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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Mechanical Engineering
Section Name: Diamond Core and Waterwell Drilling (MED 21)

IS 2800-1 (pdf)
IS 2800-1 (txt)
1991Code of Practice for Construction and Testing of Tubewells/Borewells, Part 1: Construction
IS 2800-2 (pdf)1979Code of Practice Construction and Testing, Part II: Testing
IS 4097 (pdf)1967Gravel for Use as Pack in Tubewells
IS 7156 (pdf)
IS 7156 (txt)
1974General requirements for reverse circulation drilling rigs
IS 7206-1 (pdf)
IS 7206-1 (txt)
1986General requirements for direct circulation rotary drilling rigs, Part 1: With rotary table
IS 7209 (pdf)
IS 7209 (txt)
1974General requirements for blast hole drilling rigsISO 722
IS 8110 (pdf)
IS 8110 (txt)
2000Well Screens and Slotted Pipes
IS 8986 (pdf)1994Percussive drilling - Drilling steels in bar form - Dimensions
IS 9026 (pdf)
IS 9026 (txt)
2004Rope Threaded Percussive Long-Hole Drilling EquipmentISO 1720
IS 9439 (pdf)
IS 9439 (txt)
2002Glossary of Terms Used in Water-well Drilling Technology
IS 10208 (pdf)
IS 10208 (txt)
1982Diamond Core Drilling EquipmentISO 3551-1
IS 11180 (pdf)
IS 11180 (txt)
1985square and hexagonal kellys for direct rotary drilling
IS 11189 (pdf)
IS 11189 (txt)
1985Methods for tubewell development
IS 11312-1 (pdf)
IS 11312-1 (txt)
1985External Upset Drill Pipe Assemblies for Use in Water Well Drilling, Part 1: Screwed on Joints Drill Pipe
IS 11632 (pdf)
IS 11632 (txt)
1986Code of practice of rehabilitation of tubewell
IS 11672 (pdf)1986Tungsten carbide buttons and inserts for use in Down-the-hole (DTH) bits
IS 11710-1 (pdf)
IS 11710-1 (txt)
2005Selection and design of diamond core drills - Code of practice, Part 1: Mechanical Drive
IS 11710-2 (pdf)
IS 11710-2 (txt)
2005Selection and design of diamond core drills - Code of practice, Part 2: Top Drive Hydraulic
IS 11830-1 (pdf)
IS 11830-1 (txt)
1991Water well-drilling down-the-hole hammer rigs, Part 1: General requirements for hydraulic rigs with or without rotary mode
IS 11830-2 (pdf)
IS 11830-2 (txt)
1989Water-well drilling - Down-the-hole hammer rigs, Part 2: General requirements for pneumatic rigs
IS 12090 (pdf)1987Dimensions of rotary tables for direct rotary drilling equipment
IS 12097 (pdf)1994Classification and selection of drilling rigs for waterwell drilling
IS 12214 (pdf)1987General requirements for rotary hose for water-well drilling equipment
IS 12629 (pdf)
IS 12629 (txt)
1989Water well drilling - Rotary hose for rotary drilling - Recommended practice for care and use
IS 12635 (pdf)
IS 12635 (txt)
2000Water Well Drilling and Blast Hole Drilling - Rock Roller Bit with Non-sealed Ball and Roller Bearing Arrangement - Technical Supply Conditions
IS 12682 (pdf)
IS 12682 (txt)
1989Waterwell drilling - Percussion drilling rigs - General requirements
IS 15028 (pdf)2001Hoisting Swivel for Use With Diamond Core Drilling - Requirements
IS 15029 (pdf)
IS 15029 (txt)
2001Recovery Taps for Use with Diamond Core Drilling - Requirements
IS 15083 (pdf)
IS 15083 (txt)
2001Water Swivel for Use with Diamond Core Drilling - Requirements
IS 15145 (pdf)
IS 15145 (txt)
2002Round Kelly for Direct Rotary Water Well Drilling Rig - Requirements
IS 15481-1 (pdf)
IS 15481-1 (txt)
2004Wireline Diamond Core Drilling Equipment - System A, Part 1: Mertric UnitsISO 10097-1

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