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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

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Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: High Voltage Engineering (ETD 19)

IS 1876 (pdf)
IS 1876 (txt)
2005Voltage Measurement by Means of standard air gapIEC 60052
IS 2071-1 (pdf)
IS 2071-1 (txt)
1993High voltage test techniques, Part 1: General definitions and test requirementsIEC Pub 60060-1
IS 2071-1 (pdf)1974High voltage test techniques, Part 2: Test Procedure
IS 2071-3 (pdf)
IS 2071-3 (txt)
1976Methods of high voltage testing, Part 3: Measuring devices
IS 2165-1 (pdf)1977Insulation coordination, Part 1: Phase to earth insulation coordination principles and rulesIEC 60071-1
IS 2165-2 (pdf)
IS 2165-2 (txt)
1983Insulation coordination, Part 2: Phase to phase insulation coordination principles and rulesIEC 60071-3
IS 3716 (pdf)
IS 3716 (txt)
1978Application Guide for Insulation Co-Ordination
IS 6209 (pdf)
IS 6209 (txt)
1982Methods for Partial Discharge Measurements
IS 8690 (pdf)
IS 8690 (txt)
1977Application guide for measuring devices for high voltage testing
IS 11349 (pdf)
IS 11349 (txt)
1985Specification for Oscilloscopes and Peak Voltmeters for Impulse Tests
IS 15382-1 (pdf)
IS 15382-1 (txt)
2003Insulation Coordination for Equipment within Low-Voltage Systems, Part 1: Principles, Requirements and TestsIEC 60664-1
IS 15382-2-1 (pdf)
IS 15382-2-1 (txt)
2003Insulation Coordination for Equipment within Low-Voltage Systems, Part 2: Application Guide, Section 1: Dimensioning Procedure Worksheet and Dimensioning ExamplesIEC 60664-2-1
IS 15382-3 (pdf)
IS 15382-3 (txt)
2006Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems, Part 3: use of coating potting or moulding for protection against pollutionIEC 60664-3
IS 15382-4 (pdf)
IS 15382-4 (txt)
2003Insulation Coordination for Equipment within Low-Voltage Systems, Part 4: Considerations of High-Frequency Voltage StressIEC 60664-4
IS 15638-1 (pdf)
IS 15638-1 (txt)
2006Instruments and software used for measurement in high-voltage impulse tests, Part 1: Requirements for Instruments
IS/IEC 60060-2 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60060-2 (txt)
2010High - Voltage Test Techniques, Part 2: Measuring SystemsIEC 60060-2:2010
IS/IEC 60060-3 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60060-3 (txt)
2006High Voltage Test Techniques, Part 3: Definitions and Requirements for On-site TestingIEC 60060-3:2006
IS/IEC 60071-1 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60071-1 (txt)
2006Insulation Co-ordination, Part 1: Definitions, Principles and RulesIEC 60071-1:2006
IS/IEC 60071-2 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60071-2 (txt)
1996Insulation Co-ordination, Part 2: Application GuideIEC 60071-2:1996
IS/IEC 60270 (pdf)
IS/IEC 60270 (txt)
2000High - Voltage Test Techniques - Partial Discharge MeasurementsIEC 60270:2000
SP 39 (pdf)
SP 39 (txt)
1987Guide for Insulation Co-Ordination Within Low-Voltage Systems

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