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Public Safety Standards of the Republic of India

Made available to the public under the provisions of the Bureau of Indian Standards Act of 1986 and the Right to Information Act of 2005. In order to promote public education and public safety, equal justice for all, a better informed citizenry, the rule of law, world trade and world peace, this legal document is hereby made available on a noncommercial basis, as it is the right of all humans to know and speak the laws that govern them.

Division Name: Electrotechnical
Section Name: Transformers (ETD 16)

IS 1180-1 (pdf)1989Outdoor type three-phase distribution transformers up to and including 100 kVA 11 kV, Part 1: Non-sealed type
IS 1180-2 (pdf)
IS 1180-2 (txt)
1989Outdoor type three-phase distribution transformers up to and including 100 kVA 11 kV, Part 2: Sealed type
IS 2026-1 (pdf)
IS 2026-1 (txt)
2011Power transformers, Part 1: General
IS 2026-2 (pdf)
IS 2026-2 (txt)
2010Power transformers, Part 2: Temperature-rise
IS 2026-3 (pdf)
IS 2026-3 (txt)
2009Power Transformers Part - 3 Insulation Levels, Dielectric Tests and External Clearances in Air
IS 2026-4 (pdf)
IS 2026-4 (txt)
1977Power transformers, Part 4: Terminal marking,tappings and connectionsIEC 60076
IS 2026-5 (pdf)
IS 2026-5 (txt)
2011Power Transformers, Part 5: Ability to Withstand Short Circuit
IS 2026-7 (pdf)
IS 2026-7 (txt)
2009Power Transformers, Part 7: Loading Guide for Oil-Immersed Power TransformersIEC 60076-7
IS 2026-8 (pdf)
IS 2026-8 (txt)
2009Power Transformers, Part 8: Applications guideIEC 60076-8
IS 2026-10 (pdf)
IS 2026-10 (txt)
2009Power Transformers, Part 10: Determination of sound leventsIEC 60076-10
IS 2772 (pdf)
IS 2772 (txt)
1982Non-flameproof mining transformers for use below ground
IS 3151 (pdf)
IS 3151 (txt)
1982Earthing transformersIEC 60289
IS 3639 (pdf)
IS 3639 (txt)
1966Fittings and Accessories for Power Transformers
IS 5142 (pdf)1969Continuously variable voltage auto transformers
IS 5553-1 (pdf)1989Reactors, Part 1: GeneralIEC 60289
IS 5553-2 (pdf)
IS 5553-2 (txt)
1990Reactors, Part 2: Shunt reactorsIEC 60289
IS 5553-3 (pdf)
IS 5553-3 (txt)
1990Reactors, Part 3: Current limiting reactors and neutral earthing reactorsIEC 60289
IS 5553-4 (pdf)
IS 5553-4 (txt)
1989Reactors, Part 4: Damping reactorsIEC 60289
IS 5553-5 (pdf)
IS 5553-5 (txt)
1989Reactors, Part 5: Tuning reactorsIEC 60289
IS 5553-6 (pdf)
IS 5553-6 (txt)
1990Reactors, Part 6: Earthing transformers (Neutral couplers)IEC 60289
IS 5553-7 (pdf)
IS 5553-7 (txt)
1990Reactors, Part 7: Arc suppression reactorsIEC 60289
IS 5553-8 (pdf)
IS 5553-8 (txt)
1990Reactors, Part 8: Smoothing reactorsIEC 60289
IS 6600 (pdf)
IS 6600 (txt)
1972Guide for loading of oil immersed transformers
IS 8447 (pdf)
IS 8447 (txt)
1989Manually operated voltage regulators for domestic use
IS 8448 (pdf)
IS 8448 (txt)
1989Automatic Line Voltage Correctors (Step Type) for Domestic Use
IS 8468 (pdf)1977On-load tap changers
IS 8478 (pdf)
IS 8478 (txt)
1977Application guide for on-load tap changers
IS 9147 (pdf)
IS 9147 (txt)
1979Cable sealing boxes for oil immersed transformers suitable for paper insulated lead sheathed cables for highest system voltages from 12 kV upto and including 36 kV
IS 9815-1 (pdf)
IS 9815-1 (txt)
1994Servo-motor operated automatic line voltage correctors, Part 1: Correctors for single phase applications
IS 10028-1 (pdf)
IS 10028-1 (txt)
1985Code of Practice for Selection, Installation and Maintenance of Transformers, Part 1: Selection
IS 10028-2 (pdf)
IS 10028-2 (txt)
1981Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of transformers; Part 2 Installation
IS 10028-3 (pdf)
IS 10028-3 (txt)
1981Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of transformers, Part 3: Maintenance
IS 10161 (pdf)
IS 10161 (txt)
1982Moving coil voltage regulators
IS 10561 (pdf)
IS 10561 (txt)
1983Application guide for power transformersIEC 606 91978)
IS 11171 (pdf)
IS 11171 (txt)
1985Dry-Type Power TransformersIEC 60727
IS 11333 (pdf)
IS 11333 (txt)
1985Flameproof Dry Type Transformers For Use in Mines
IS 12977 (pdf)
IS 12977 (txt)
1990Arc Furnace Transformers
IS 13956 (pdf)
IS 13956 (txt)
1994Testing transformers
IS 13964 (pdf)
IS 13964 (txt)
1994Methods of measurement of transformer and reactor sound levelsIEC 551
IS/IEC 61558-1 (pdf)
IS/IEC 61558-1 (txt)
1997Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar, Part 1: General requirements and testsIEC 61558-1:1997
IS/IEC 61558-2-6 (pdf)1997Safety of Power Transformers, Power Supply Units and Similar, Part 2: Particular Requirements, Section 6: Safety Isolating Transformers for General UseIEC 61558-2-6:1997
IS/IEC 61558-2-7 (pdf)
IS/IEC 61558-2-7 (txt)
2007Safety of power transformers, power supplies reactors and similar products, Part 2-7 Particular requirements and tests for transformers and power supplies for toys,IEC 61558-2-7

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