedures, Part 1: Attribute Sampling Plans Indexed by Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) for Lot-by-Lot InspectionISO 186 : 1985 ISO 2859-1
IS 2500-2 (pdf)
IS 2500-2 (txt)
1965Sampling inspection procedures, Part 2: Inspection by variables for percent defective
IS 2500-3 (pdf)
IS 2500-3 (txt)
1995Sampling Inspection Procedures, Part 3: Attribute Sampling Plans Indexed by Limiting Quality (LQ) for Isolated Lot InspectionISO 2859-2
IS 4905 (pdf)
IS 4905 (txt)
1968Methods for random sampling
IS 6200-1 (pdf)
IS 6200-1 (txt)
2003Statistical Tests of Significance, Part 1: Normal t- and F-Tests
IS 6200-2 (pdf)
IS 6200-2 (txt)
2004Statistical Tests of Significance, Part 2: X2- Test
IS 6200-3 (pdf)
IS 6200-3 (txt)
2003Statistical Tests of Significance, Part 3: Tests for Normality
IS 6200-4 (pdf)
IS 6200-4 (txt)
2008Statistical Tests of Significance, Part 4: Non-parametric Tests
IS 7200-1 (pdf)
IS 7200-1 (txt)
1989Presentation of statistical data, Part 1: Tabulation and summarization
IS 7200-2 (pdf)
IS 7200-2 (txt)
1975Presentation of statistical data, Part 2: Diagrammatic representation of data
IS 7200-3 (pdf)
IS 7200-3 (txt)
1982Presentation of statistical data, Part 3: Management Information Systems - Quality Control
IS 7300 (pdf)
IS 7300 (txt)
2003Methods of Regression and Correlation
IS 7600 (pdf)
IS 7600 (txt)
1975Analysis of variance
IS 7920-1 (pdf)
IS 7920-1 (txt)
1994Statistical Vocabulary and Symbols, Part 1: Probability and General Statistical Terms
IS 7920-2 (pdf)
IS 7920-2 (txt)
2012Statistics - Vocabulary and Symbols, Part 2: Applied StatisticsISO 3534 _ 2:2006
IS 7920-3 (pdf)
IS 7920-3 (txt)
1996Statistical vocabulary and symbols, Part 3: Design of experiments
IS 8900 (pdf)
IS 8900 (txt)
1978Criteria for the rejection of outlying observations
IS 9300-1 (pdf)
IS 9300-1 (txt)
1979Statistical models for industrial applications, Part 1: Discrete models
IS 9300-2 (pdf)
IS 9300-2 (txt)
1989Statistical models for industrial applications, Part 2: Continuous models
IS 10427-1 (pdf)
IS 10427-1 (txt)
1982Designs for industrial experimentation, Part 1: Standard designs
IS 10427-2 (pdf)
IS 10427-2 (txt)
2006Designs for industrial experimentation, Part 2: Orthogonal arrays
IS 10645 (pdf)
IS 10645 (txt)
2004Methods for Estimation of Process Capability and Process Performance
IS 12347 (pdf)
IS 12347 (txt)
1988Analysis of Means - A Graphical Procedure
IS 12348 (pdf)
IS 12348 (txt)
1988Use of probability papers
IS 13131 (pdf)
IS 13131 (txt)
1991Statistical Tolerance Interval - Methods for Determination
IS 14277 (pdf)
IS 14277 (txt)
1996Statistical Interpretation of Test Results - Estimation of Mean, Standard Deviation and Regression Coefficient - Confidence Interval
IS 14977 (pdf)
IS 14977 (txt)
2001Control Charts Based on Inspection by Gauging
IS 14978 (pdf)
IS 14978 (txt)
2002New Seven Tools for Quality Management
IS 15202-1 (pdf)
IS 15202-1 (txt)
2002Guidelines for Implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC), Part 1: Elements of SPCISO 11462-1
IS 15202-2 (pdf)
IS 15202-2 (txt)
2012Guidelines for Implementation of Statistical Process Control (SPC) Part 2 Catalogue of Tools and TechniquesISO 11462 -2:2010
IS 15280 (pdf)
IS 15280 (txt)
2003Quality Function Deployment
IS 15431 (pdf)
IS 15431 (txt)
2003Seven Basic Tools for Quality Management
IS 15436-1 (pdf)
IS 15436-1 (txt)
2004Statistical Aspects of Sampling from Bulk Materials, Part 1: General PrinciplesISO 11648-1
IS 15550 (pdf)
IS 15550 (txt)
2005Failure mode effects analysis
IS 15564 (pdf)
IS 15564 (txt)
IS 15610 (pdf)
IS 15610 (txt)
2006Guidelines for measurement of customer satisfaction
IS/ISO 11843-1 (pdf)1997Capability of Detection, Part 1: Terms and DefinitionsISO 11843-1:1997
IS/ISO 11843-2 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11843-2 (txt)
2000Capability of Detection, Part 2: Methodology in the Linear Calibration CaseISO 11843-2:2000
IS/ISO 11843-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11843-3 (txt)
2003Capability of Detection, Part 3: Methodology for Determination of the Critical Value for the Response Variable When no Calibration Data are UsedISO 11843-3:2003
IS/ISO 11843-4 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11843-4 (txt)
2007Capability of Detection, Part 4: Methodology for Comparing the Minimum Detectable Value with a given ValueISO 11843-4:2007

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