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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Medical Equipment and Hospital Planning
Section Name: Surgical Instruments (MHD 1)

IS 3317 (pdf)2004Hypodermic needles-Reusable type-Specification
IS 3318 (pdf)
IS 3318 (txt)
1965General requirements for surgical scalpels and knives
IS 3319 (pdf)1995Blades, Surgical, Detachable (Bard Parker Type) and HandlesISO 7740
IS 3320 (pdf)1973Surgical Scalpels
IS 3642-1 (pdf)
IS 3642-1 (txt)
1990Surgical instruments, Part 1: Non-cutting articulated instrumentsISO 7151
IS 3643 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Dissecting forceps (serrated and toothed) - Shapes and dimensions
IS 3644 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Artery forceps Halsted's Mosquito pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 3645 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Artery forceps Spencer Wells pattern - Size, shape and dimensions
IS 3759 (pdf)1987Blades, Skin Grafting
IS 3767 (pdf)1966Hook, Skin, Gillies Pattern
IS 3787 (pdf)
IS 3787 (txt)
1966Gag, Mouth, Cleft Palate
IS 4085 (pdf)1967Knives, Amputating
IS 4094 (pdf)1967Forceps, Sterilizer, Cheatle's Pattern
IS 4244 (pdf)1967Retractors, skin, double ended
IS 4245 (pdf)1967Needle Holder (Gillies) Combined with Scissors, for Plastic Surgery IS 4244 : 1967 Retractors, Skin, Double Ended
IS 4275 (pdf)1967Scissors, Kilner's for Plastic Surgery
IS 4281 (pdf)1967Scissors, McIndoe's, for Plastic Surgery
IS 4282 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Dissecting, forceps, plastic surgery - Shape and dimensions
IS 4490 (pdf)1968Forceps, Dilating, Trousseau's
IS 4513 (pdf)1968Scissors, Surgical Dressing and Stitch
IS 4587 (pdf)
IS 4587 (txt)
1968Raspatories, Cleft Palate, for Plastic Surgery
IS 5738 (pdf)
IS 5738 (txt)
IS 5750 (pdf)1970Sigmoidoscope
IS 6434 (pdf)1971Bow, Hare Lip Traction (Denis Browne's pattern)
IS 6435 (pdf)1971Strippers, Tendon
IS 6437 (pdf)1970Stripper, Fascia
IS 6989 (pdf)1973Chisel, Post-mortem
IS 6990 (pdf)1973Knife, Brain, Post-mortem
IS 6996 (pdf)1973Knife, Cartilage
IS 7350 (pdf)1974Needles, Spinal
IS 7387 (pdf)1974Needle, Biopsy, Liver, Silverman's Pattern
IS 7388 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps,tissue,Allis pattern - Shape, size and dimensions
IS 7501 (pdf)1974Speculum, Rectal, Kelly's Pattern
IS 7502 (pdf)1974Clamp, Intestine, Kocher's Pattern
IS 7507 (pdf)1974Forceps, Stone, Bladder
IS 7521 (pdf)1974Dissector, Kocher's Pattern
IS 7522 (pdf)1975Retractor, Abdominal, Morris' Pattern
IS 7531 (pdf)1990Surgical Instruments - Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel Surgical Instruments - Methods of Tests
IS 7561 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps, Gallstone, Desjardin's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 7566 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps,spring clip compressing,Michel's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 7579 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps,intestine holding, Denis Browne's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 7628 (pdf)1975Clamp, Stomach, Moynihan's Pattern
IS 7665 (pdf)1975Clamp, Intestine, Crushing, Lever Action, Payr's Pattern
IS 7870 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Needle,holder,Mayo-Hegar's and Crile-Wood's Patterns - Shape and dimensions
IS 7892 (pdf)1975Retractor, Double and Single, Blunt Hooks
IS 7893 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps, towel, Backhaus's pattern - Shape. size and dimensions
IS 7912 (pdf)1975Scoop, Stanley Boyd's Pattern
IS 7980 (pdf)1976Handle of skin Grafting Blade
IS 7994 (pdf)1976Needle Holder, Barron's Pattern
IS 8031 (pdf)1976Dissector, Watson Cheyne's Pattern
IS 8040 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Artery, forceps,Kocher's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 8253 (pdf)1976Lever, Bone, Bristow's Pattern
IS 8340 (pdf)1977Needle, Aneurism, Syme's Pattern
IS 8341 (pdf)1977Retractor, Goitre, Joll's Pattern
IS 8372 (pdf)1977Retractor, Alae, Kilner's Pattern
IS 8377 (pdf)1977Bougie, Lister's and Clutton's Patterns
IS 8424 (pdf)1977Gag, Mouth, Lane's Pattern
IS 8583 (pdf)1991Surgical instruments - Gall duct dilators, Bake's pattern
IS 8584 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Peritonium, forceps, Babcock's pattern - Shapes, sizes and dimensions
IS 8585 (pdf)1977Bougie, Oesophageal
