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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
Section Name: Ophthalmic Instruments and Appliances (MHD 5)

IS 4382 (pdf)
IS 4382 (txt)
1967Non-tinted Ophthalmic Glass
IS 4569-1 (pdf)1985Scissors, Eye, Part 1: Corneal
IS 4569-2 (pdf)1985Scissors, Eye, Part 2: Conjunctival, Blunt and Sharp-point Scissors
IS 4569-3 (pdf)
IS 4569-3 (txt)
1985Scissors, eye, Part 3: Scissors, Tenotomy
IS 4569-4 (pdf)
IS 4569-4 (txt)
1985Scissors, Eye, Part 4: Scissors, Enucleation
IS 4569-5 (pdf)
IS 4569-5 (txt)
1985Scissors, Eye, Part 5: Scissors, Spring Action, Vanna's Pattern (Modified)
IS 4569-6 (pdf)1985Scissors, Eye, Part 6: Scissors, Iris
IS 4790 (pdf)1989Eye Surgery Instruments - Knife, Corneal Splitting, Lang's and Tooke's Pattern (Modified)
IS 4978 (pdf)1985Forceps, Eye, Fixation (Toothed)
IS 5157 (pdf)1981Forceps, Eye, Iris
IS 5232 (pdf)
IS 5232 (txt)
1990Eye Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Eye, Cilia, Beer's Pattern (modified)
IS 5367 (pdf)1969Forceps, Eye, Strabismus for Advancement (Prince's and Worth's Patterns)
IS 5668 (pdf)1989Eye surgery instruments - Forceps, eye dissecting, serrated, fine
IS 5678 (pdf)1970Forceps, Eye, Conjunctival, Suture (Moorfield's Pattern)
IS 5695 (pdf)1970Spectacle Lenses
IS 5721 (pdf)1970Forceps, Eye, Peripheral Iridectomy (Sinclair's pattern)
IS 5722 (pdf)1970Hook, Eye, Iris (Tyrrell's Pattern)
IS 6420 (pdf)
IS 6420 (txt)
1989Eye Surgery Instruments - Retractor, Eye Lachrymal Sac, Muller's Pattern (Modified)
IS 6472 (pdf)1971General Requirements for Tinted Ophthalmic Glass
IS 6473 (pdf)
IS 6473 (txt)
1972Trial Spectacle Lens Sets
IS 7006 (pdf)
IS 7006 (txt)
1973Visual Acuity Test Charts
IS 7734 (pdf)1975Forceps, Eye, Peripheral Iridectomy, Traquair's Pattern
IS 7758 (pdf)1975Curette, Eye, Evacuation, Moorfield's Pattern
IS 7762 (pdf)1975Hook, Eyelid
IS 7767 (pdf)1975Spatula, Eye, Cyclodialysis, Sinclair's Pattern
IS 7786 (pdf)1975Retractor, Eyelid, Desmarre's Pattern
IS 8106 (pdf)1976Needle Holder, Eye, Kalt's Pattern
IS 8109 (pdf)1976Needle Holder, Eye, Castroviejo's Pattern
IS 8181 (pdf)1976Repositor, Iris
IS 8257 (pdf)
IS 8257 (txt)
IS 8260-1 (pdf)
IS 8260-1 (txt)
1976Glossary of terms relating to ophthalmic lenses and spectacle frames, Part 1: Ophthalmic lenses
IS 8260-1 (pdf)
IS 8260-1 (txt)
1976Glossary of terms relating to ophthalmic lenses and spectacle frames, Part 1: Spectacle Frames
IS 8771 (pdf)
IS 8771 (txt)
1985Needle Holder, Eye, Scissors and Forceps Combined, Castroviejo's Pattern (Modified)
IS 8772 (pdf)
IS 8772 (txt)
1985Needle Holder, Eye, Barraquer's Pattern (Modified)
IS 8773 (pdf)1985Dissector, Lacrimal Sac, Lang's Pattern (Modified)
IS 8810 (pdf)1985Rougine for Lacrimal SAC, Rollet's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9061 (pdf)1989Eye Surgery Instruments - Dilators, Punctum, Wilder's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9062 (pdf)1987Probes, Lacrimal, Bowman's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9134 (pdf)1987Trephine, Corneal, Castroviejo's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9329 (pdf)1987Speculum, Eye, Clark's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9378 (pdf)1987Speculam, Eye, Castroviejo's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9626 (pdf)
IS 9626 (txt)
1990Eye Surgery Instruments - Calipers Castroviejo's Pattern (Modified)
IS 9688 (pdf)1992Eye Surgery Instruments - Hooks, Strabismus
