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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
Section Name: Neurosurgery Instruments Implants and Accessories (MHD 7)

IS 8174 (pdf)1994Neurosurgical instruments - Forceps, artery, Dandy's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 8175 (pdf)1994Neurosurgical Instruments - Forceps, Artery, Straight and Curved on Flat, Hugh Cairn's Pattern - Shape and Dimensions
IS 8176 (pdf)1976Dissectors, Penfield's Pattern
IS 8334 (pdf)1977Rongeur, Cranial, Dahlgren's Pattern
IS 8380 (pdf)1977Rongeur, Double-Action, Olivecrona's Pattern
IS 8695 (pdf)1978Forceps, Dressing, Bayonet Shape, Cushing's Pattern
IS 8696 (pdf)1978Guide, Saw, De Martel's Pattern
IS 8799 (pdf)1978Rongeur, Kerrison
IS 9041 (pdf)1979Elevator, Periosteal
IS 9072 (pdf)1979Rongeur, Pituitary
IS 9073 (pdf)1979Neuro-Suction Tubes
IS 9074 (pdf)1979Raney Clips and Clip Applicator
IS 9408 (pdf)1986Retractor, Self Retaining
IS 9410-1 (pdf)1980Silver Clip Set, Part I: Forceps, Clip Cutting and Forming
IS 9410-2 (pdf)1980Silver Clip Set, Part II: Forceps, Clip Applying
IS 9410-3 (pdf)1981Silver Clip Set, Part III: Rack, Clip
IS 9903 (pdf)1981Brace, Skull
IS 9904 (pdf)1981Hooks, Dural
IS 9911 (pdf)1981Cannula, Brain
IS 9914 (pdf)1981Calipers, Ice Tong, Cone's Pattern
IS 9933 (pdf)1981Retractor, Brain, Malleable
IS 10157 (pdf)1982Percussor, Neurological, McGill's Pattern
IS 10172 (pdf)1982Burs and Perforators for Drill Brace
IS 10174 (pdf)1982Tongs, skull Traction, Crutchfield's Pattern
IS 10183 (pdf)1982Retractor, Deep, Self-Retaining, Laminectomy
IS 10676 (pdf)1983Spatula, Brain, Double-ended Malleable, Olivecrona's Pattern
IS 10677 (pdf)1983Rongeur, Intervertebral Disk
IS 10765 (pdf)1983Forceps, Dissecting, Toothed and Bayonet Shaped, Cushing's Pattern
IS 13141 (pdf)1991Neurosurgical Instruments-Leksell's Rongeur
IS 13175 (pdf)1991Neurosurgical Instruments - Needle Holder - Shape and Dimensions
IS 13180 (pdf)1991Neurosurgical Instruments - Scoville Trephine
IS 14139 (pdf)
IS 14139 (txt)
2008Neurosurgical implants - Self-closing intracranial aneurysm clipsISO 9713
IS 14679 (pdf)
IS 14679 (txt)
1999Neurosurgical implants - Implantable perpheral nerve stimulators
IS 14921 (pdf)
IS 14921 (txt)
2001Neurosurgical Implants Marking and Packaging of Implantable Neural StimulatorsISO 10310
IS/ISO 7197 (pdf)
IS/ISO 7197 (txt)
2006Neurosurgical Implants-Sterile,Single-Use Hydrocephalus Shunts and ComponentsISO 7197:2006
IS/ISO 14708-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 14708-1 (txt)
2000Implants for Surgery - Active Implantable Medical Devices, Part 1: General Requirements for Safety, Marking and for Information to be Provided by the ManufacturerISO 14708-1:2000
IS/ISO 14708-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 14708-3 (txt)
2008Implants for Surgery - Active Implantable Medical Devices, Part 3: Implantable NeurostimulatorsISO 14708-3:2008

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