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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Fuses (ETD 39)

IS 2086 (pdf)1993Carriers and bases used in rewirable type electric fuses for voltages upto 650V
IS 8187 (pdf)1976D-type fusesIEC 269-3
IS 9385-1 (pdf)
IS 9385-1 (txt)
1979High voltage fuses, Part 1: Current limiting fusesIEC 282-1
IS 9385-2 (pdf)
IS 9385-2 (txt)
1980High voltage fuses, Part 2: Expulsion and similar fusesIEC 282-2
IS 9385-3 (pdf)
IS 9385-3 (txt)
1980High voltage fuses, Part 3: Application guide for high voltage fusesIEC 282-2
IS 9385-4 (pdf)
IS 9385-4 (txt)
1983High voltage fuses, Part 4: Determination of short-circuit power factor for testing of high voltage fuses
IS 9385-5 (pdf)
IS 9385-5 (txt)
1983High voltage fuses, Part 5: Types and dimensions of fuse-links for current limiting fusesIEC 282- 1A
IS 9402 (pdf)
IS 9402 (txt)
1980High voltage fuses for the external protection of shunt power capacitorsIEC 549
IS 9926 (pdf)
IS 9926 (txt)
1981Fuse wires used in rewirable type electric fuses up to 650 volts
IS 10624 (pdf)
IS 10624 (txt)
1983High voltage fuse-links for motor circuit applicationsIEC 644
IS 12534 (pdf)
IS 12534 (txt)
1988Application Guide for the Selection of High Voltage Fuses for Transformer Circuit Applications
IS 13703-1 (pdf)
IS 13703-1 (txt)
1993LV Fuses for voltages not exceeding 1000 V ac or 1500 V dc, Part 1: General requirementsIEC Pub 269-1
IS 13703-2-1 (pdf)
IS 13703-2-1 (txt)
1993Low-voltage fuses for voltages not exceeding 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC, Part 2: Fuses for use by authorized persons, Section 1: Supplementary requirementsIEC Pub 269-2
IS 13703-2-2 (pdf)
IS 13703-2-2 (txt)
1993Low-voltage fuses for voltages not exceeding 1 000 V AC or 1 500 V DC, Part 2: Fuses for use by authorized persons, Section 2: Examples of standardized fusesIEC Pub 269-2-1
IS 13703-4 (pdf)
IS 13703-4 (txt)
1993Low-Voltage Fuses for Voltages not Exceeding 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC, Part 4: Supplementary Requirements for Fuse Links for the Protection of Semiconductor DevicesIEC Pub 269-4
IS/IEC 127-5 (pdf)
IS/IEC 127-5 (txt)
1988Miniature fuses, Part 5: Guidelines for quality assessment of miniature fuse-linksIEC 127-5:1988
IS/IEC 127-6 (pdf)
IS/IEC 127-6 (txt)
1994Miniature Fuses, Part 6: Fuse Holders for Miniature Cartridge Fuse LinksIEC 127-6:1994
IS/IEC 691 (pdf)1993Thermal Links - Rquirements and Application GuideIEC 691
IS/IEC 60127-1 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60127-1 (txt)
2006Miniature fuses, Part 1: Definitions for miniature fuses and general requirements for miniature fuse-linksIEC 60127-1:2006
IS/IEC 60127-2 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60127-2 (txt)
2003Miniature fuses, Part 2: Cartridge fuse-linksIEC 60127-2:2003
IS/IEC 60127-4 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60127-4 (txt)
2005Miniatures Fuses, Part 4: Universal Modular Fuse-Links (UMF) - Through-Hole and Surface Mount TypesIEC 60127-4:2005

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