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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
Section Name: Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Instruments (MHD 4)

IS 3758 (pdf)1966Hooks, Aural
IS 3760 (pdf)1966Probe, Aural, Jobson Horne's Pattern
IS 3788 (pdf)1966Specula, Aural
IS 3799 (pdf)1966Forceps, Aural and Nasal, Crocodile Action
IS 3807 (pdf)2000ENT Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Dressing, Aural and Nasal
IS 4487 (pdf)2000ENT Surgery Instruments - Forceps, Tonsil Artery (Birkett's Pattern)
IS 4488 (pdf)1968Forceps, Tonsil Holding (Muck's and White's Patterns)
IS 4489 (pdf)1968Forceps, Nasal Turbinate, Luc's
IS 4504 (pdf)1968Forceps, Peritonsillar
IS 4514 (pdf)
IS 4514 (txt)
1968Forceps, Tonsil Dissecting (Waugh's Pattern)
IS 4520 (pdf)1968Forceps, Punch, Nasal (Citelli's Antrum and Hajek's Sphenoidal)
IS 4959 (pdf)1968Raspatory, Nasal, Howarth's
IS 4994 (pdf)1968Forceps, Redressing, Walsham's, Right, Left and Straightening
IS 5140 (pdf)
IS 5140 (txt)
IS 5338 (pdf)1969Catheter, Eustachian
IS 5357 (pdf)1969Metallic Ear Syringe
IS 5377 (pdf)1969Speculum, Nasal, Thudichum's
IS 5412 (pdf)1969Saws, Nasal, Joseph's Pattern
IS 5720 (pdf)1970Retractor, Mastold, Self-Retaining (Mollison's pattern)
IS 5723 (pdf)1970Mallet with Fluted Handle for ENT Surgery
IS 5732 (pdf)1970Gouge, Mastoid (Jenkins' Pattern)
IS 5747 (pdf)1970Retractor, Endaural (Lempert's Pattern)
IS 6463 (pdf)1972Burs, Antrum (Tilley's Pattern)
IS 6464 (pdf)2000ENT Diagnostic Instruments - Tuning Forks (Gardiner Brown's Pattern)
IS 6465 (pdf)1972Trocar, Antral, with Cannula (Tilley Lichtwitz' Pattern)
IS 6469 (pdf)1972Harpoon Trocar (Tilley's Pattern)
IS 6470 (pdf)1972Politzerization Apparatus (Pritchard's pattern)
IS 6514 (pdf)1972Nasal Cartilage Knife (Ballenger's Pattern)
IS 7007 (pdf)
IS 7007 (txt)
1973E.E.N.T. (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat) Diagnostic Set
IS 7282 (pdf)1975Chisel, Labyrinth, Straight, Lake's Pattern
IS 7710 (pdf)1975Snare, Tonsil, Eve's Pattern
IS 7711 (pdf)1975Curette, Adenoid, Beckmann's Pattern
IS 7712 (pdf)1975Curette, Adenoid, St. Clair Thomson's Pattern
IS 7713 (pdf)1975Retractor, Light Model, Weislander's Pattern
IS 7756 (pdf)1975Depressor, Tongue, Lack's Pattern
IS 8093 (pdf)1976Curette, Ballance's pattern
IS 8094 (pdf)1976Hook, Cerumen, Cawthorne's Pattern
IS 8128 (pdf)1976Elevator, Farabeuf's Pattern
IS 8129 (pdf)1976Forceps, Tonsil Artery, Curved, Scott's Pattern
IS 8136 (pdf)1976Seeker, Dundas Grant's Pattern
IS 8157 (pdf)1976Forceps, Granulation, Heath's Pattern
IS 8191 (pdf)1976Retractor, Pillar, Anterior and Tonsil Enucleator, Mollison's Pattern
IS 8199 (pdf)1976Tracheostomy Tubes, Fuller's Pattern
IS 8315 (pdf)1977Forceps, Redressing, Asch's Pattern
IS 8316 (pdf)1977Retractor, Hajek's Pattern
IS 8327 (pdf)1977Forceps, Nodule, Vocal, Chevalier Jackson's Pattern
IS 8343 (pdf)1977Forceps, Biopsy, Peterson's Pattern
IS 8344 (pdf)1977Snare, Aural, Glegg's Pattern
IS 8734 (pdf)1978Forceps, Cutting and Removing Large Specimens, Chevalier Jackson's Pattern
IS 8735 (pdf)1978Tube, Suction, Yankauer's Pattern
IS 8743 (pdf)1994ENT surgery instruments - Forceps, direct bronchoscopy, with alligator jaws and tenaculum points, Irwin Moore's pattern
IS 8825 (pdf)1978Cannula, Suction Irrigation with Locking Device, Microlaryngeal
IS 8837 (pdf)1978Suction Tubes with Stylet Microlaryngeal Surgery
IS 8838 (pdf)1978Forceps, Cup, Straight, Microlaryngel Surgery
IS 8839 (pdf)1978Forceps, Cup Upwards, Microlaryngeal Surgery
IS 8840 (pdf)1978Scissors, Microlaryngeal Surgery
IS 9014 (pdf)1979Raspatory, Fine, Curved Right, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9015 (pdf)1979Raspatory, Fine, Curved Left, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9016 (pdf)1979Needle, Fine, Spear Pointed, Curved Right, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9017 (pdf)1979Needle, Fine, Spear Pointed, Curved Left, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9058 (pdf)1979Knife, Upward Cutting, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9059 (pdf)1979Knife, Downward Cutting, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9060 (pdf)1979Hook, Small, Zoellner's Pattern
IS 9479 (pdf)1980Hook, Fenestra, 25°, 45°, and 90° Angle Ear, Shea's Pattern
IS 9480 (pdf)1980Elevators, Left and Right, Ear, Shea's Pattern
IS 9526 (pdf)1980Scissors, Stapedectomy, Crocodile Jaw
IS 9544 (pdf)1980Forceps, Stapedectomy, Round Cup, Elongated Cup and Oval Cup Jaws
IS 9558 (pdf)1980Gauge, Depth, Ptfe (Teflon) Piston
IS 9564 (pdf)1980Forceps, Stapedectomy, Serrated, Smooth And Mc Gee Wire Closing Jaws
IS 9718 (pdf)1981Jig, Cutting, PTFE Piston
IS 10272 (pdf)1982Draffin Suspension Apparatus
IS 10308 (pdf)1982Tracheostomy Tubes and Guides, Cubley's Pattern
IS 10344 (pdf)1982Gag Frame, Davis-Boyle, and Tongue Plates
IS 10725 (pdf)1983Knife, Myringotomy
IS 10726 (pdf)1983Knife, Meatal Skin Incision
IS 10786 (pdf)1984Mirror, Rhinoscopic, ST. Clair Thomson's Pattern
IS 10846 (pdf)1984Speculum, Nasal, Killian's Pattern
IS 11318 (pdf)1985Bronchoscope, Aspirating, Negus' Pattern
IS 11319 (pdf)1985Oesophagoscope, Negus' Pattern
IS 12901 (pdf)
IS 12901 (txt)
1990ENT Surgery Instruments - Laryngeal Fine Grasping Forceps, Crocodile Jaws, Straight
IS 12911 (pdf)
IS 12911 (txt)
1990ENT Surgery Instruments - Laryngeal Forceps, Oval Cup
IS 13169 (pdf)1991ENT surgery instruments - Head mirror
IS 13179 (pdf)1991ENT surgery instruments - Tracheostomy tubes, Chevaliar Jackson's pattern

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