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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Electronics and Information Technology
Section Name: Transmitting Equipment for Radio Communication (LITD 12)

IS 1885-18 (pdf)
IS 1885-18 (txt)
1967Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 18: General terms of radio-communications
IS 1885-19 (pdf)
IS 1885-19 (txt)
1967Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 19: Radio communication circuitsIEC 60050(60)
IS 1885-20 (pdf)
IS 1885-20 (txt)
1967Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 20: Radio-wave propagationIEC 60050(60)
IS 1885-21-1 to 6 (pdf)
IS 1885-21-1 to 6 (txt)
1988Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 21: Antennas, Sections 1-6
IS 1885-23 (pdf)
IS 1885-23 (txt)
1967Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 23: Radio telegraphy and mobile radioIEC 60050(60)
IS 1885-25 (pdf)
IS 1885-25 (txt)
1967Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 25: Radiolocation and radio navigationIEC 60050(60)
IS 1885-66 (pdf)
IS 1885-66 (txt)
1988Electrotechnical vocabulary, Part 66: Space radio communicationsIEC 60050(725)
IS 1885-82 (pdf)
IS 1885-82 (txt)
1996Electrotechnical Vocabulary, Part 82: Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN)IEC 50(716-1)
IS 2032-16 (pdf)
IS 2032-16 (txt)
1972Graphical symbols used in electrotechnology, Part 16: AerialsIEC 600117-10
IS 3397 (pdf)
IS 3397 (txt)
1978Specification for Community Radio Receiveers
IS 7957 (pdf)
IS 7957 (txt)
1976Basic method for the measurement of resonance frequency and equivalent series resistance of quartz crystal units by zero phase technique in a .. NetworkIEC 444
IS 9018 (pdf)
IS 9018 (txt)
1978General requirements and tests for quartz crystal oscillators
IS 10437 (pdf)
IS 10437 (txt)
1986Safety requirements for radio transmitting equipmentIEC 60215
IS 10485 (pdf)
IS 10485 (txt)
1983Code of practice for the installation of single and community antenna systems for the reception of sound and television broadcastingBS CP 1020
IS 10820-1 (pdf)
IS 10820-1 (txt)
1984Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in mobile services, Part 1: General definitions and conditions of measurementIEC 60489-1
IS 10820-2 (pdf)
IS 10820-2 (txt)
1996Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in the mobile services, Part 2: Transmitters employing A3E, F3E or G3E emissionsIEC 60489-2
IS 10820-5 (pdf)
IS 10820-5 (txt)
1992Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in the mobile services, Part 5: Receivers employing single side-band techniques [ R3E,H3E OR J3E]IEC 60489-5
IS 10820-6 (pdf)
IS 10820-6 (txt)
1994Methods of measurement for radio equipment used in the mobile services, Part 6: Selective calling and data equipmentIEC 60489-6
IS 10853-1 (pdf)
IS 10853-1 (txt)
1984Methods of measurement for radio transmitters, Part 1: General conditions of measurementIEC 60244-1
IS 10853-2 (pdf)
IS 10853-2 (txt)
1984Methods of measurement for radio transmitters, Part 2: FrequencyIEC 60244-1
IS 10853-3 (pdf)
IS 10853-3 (txt)
1984Methods of measurement for radio transmitters, Part 3: Output power and power consumptionIEC 60244-1
IS 10853-4 (pdf)
IS 10853-4 (txt)
1994Methods of measurement for Radio Transmitters, Part 4: Performance characteristics for FM sound BroadcastingIEC 60244-13
IS 13409 (pdf)
IS 13409 (txt)
1992high frequency transreceivers

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