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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Mechanical Engineering
Section Name: Compressor, Blowers and Exhausters (MED 22)

IS 5456 (pdf)
IS 5456 (txt)
2006Testing of Positive Displacement Type Air Compressors and Exhausters - Code of Practice
IS 6206 (pdf)1985Guide for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Air Compressor Plants with Operating Pressures up to 10 bars
IS 6430 (pdf)1985Mobile air compressor for construction purposes
IS 7938 (pdf)
IS 7938 (txt)
1976Air Receivers for Compressed Air Installation
IS 9242 (pdf)1986Rated pressure of air compressorsISO 5941
IS 10431 (pdf)
IS 10431 (txt)
1994Measurement of air flow of compressors and exhausters by nozzles
IS 10962 (pdf)
IS 10962 (txt)
1984Technical supply conditions for reciprocating air compressor above 60 kW
IS 11012 (pdf)1984Technical supply conditions for reciprocating air compressors above 25 kW up to and including 60 kW
IS 11119 (pdf)
IS 11119 (txt)
1984Technical supply conditions for sliding vane rotary air compressors
IS 11421 (pdf)
IS 11421 (txt)
1985Techniques of pulsation for suppression for reciprocating compressors
IS 11461 (pdf)
IS 11461 (txt)
1985Code of practice for compressor safetyISO 5388
IS 11465 (pdf)
IS 11465 (txt)
1985Technical supply conditions for reciprocating air compressors for power upto 25 kW for general purpose and industrial applications
IS 11563 (pdf)
IS 11563 (txt)
1986Technical supply conditions for dynamic compressors
IS 11780 (pdf)
IS 11780 (txt)
1986Code for selection and testing of rotary screw air compressors (oil flooded)
IS 11891 (pdf)
IS 11891 (txt)
1986Lubrication and Oil Seal System for Dynamic Compressors
IS 11989 (pdf)
IS 11989 (txt)
1986Compressed Air DryersISO 7183
IS 12258 (pdf)
IS 12258 (txt)
1987Technical supply conditions for air screw compressors (oil flooded) for general purpose and industrial applications
IS 13124 (pdf)
IS 13124 (txt)
1993Reciprocating gas compressors - Technical supply conditions
IS 14641 (pdf)
IS 14641 (txt)
1999Turbocompressor - Performance Test Code
IS 14642-2 (pdf)
IS 14642-2 (txt)
1999Compressed air for general use, Part 2: Test methods for aerosol oil content
IS 15661 (pdf)
IS 15661 (txt)
2006Petroleum, chemicals and gas service industries - centrifugal compressorsISO 10439
IS 15879 (pdf)
IS 15879 (txt)
2009Breathing air compressor package
IS/ISO 3857-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 3857-1 (txt)
1977Compressors, pneumatic tools and machines - Vocabulary, Part 1: GeneralISO 3857-1:1977
IS/ISO 3857-2 (pdf)
IS/ISO 3857-2 (txt)
1977Compressors, pneumatic tools and machines - Vocabulary, Part 2: CompressorsISO 3857-2:1977
IS/ISO 8573-1 (pdf)
IS/ISO 8573-1 (txt)
2001Compressed air, Part 1: Contaminants and purity classesISO 8573-1:2001

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