IS 9983 (pdf)1981Wire Vectis and Lens Expressor, Eye
IS 9984 (pdf)1981Cannula, Air injection, Eye
IS 10009 (pdf)1981Breaker and Holder, Razor Blade, Barraquer's Pattern
IS 10045 (pdf)1981Punch, Lacrymal Bone, Beyer's Pattern
IS 10058 (pdf)
IS 10058 (txt)
1985Forceps, Fixation, Graefe's Pattern (Modified)
IS 10389 (pdf)1983Fixation Hook, Eye, Guthrie's Pattern
IS 10390 (pdf)1983Muscle Hook
IS 10408 (pdf)1983Spatula, Eye, Green's Pattern
IS 10696 (pdf)
IS 10696 (txt)
1983Round Segment Fused Bifocal Blanks
IS 10847 (pdf)1984Speculum with Screw Adjustment, Eye, Right and Left, Arruga's Pattern
IS 10848 (pdf)1984Irrigator Anterior Chamber, Eye, Bishop Harmann's Pattern
IS 11244 (pdf)1985Trephine, Bone Lacrimal with Handle
IS 12947 (pdf)
IS 12947 (txt)
1990Eye surgery instruments - Tonometers
IS 13767 (pdf)
IS 13767 (txt)
1993Optics - Optical instruments - Contact lenses - Vocabulary and symbolsISO 8320
IS 13783 (pdf)1993Optics and Optical Instruments - Ophthalmology - Graduated Dial ScaleISO 8429
IS 13903 (pdf)
IS 13903 (txt)
1993Soft contact lenses - Requirements
IS 13928 (pdf)
IS 13928 (txt)
1993Rigid contact lenses - Requirements
IS 14323 (pdf)
IS 14323 (txt)
1996Intraocular Lens - Specification
IS 14895 (pdf)2000Ophthalmic Instruments - Spuds, Foreign Body - Waltons Sizes 1 and 1.5 mm Wide, Stainless Steel
IS/ISO 7998 (pdf)
IS/ISO 7998 (txt)
2005Ophthalmic optics - Spectacle frames - Lists of equivalent terms and vocabularyISO 7998:2005
IS/ISO 11979-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-1 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Implants - Intraocular Lenses, Part 1: VocabularyIS/ISO 11979-1:2006
IS/ISO 11979-2 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-2 (txt)
1999Ophthalmic Implants - Intraocular Lenses, Part 2: Optical Properties and Test MethodsISO 11979-2:1999
IS/ISO 11979-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-3 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Implants - Intraocular Lenses, Part 3: Mechanical Properties and Test MethodsISO 11979-3:2006
IS/ISO 11979-4 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-4 (txt)
2008Ophthalmic Implants - Intraocular Lenses, Part 4: Labelling InformationISO 11979-4:2008
IS/ISO 11979-6 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-6 (txt)
2007Ophthalmic Implants -- Intraocular Lenses, Part 6: Shelf-Life and Transport StabilityISO 11979-6:2007
IS/ISO 11979-7 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-7 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Implants -- Intraocular Lenses, Part 7: Clinical InvestigationsISO 11979-7:2006
IS/ISO 11979-8 (pdf)
IS/ISO 11979-8 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Implants - Intraocular Lenses, Part 8: Fundamental RequirementsISO 11979-8:2006
IS/ISO 18369-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 18369-1 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Optics - Contact Lenses, Part 1: Vocabulary, Classification System and Recommendations for Labelling SpecificationsISO 18369 -1:2006
IS/ISO 18369-3 (pdf)
IS/ISO 18369-3 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Optics - Contact Lenses, Part 3: Measurement MethodsISO 18369-3:2006
IS/ISO 18369-4 (pdf)
IS/ISO 18369-4 (txt)
2006Ophthalmic Optics - Contact Lenses, Part 4: Physicochemical Properties of Contact Lens MaterialsISO 18369-4:2006

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