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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
Section Name: Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments (MHD 6)

IS 6395 (pdf)
IS 6395 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Auricle, Crafoord's Pattern
IS 6436 (pdf)
IS 6436 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Rib Spreader, Finochietto's Pattern, Adult Size
IS 6442 (pdf)
IS 6442 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Shears, Rib, Tudor Edward's Pattern, for Posterior End of Ribs
IS 6466 (pdf)
IS 6466 (txt)
1989Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Needle Holders
IS 6467 (pdf)
IS 6467 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Periosteotome, Rib, Alexander's Pattern
IS 6468 (pdf)
IS 6468 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Trocar, Empyema, Nelson's Pattern
IS 6777 (pdf)
IS 6777 (txt)
1989Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Dissecting, Lung
IS 6778 (pdf)
IS 6778 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Lung, Duval's Pattern
IS 6779 (pdf)
IS 6779 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Dissecting and Ligature, Mixter's Pattern
IS 6780 (pdf)
IS 6780 (txt)
1989Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Artery, Robert's Pattern, Curved on Flat
IS 7345 (pdf)1994Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Anastomosis Forceps and Clamps - Patterns, Shapes and Dimensions
IS 7346 (pdf)1987Raspatories, Rib, Semb's Pattern
IS 7355 (pdf)1987Spreader, Rib, Tuffier's Pattern, Adult Size
IS 7367 (pdf)
IS 7367 (txt)
1987Clamps, Coarctation, Potts' Pattern, Straight and Angular
IS 7379 (pdf)1987Clamps, Patent Ductus, Potts' Pattern, Straight and Angular
IS 7382 (pdf)1987Shears, Rib, Price Thomas' Pattern
IS 7399 (pdf)1987Knife, Sternum, Lebsche's Pattern
IS 7434 (pdf)1987Retractor, Scapula, Tudor Edward's Pattern
IS 7971 (pdf)1987Tourniquet, Cardiovascular Rumel-Belmont's Pattern
IS 7972 (pdf)1987Scissors, Dissecting, Metzenbaum's Pattern
IS 8317 (pdf)1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Vascular, Angled at 45 - Shape and Dimensions
IS 8335 (pdf)1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Auricle, Satinsky Pattern - Sizes, Shape and Dimensions
IS 8345 (pdf)1994Cardiovascular surgery instruments - Clamps, bulldog, cross action type
IS 8409 (pdf)
IS 8409 (txt)
1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Dilator, Valve, Tubb's Mitral Pattern
IS 8549 (pdf)
IS 8549 (txt)
1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Angled Scissors, Potts Smith Pattern
IS 8890 (pdf)1991Thoracic Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Bronchus - Types, Shapes and Dimensions
IS 9928 (pdf)1981Clamp, Aortic, DeBakey's Pattern (Spoon Shaped angled Jaw)
IS 9950 (pdf)1981Clamp, Vascular, Wister Pattern
IS 9951 (pdf)1981Scissors, Blunt End, Nelson Pattern
IS 9987 (pdf)1981Clamps, Multipurpose, De-bakey's Pattern
IS 10540 (pdf)1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Atrial Appendage, Glover's Pattern - Shape and Dimensions
IS 10541 (pdf)1991Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Vena Cava, Satinsky Pattern - Shape, Sizes and Dimensions
IS 11566 (pdf)1986Valve Retractors
IS 13878 (pdf)
IS 13878 (txt)
1993Extra corporeal circuit for haemodialysers, haemofilters and haemoconcentratorsISO 8638
IS 13890 (pdf)
IS 13890 (txt)
1994Haemodialysers, Haemofilters and HaemoconcentratorsISO 8637
IS 13924 (pdf)
IS 13924 (txt)
1994Cardiovascular Implants - Cardiac Valve - ProsthesesISO 5840
IS 13940 (pdf)1994Cardiovascular Surgery Instruments - Clamps, Bulldog, DeBakey, Ring Handle - Shape and Dimensions
IS/ISO 5840 (pdf)
IS/ISO 5840 (txt)
2005Cardiovascular Implants - Cardiac Valve ProsthesesISO 5840
IS/ISO 7199 (pdf)1996Cardiovascular Implants and Artificial Organs - Blood-Gas Exchangers (Oxygenators)ISO 7199:1996
IS/ISO 8637 (pdf)2004Cardiovascular Implants and Artificial Organs - Haemodialysers, Haemodiafilters, Haemofilters and HaemoconcentratorsISO 8637:2004
IS/ISO 8638 (pdf)2004Cardiovascular Implants and Artificial Organs - Extracorporeal Blood Circuit for Haemodialysers, Haemodiafilters and HaemofiltersISO 8638:2004
IS/ISO 13960 (pdf)2003Cardiovascular implants and Artificial Organs - PlasmafiltersISO 13960:2003
IS/ISO 15674 (pdf)2001Cardiovascular Implants and Artificial Organs - Hard-Shell Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir Systems (With/Without Filter) and Soft Venous Reservoir BagsISO 15674:2001
IS/ISO 25539-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 25539-1 (txt)
2003Cardiovascular Implants - Endovascular Devices, Part 1: Endovascular ProsthesesISO 25539-1
IS/ISO/TS 15539 (pdf)
IS/ISO/TS 15539 (txt)
2000Cardiovascular Implants -- EndovascuLar ProsthesesISO/TS 15539:2000

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