IS 8586 (pdf)1977Suction Tube, Poole's Pattern
IS 8853 (pdf)1978Retractor, Cheek
IS 8854 (pdf)1978Retractor, Czerny's Pattern
IS 8855 (pdf)1978Retractor, Langenbeck's Pattern
IS 8889 (pdf)1992Surgical Instruments - Forceps, Stone, Kidney, Randall's Pattern - Shapes and Dimensions
IS 8965 (pdf)1978Retractor, Deaver's Pattern
IS 9144 (pdf)1979Director and Guide, Cairn's Pattern
IS 9145 (pdf)1979Dilator, Rectal, Hegar's Pattern
IS 9146 (pdf)1979Scissors, Dissecting, Straight and Curved on Flat, Mayo's Pattern
IS 9149 (pdf)1979Probe with Eye
IS 9150 (pdf)1979Cylinder, Dermabraison Plastic Surgery
IS 9165-1 (pdf)
IS 9165-1 (txt)
1992Surgical instruments - Needles, suture, Part 1: Specification
IS 9165-2 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Needles, suture, Part 2: Eyed needles - Sizes, shapes and dimensions
IS 9183 (pdf)1979Suction Tube, Magill's Pattern
IS 9184 (pdf)1979Forceps, Disimpaction, Maxillary, for Plastic Surgery
IS 9416 (pdf)1980Bladder sound
IS 9649 (pdf)1980Introducer, Catheter, Urethral
IS 9650 (pdf)1980Hook, Joseph's Pattern
IS 9651 (pdf)1980Clamp, Intestine Holding, Schoemaker's Pattern
IS 9689 (pdf)1980Microtome Knives
IS 10383 (pdf)1982Scissors, Nail, Curved on Flat
IS 10384 (pdf)1982Scissors, Bandage, Smith's Pattern
IS 10414 (pdf)1982Scissors, Bowel
IS 10445 (pdf)1982Scissors, bandage and clothing, angle to side
IS 10599 (pdf)1993Surgical Instruments - Needle Holders, Hegar's Pattern - Sizes, Shape and Dimensions
IS 10637 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps, spinter, Arthur's pattern Shape and dimensions
IS 10638 (pdf)1983Forceps, Sponge Holding, Foerster's Pattern, Smooth or Serrated Jaws
IS 10984 (pdf)1984Scissors, Dissecting, Curved on Flat, Pott's Pattern
IS 10985 (pdf)1984Needle, Acupuncture
IS 11043 (pdf)1984Needle, Epidural
IS 11497 (pdf)
IS 11497 (txt)
1985Catheter, Foley's, Rubber, for Prolonged Urinary Drainage
IS 11502 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Forceps, tissue,Adson-Brown's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 11545 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Haemostatic, forceps, Adson's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 11558 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - vessel, forceps,Debakey's pattern - Sizes, shape and dimensions
IS 11595 (pdf)1992Surgical instruments - Peritoneum, forceps, McKulicz's pattern - Shape and dimensions
IS 11640-1 (pdf)1986Retractor, General Surgery, Part 1: Schonborn's Pattern
IS 11640-2 (pdf)1987Retractor, General Surgery, Part 2: Kocher's Pattern
IS 11640-3 (pdf)1987Retractor, Part 3: Israel's Pattern
IS 11640-4 (pdf)1987Retractor, Part 4: Abdominal, Fritsch's Pattern
IS 11640-5 (pdf)1987Retractor, Part 5: Korte's Pattern
IS 11640-6 (pdf)1987Retractor, General Surgery, Part 6: Volkmann's Pattern
IS 11640-7 (pdf)1987Retractor, Part 7: Abdominal and Liver, Mikulicz's Pattern
IS 12103 (pdf)1987Skin Graft Expander
IS 12815 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Knife Autopsy
IS 12822 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Forceps Intestinal Mayo-Robson's Pattern
IS 12841-1 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Needle Holders, Part 1: Mathieu's Pattern
IS 12841-2 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Needle Holders, Part 2: With Carbide Inserts, Stratte's Pattern
IS 12841-3 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Needle Holders, Part 3: Heaney's Pattern
IS 12841-4 (pdf)1989Surgical Instruments - Needle Holders, Part 4: with Carbide Inserts, Debakey's Pattern
IS 13127 (pdf)1991Surgical Instruments - Suture Clip Applying Forceps, Wachenfeld Type - Shape, Dimensions and Mass
IS 13198 (pdf)1991Surgical instruments - Trocar holding forceps, vogel type - Shape, dimensions and mass
IS 13809-1 (pdf)1993Quality management procedures for diagnostic and blood transfusion services - guidelines, Part 1: Up to 30-bedded hospitals
IS 15732-1 (pdf)
IS 15732-1 (txt)
2006Optics and photonics - Medical endoscopes and endotherapy devices, Part 1: General requirementsISO 8600-1
IS 15732-3 (pdf)2006Optics and photonics Medical Endoscopes and endotherapy devices, Part 3: Determination of field of view and direction of view of endoscopes with opticsISO 8600-3
IS 15732-4 (pdf)2006Optics and photonics Medical Endoscopes and endotherapy devices, Part 3: Determination of maximum width of insertion portionISO 8600-4

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